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  1. Dave_Olds

    Viruses and Browser Hijackers: Here we go again!

    Spyware Blaster is a program that will not remove but block and refuse installation of spyware & hijackers....That in combination with Spybot is the best of both worlds....Yahoo has a toolbar that is convenient and has a spyware tool withing it - you can run the spyware easily from IE. FWIW...
  2. Dave_Olds

    DSS into HTPC

    Video capture card of any type.....Check forum section for some recommendations....
  3. Dave_Olds

    WTB 6 Ft Optical Cable Seldom will ever find used components for less than PE. Check for specials - you can get stuff dirt cheap....No true HTPC/HT buff is complete without a PE book by their side ;)
  4. Dave_Olds

    FS Zalman CPU Cooler CNPS7000B-ALCU

    If that deal falls thru....I will definitely take it. Great Cooler...!!
  5. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    I would trust Tiger Direct.....Very leery of the Onrebate site - but hey, if you are gonna get a 3400 anyways - worth a shot....I dont think a 3400 is necessary for HTPC... BUT, with the Tiger Direct system - I cant imagine purchasing ANY motherboard with AGP at this juncture - PCI express is...
  6. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    That would be fine - I understand the budget....I used this was really, really impressed with it Zalman Cooler This is about the same price and includes a fan controller. It is proven HTPC quality by many site reviews.
  7. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Steve, ALWAYS replace the stock Heatsink/Fan combination. It is the greatest source of noise period - I have never found for ANY CPU that was acceptable....They are AWFUL - any/all of them....The after market ones are very reasonable and astonishingly quiet....They will cool better regardless...
  8. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Yes, all those things do make sense....Although as a HDTV convert - I have a snobbish appeal to it right now.... Nice to see the benefits to a MCE2005 PVR - I got to admit no one has ever pointed them out....When I build a MCE box for the living room - all your recommendations would be...
  9. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    Hi... An Aristec HT400 with 9600XT. Likely you are referring to a much more involved system and I would agree with your assesment. I really think the AMD64 939 CPUs are the future, at the same time I wouldnt advise a 754pin AMD64. I am not really arguing the point - but I do completely...
  10. Dave_Olds

    Windows Media Center 2005 Software

    The 3.0e isnt *that* bad....Yes, its hot BUT it designed to run hot and it does handle the heat....About 10deg is the difference....Not really *that* significant.... Zalman's CPU 7000B cooler works well to keep it in line and is silent....I used their heatsink and PS and I have to stick my...
  11. Dave_Olds

    FS: Dayton Sub

    I have several offers but nothing done yet....I have said I would do $90 shipped to your area in one of my counters - so yeah, that would work... Thanks, Dave
  12. Dave_Olds

    Powerstrip... widescreen thru s-video??

    No, at least I am reasonably sure no....S-Video is 480i and only 4:3....I am not aware of anyway to manipulate it to 16:9 natively....I am sure someone will pipe in with the technical reasons soon enough....or correct me ;) You have to figure out the component problem and fix it to get what...
  13. Dave_Olds

    Wtb- Cheap Receiver

    I have a Pioneer VSX411 available....excellent condition. DTS/DD5.1/DPLII etc, etc Interested?
  14. Dave_Olds

    FS: Dayton Sub

    If interested - Toss out an offer....I wont give it away, but will be reasonable - Split freight, free freight, lower price....toss something reasonable out there and score yourself a real nice HT sub...!!! lorax @ tds dot net
  15. Dave_Olds

    FS: Dayton Sub

    Dayton 10" 100 Watt Subwoofer. Used for about 1 yr in a family room. Never really pushed, this was my third room with a HT system - movies were in the theater. Just used to add presence to TV/Sports....Very Good Condition. Paypal ok... $100.00 plus shipping
  16. Dave_Olds

    it all must go!!!

    Willing to come down on the M22's yet? Let me know, Dave
  17. Dave_Olds

    HDTV antenna for over-the-air reception

    Amen - Preaching to the choir.... There just isnt any cut & dried solution with indoor antennas that fill all applications. Indoor antennas are simply like real estate - location, location, location... For Instance - I live in a very rural area 30 miles away from transmission towers and...
  18. Dave_Olds

    VR-7080 vs. AVR-230

    I dont think just because its a HK its better necessarily. I own HK & wouldnt own Kenwood - but thats a personal preference. I have a AVR230 for a secondary theater in the living room and can honestly say I am truly impressed with all the features & connections as well as the sound & power...
  19. Dave_Olds

    Best price on a decent HDMI to DVI cable?

    on eBay there is a company called HDTV Supply. Pretty reasonable, takes paypal and ships same day....
  20. Dave_Olds

    Surround Sound Layout & Choice Issues

    Option #2 would not be a problem distance wise. If I mount the LS to the wall outside the cove (or even option #1)- it would be exactly in line with the Left Main speaker....My drawing is sort of not to scale :b The cove is almost exactly the same opening as the door it faces....or within a...
  21. Dave_Olds

    Surround Sound Layout & Choice Issues

    Thanks a million for the response....It is possible to move but that position actually created more problems (at least from what I know about HT layouts - ALOT of problems relating to viewing angles & distances especially.... I could do one of these things to easily offset your concerns...
  22. Dave_Olds

    Surround Sound Layout & Choice Issues

    Attached is a layout of my room I am turning into an upstairs theater for typical HDTV, Sports and some movies. The surrounds really have me stumped....I cant figure out the best way to install them and which ones to choose....I have monopole RTi4's - but I could return them for FXi3's if...
  23. Dave_Olds

    Toshiba 51H84 vs. Sony KP-51WS510

    I am familiar with the CDL White Line issue....Mine either does not have it or I am simply unable to see it....I have looked, looked and looked some more and I cant see it....So if it does have it - you have to really know what the heck you are looking for....If its *that* inconspicuous than I...
  24. Dave_Olds


    eBay... There is a company called HDTV supply who makes & tests (and guarantees) their cables. They are like $40 which is about $80 cheaper than Monster at B&M stores. :angry:
  25. Dave_Olds

    Toshiba 51H84 vs. Sony KP-51WS510

    I have the 51H84 and the picture is literally amazing. The sound is quite surprising as well, built-in subwoofer. I chose the Tosh over the Sony for picture quality and reflection. The off axis tosh viewing is more than acceptable. SD viewing and stretch modes are very good in the tosh as well...
  26. Dave_Olds

    Partsexpress Budget Sub

    you should have the crossover all the way open and set the receiver to do the management....The receiver should have a setting for 80hz as the crossover setting....
  27. Dave_Olds

    Small, musical, cheap sub

    I think you would be crazy to pass on the Dayton....Its a great sub and I was pleased at $129.00....for $99 its highway robbery when you consider what $99 gets you in the stores.... The amount of great feedback from very trusted source such as Brian of Rutledge Audio assures this sub is more...