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  1. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 9-14-10

    Thanks guys! Looks like just Big Bang Theory for me.
  2. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 7-15-2008

    Thanks as always for the Roundup! Just The Bank Job for me.
  3. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 9/13/2005

    Just HHGTTG for me. THANKS!
  4. Craig Robertson

    The Sopranos Season 5 Pre-Order Deal

    how do you get the free shipping? when i put it in my cart and go to check out it comes up as $1.49.
  5. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 12/7/04

    thanks for the info on ER:S3, Mike. I'd seen it listed on DDD as being released today and was suprised to see it left off the Roundup. probably just as well that it's later, it'll free up some cash for other titles.:)
  6. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 12/7/04

    any B&M deals on ER Season 3? it's supposed to be released 07Dec.
  7. Craig Robertson

    Weekly RoundUp 10/5/04

    Just Aladdin and Fahrenhype 9/11 for me (this is not the Michael Moore movie). Fahrenhype 9/11 is only $9 w/free shipping from DDD.
  8. Craig Robertson

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Gregory E said: it completely stops on my player, every time. i had to skip ahead to chapter 28 and then rewind back to just after the problem to watch it.:angry: player is Pioneer DV-37
  9. Craig Robertson

    Cool dating story

    or even better, SHE is.:)
  10. Craig Robertson

    Cellular Antenna Question

    a cheap bi-directional amplifier will run about $800 for just the amp, then tack on antennas cables and labor you're at at least $1500. you may be able to get by without an amp and just run passive by just running a cable between the two antennas without the amp, but you wouldn't know until...
  11. Craig Robertson

    FS: Sony SCD-222ES SACD/CD Player

    yes, the 222 is a 5 disc SACD/CD changer
  12. Craig Robertson

    NORTHERN EXPOSURE - The Complete Second Season?

    it took me a lot less than a month to watch the eight episodes on the first season.
  13. Craig Robertson

    Speaker cables make little difference, what about interconnects?

    add me to that list as well. my read of the speaker cable thread was not that there's no difference, but that, factoring in price/convienience and sound quality (whether real or subjective), "brand X" was the posters choice.
  14. Craig Robertson

    How did I get high cholesterol?

    isn't longpork human flesh?
  15. Craig Robertson

    Flag etquette fact I learned today

    also when flying at half staff, you raise the flag all the way to the top then lower back down to halfway. when striking colors you raise the flag to the top and then bring it down.
  16. Craig Robertson

    Speaker cables make little difference, what about interconnects?

    pico-farad per foot. a measure of the cables capacitance.
  17. Craig Robertson

    Speaker cables. What do you use?

    i also roll my own with the Canare StarQuad cable.
  18. Craig Robertson

    Any early looks at NORTHERN EXPOSURE Season one?

    Thanks, Dave. we figured that it probably was wrong too, so we started off the second disc with "Russian Flu", looks like we made the right choice.:)
  19. Craig Robertson

    Any early looks at NORTHERN EXPOSURE Season one?

    having watched several more episodes, the only white splotch i've seen is the one on the pilot, everything else looks good. one question tho, is the second disc mislabeled (side one is really side two) like the first? i started watching the second disc and didn't know what episode to start with.
  20. Craig Robertson

    Any early looks at NORTHERN EXPOSURE Season one?

    i watched the pilot episode last night, saw one time that there was a white splotch like the ones that are througout ER Season 1.
  21. Craig Robertson

    “Men will be wearing skirts by next summer”

    as a redhead of scottish descent, i've got no problem wearing a kilt, right sexy.:)
  22. Craig Robertson

    Mt. Dew Drinkers!

    never mind...
  23. Craig Robertson

    Are transducers the next HT frontier?

    until i read his post, i didn't. from the title and knowing a speaker is a transducer, i thought the thread would be about a new type of speaker/transducer technology.
  24. Craig Robertson

    Denon DVD2200 Mods?

    Underwood HiFi lists mods for the 2200 (2900 and 5900 as well) on their website. i purchased some Soliloquy speakers from them and had good service, but am not familiar with their mods.
  25. Craig Robertson

    Cell phone plan: Can I do this?

    Chris, pretty generous to call what you do "work"! :)
  26. Craig Robertson

    What is the best (free) DVD database program?

    Drew, for those of us that block sigs, what do you recommend?:) i am very happy with DVDProfiler. there are some things that i wish it did, like loaned in dvd's as well as loaned out, but otherwise very good program.
  27. Craig Robertson

    What kind of separates do you have?

    Aragon Stage One pre-pro $3000 (new- factory direct) ATI AT1505 and AT1502 amps $1100(new) and $350(used) respectively.
  28. Craig Robertson

    What's fun to do in Columbus, OH?

    take a nice drive up to Cleveland and hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.