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  1. Elbert Lee

    Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD

    my belief is that the Toshiba players will decode DD Plus and DTS HD and pass them through its 5.1 channel analog output. That being said, i don't know if the first wave of releases are in any of these two new formats. Even if they were, i'd personally be disappointed because I have two surround...
  2. Elbert Lee

    Monster Cables - are they really better?

    there is solid construction behind the Monster Products. Be carefull as most of the comparisons done are with the lower end Monster while there are better M Series of line that are also significantly cheaper than its competition in its respective channels. Being the biggest, Monster is a good...
  3. Elbert Lee

    5805 HDMI/HDCP issue

    tried going w/ firewire - Picture is MUCH better than with COMPONENT!!!!! However, trying to get 5.1 has been tricky. The OPTICAL output from the JVC to the Denon receiver is about 1/2 second behind, causing severe lip sync problem. I used the Sony TV's optical out (usually used with the...
  4. Elbert Lee

    Best priced A/V reciever with HDMI inputs?

    The upcoming Sony STRDA 71000ES will have two HDMI inputs ($2k) Denon's upcoming AVR 4806 is the premier piece to have that will have 3 HDMI inputs, one DVI in/out. (Only one HDMI/DVI output is active) ($3500) Elbert
  5. Elbert Lee

    5805 HDMI/HDCP issue

    the unit is quite good -preamp section is noticably smoother and less harsh at the top end compared to the previous flagship (using outboard amps). Surround steering also a big jump. I don't want to start a "ones and zeros" flame war here so I wont comment onthe digital sound, but overall, it's...
  6. Elbert Lee

    5805 HDMI/HDCP issue

    Hi, I've got a problem passing HDMI from a JVC D VHS through the Denon AVR 5805's HDMI video switching to my Sony XBR70". The HDCP notification comes up after teh Denon 5805 tries to engage the signal. The 5805 passes HDMI from the DENON HDMI equiped DVD player just fine. It's the DVHS that's...
  7. Elbert Lee

    Best place to buy D VHS movies?

    I live in SF, CA. Where are the best olaces to purchase/order D VHS? 'Thanks! Elbert
  8. Elbert Lee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Saw

    I blame the director for those poorly constructed emotional scenes. SW EP1 is also an example of poor direction even with A List actors (not to start a SW debate here, but just drawing an example) You're right that Elwes is not top talent, but more takes, better editing and a screenplay...
  9. Elbert Lee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition (RECOMMENDED)

    I didn't say his work has gone to the toilet, nor did I mean to imply that in my post. It was my opinion of the Fifth Element and The Messenger. Sorry if I offended you. I apologize for not clarifying. - just that I've yet to see something from Besson that I liked as much as earlier three films...
  10. Elbert Lee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition (RECOMMENDED)

    I'm somewhat in the minority here, but I was pretty disappointed with The Fifth Element. I felt that Luc Besson's films, starting with this one, are all shadows of his earlier work. First of all, for such a serious subject matter (end of the Universe), I was taken by surprise by his taking this...
  11. Elbert Lee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Saw

    I thought this was a surprise sleeper. There were "horrific", "spooky" and "gory" moments to this horror film that leaves the viewer with a bit of everything. The more emotional moments were cheesy and not done very well at all, which may cause some viewers to laugh. I look forward to this...
  12. Elbert Lee

    Any down-side to running a dual sub setup?

    multiple subs can be a good thing if balanced properly. I'm of the belief that loading the room from different sides can add better balance to LFE, provided that you are a believe that LFE IS directional. That being said, there are good points made here about getting a larger sub (larger...
  13. Elbert Lee

    Monster Htps7000ss & Avs2000

    You are correct - The power button on the front of the AVS2000 (ref and sig versions) are only for the switched outlets on the back. It's ok to leave the AVS2000 on. I do. However, I do defeat the display. Elbert
  14. Elbert Lee

    Wireless amp for surround speakers...

    WillY - Please let us all know how this performs! I'm very much interested in this! Thanks! Elbert
  15. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    I meant that, without the English subtitles selected, will there be an automatic inclusion of the English transalation of the Japaneses speaking scenes? Or will Eng;ish subtitles need o be activated manually during these passages?BTW - can you provide a link to dvdsfrom asia? Thanks
  16. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    hmm- would the Thai version also be identical to the R2 version, except with english subtitles?
  17. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    Is there any final word on whether there are English subtitles on the R2 and R3 version (for the Japanese portion of the soundtracks)? ALso is the R3 version the exact same as the R2?(in color) Thanks!
  18. Elbert Lee

    Details: Kill Bill: Volume One

    I wasn't as impressed with the visea as with the audio. It wasn't too overbearing and forward sounding like most action flicks. Still worth getting even before the deluxe edition comes out.
  19. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    does anyone know where the best place, online to order the R2 version?
  20. Elbert Lee

    Denon 5803 preamp and Yamaha 2400 comparison

    BTW - after hooking up the 2400 for several days, I can hear faint background noise through all of my speakers. With the 5803,, there was none. I also heard it through a Denon AVR 3802, but not as much.
  21. Elbert Lee

    Denon avr 5803 with $800 in Monster Flagship cables

    I've got one that's been boxed for 3 months still awaiting for my ht room to be finished. I intend to get another 5803 or, if the new denon pre-amp comes out, I'll be getting it. This unit has already been registered for the practically free upgrade for DPL2x, HDCD decoding and Denon Link 3 for...
  22. Elbert Lee

    Denon 5803 preamp and Yamaha 2400 comparison

    This comparison may not interest a lot of people in their buying decision since one is priced over $4k and one at $1k, but, hopefully will serve as an informational tool for those who believe that the quality of a preamp rests soley on its DACs. I have been using a Denon AVR5803 as a pre amp...
  23. Elbert Lee

    Refurbed Denon 4802 or New 3805

    If overall sound quality is what you are looking for, the 4802 is your best bet. It does not have the video upconversion that the 3805 has, nor does it have the auto calibration feature that you would only use once. Video upconversion is probably not that important if you prefer to plug in most...
  24. Elbert Lee

    Refurbed Denon 4802 or New 3805

    The 4802 will sound better in almost all resepects. It's simply a "higher end" piece of gear. however, if you are interested in composite/svideo upconversion to component outs, DP2x and the auto set up feature more than the the SQ, then the 3805 is a better buy. If you plan to add a higher...
  25. Elbert Lee

    Details: The Last Samurai

    The cover is ok. It's not like I'm ever going to frame the case. It's going to be tucked away in the drawer like every other dvd in the collection. I do like that Warner is giving it a 2 disc special treatment. IMO, the film was not quite at the level of dramatic impact that I usually expect...
  26. Elbert Lee

    EVD - High Definition DVDs from China (MERGED THREAD)

    hivizone has the shinco evd player for sale. I don't know of any other player available on the market yet or if there are any good HK/China - based stores that sell any of the EVD Players yet.
  27. Elbert Lee

    Yamaha RX-V2400 question

    which dvd player do you have? Some dvd players will not output both ANALOG and DIGITAL (optical or coax) at the same time. This is true, especially of China-brand players
  28. Elbert Lee

    The Simple Life Sure Came To DVD Fast

    Seriously - this disc would sell real well if there were a true unrated, unsuitable for TV version.
  29. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    Thanks anyways - I've put some inquiries, but there seems to be some kind of cover up out there on other regions for this disc. I don't know too much about the extras, but I suspect that if the R2 or R3 release is still due out in February, I'm certain that it will be a movie-only edition with...