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  1. jin-ho

    Altec Lansing 510 speaker street value?

    I would like to know what would be a fair market value for a pair of Altec Lansing 510 speakers in cosmetically fair condition and in excellent working condition. It was purchased in 1989. Thanks in advance.
  2. jin-ho

    BUY 3 get 1 FREE!! Tons of Cheap DVDs 4 Sale (Boxes, rare, DTS demos, Superbits, etc)

    King Kong (Peter Jackson, single disc, SEALED) $8 Elephant Man In America Piano Teacher, The (unrated) $14 Exorcist: The Beginning (SEALED) Hellboy: Director's Cut (3-disc) $ 18 Land of the Dead (SEALED) $ 7 Open Water Stacy (Japanese Zombie Film) $10 Brothers Grimm $8 Dark...
  3. jin-ho

    FS: Nakamichi RX-505

    Tim, If the unit is in mint condition both physically and functionally, I will take it. Is the manual and packaging included? YGM
  4. jin-ho

    FS - Panasonic DVD-S97S HDMI Output Player

    Why are you selling it? Local pick-up price?
  5. jin-ho

    FS: a Chronicles of Riddick movie coupon

    Me Me Me! ygm.
  6. jin-ho

    FS: a Chronicles of Riddick movie coupon

    Me Me Me! ygm.
  7. jin-ho

    340+ DVD's For Sale

  8. jin-ho

    FS: Sony MiniDV Camcorder

  9. jin-ho

    Intolerable Cruelty DVD (WS) For Sale

    I'll take one if WS. BTW, any references?
  10. jin-ho

    DVD's For Sale & Trade

  11. jin-ho

    cheap dvds....

  12. jin-ho

    DVDs FS = Spring Cleaning

  13. jin-ho

    FS/FT: Philips DVD727 Region Free , $70 or trade for some DVDs

    May I ask why you never replied to my offer?
  14. jin-ho

    Huge DVD For Sale List

  15. jin-ho

    Das Boot - Superbit, A River Runs Through It, Hot Pursuit

    I'll take das boot and Hot Pursuit $19 shipped. pls email me at [email protected]. thanks.
  16. jin-ho

    Tryin' to make some cash with good stuff for sale

    I'll take Lord of the Rings ?Two Towers 2 disc - $10 shipped assuming WS, mint condition. pls email me at [email protected]. thanks.
  17. jin-ho

    F/S- $250 Best Buy Gift Cards for $200

    Steve, I will take it. Check your email. Thanks.
  18. jin-ho

    F/S- $250 Best Buy Gift Cards for $200

    No email? I'm interested. pls email me at [email protected] or leave PM. Thanks.