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  1. NeelMehta

    Budget TV help

    Hi, i am a college student and need some advice on a limited budget home theater setup. I have an Onkyo Hometheater in the box setup which i love and a progressive scan Toshiba DVD player. Now all I need is a good tv set to replace my old one. I recently bought a Toshiba flat screen CRT...
  2. NeelMehta

    WTB: Used 2 Channel Receiver

    Unfortunately, it is an older model (from 1990) so it is hard to find online specs. But it is considered to be one of those gem vintage receivers, sort of like the McIntosh tube amps. I am only selling it because i bought a marantz home theater receiver with a rotel amp, and this is just...
  3. NeelMehta

    WTB: Used 2 Channel Receiver

    I have a used Carver "The Receiver". Very simple in design and performance, but as good as they get in sound quality. A very clean 130 wpc. Has the limited edition wood sides as well. Looking for $200 plus shipping, let me know if interested.
  4. NeelMehta

    looking for upgrade advice

    Hi, I currently have a budget HT setup and am looking to upgrade: Current setup Yamaha RX-V592 receiver with Yamaha DVD-s700 dolby digital decoder Klipsch KG 3.5 fronts Klipsch KV3 center Klipsch KG 1.5 rears Sony SA-WM40 (modified) My feeling is that the receiver is the weak...
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