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  1. John Spencer

    Is the Forum on Life Support???

    I've seen much hotter threads at the Mall of America.
  2. John Spencer

    HTF - Fantasy Football 2007

    Wow, this brings back a crapload of memories.
  3. John Spencer

    Can I live in a condo?

    Yes you may.
  4. John Spencer

    Your reccomendations for good hosting service

    My wife makes layouts and graphics sets as a hobby. She wants her own domain so that she's not as restricted on content and bandwidth. Before we take the step of getting a server, we were going to try getting the doamin and having someone else host it for a year. Do you all have any...
  5. John Spencer

    Recommend a car cover...

    A garage. Sorry. Had to be said. :D
  6. John Spencer

    Getting rid of my home theater :(

    My first question would be: "Did these items contribute to the huge debt in the first place?" My second question would be: "Are you planning to pay cash for the new equipment you're wanting?" I love my HT equipment. It's modest, especially by HTF standards. But I don't care. It works for...
  7. John Spencer

    Why do American cars and trucks suck so bad?

    I have a 1995 Mazda 626 with 250,000 miles, and it's had little to no shop time. I've kept up with the monthly routine maintenance such as oil changes. And I had a tuneup done when it was at 125,000 miles. Last month I had to replace the water pump. That was the first time the car has been into...
  8. John Spencer

    Is it illegal for auto repair shops to do this?.....

    Well, as soon as he stops payment on the check, he becomes a criminal. That's the same as writing a bad check in the first place in the eyes of the law. Then these dirtbags have recourse to sue you for writing them a bad check. And they can be really ugly with that if they so choose.
  9. John Spencer

    does this really work?

    Lemme guess. He forgot to put the crystals in.
  10. John Spencer

    Interesting way to lose weight ...

    Intersting link for people trying to find ways around diet and exercise
  11. John Spencer

    Not for the weak...Found this in the fridge at work

    In some countries you could charge a lot of money for that and call it a delicacy like blowfish. People would be lined up to try it.
  12. John Spencer

    Why is beef jerky so expensive?

    Have you ever tried to jerk a bull that wasn't in the mood? I'm here to tell you, it's not so easy......... Maybe I've said too much...
  13. John Spencer

    my poop eating dog ... help!

    Now THAT'S a shit-eating grin!
  14. John Spencer

    FatKid Cake

    Coming soon - Sweaty Teen's Defib
  15. John Spencer

    pet peeve... LITERALLY!

    Because anybody gets freaked out if somebody just wanders into their home from the street!
  16. John Spencer

    Sky High

    And the fact that not many people could tell you who William Gibson or Philip K. Dick are does not mean that they haven't been ripped off or "homaged" in thouands of movies in the past 40 years. Trust me, if they had actually "ripped off" another company, they would be sued faster than light...
  17. John Spencer

    Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash! Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash?

    Two of my friends were multi-scene extras for the movie, and they both really liked all the actors involved. And the director was really cool and let them hang out on the set to watch production even when they weren't involved in the scenes. According to my friends, Reese and Joaquin are very...
  18. John Spencer

    London Subway blasts - are our HTF brethren ok ?

    OK, but I'm still not going to sit around waiting for the wheels to fall off the car before I drive it. Things may get worse, but that's not going to change who I am, or the way I live my life. If you fret all day about what you can't control, it'll eat you up and I'm afrid you'll miss out on...
  19. John Spencer

    London Subway blasts - are our HTF brethren ok ?

    Drew, I think the real answer is, "You do the best you can." Nobody I know asked for these attacks to happen. Nobody I know asked to go to war. But these things happen, with or without my involvement. I have an 18-month-old baby girl. Nothing would thrill me more than to be able to bring her...
  20. John Spencer

    Rekindle the Rivalries (Fantasy Football '05)

    I had to miss out on all the festivities of HTF1 last year due to a rather evetnful run-in with a batch of fiddlebacks. But I'm back in this year.
  21. John Spencer

    what are you thinking....???

    Aw, man. I've got a nasty growth on my sack. No, wait. That's a raisin. Whew.
  22. John Spencer

    London Subway blasts - are our HTF brethren ok ?

    I think it was Donald Rumsfeld who said, "Our forces have to be right 100% of the time. We can't let one single instance occur. Terrorists only have to be right once, and they can ruin everything we've done." That's probably a paraphrase, but the sentiment is soberingly truthful. My thoughts...
  23. John Spencer

    NEVER try to flush cat's #2 down a toilet

    Flushable cat litter + Automatic cat pan = Much happier cohabitation I've had great success with the Arm and Hammer flushable. You will notice a decrease in the ability of flushable litter to absorb smell, but Arm & Hammer seems to be the best. And having all the waste in one little catch pan...
  24. John Spencer

    Funny Signs

    On my way to Columbus, OH we passed a road sign in Kentucky for "Big Bone Lick State Park". I couldn't talk my friend into pulling over so that I could get a picture.
  25. John Spencer

    maybe i don't hate comedy central that much anymore...

    Vince, make sure to tell your friends to talk with Comedy Central. And I'm sorry that my opinion of Michael Ian Black being funny was so horribly incorrect. I'll know to ask next time.
  26. John Spencer

    I watch women's tennis on TV just hear the loud grunts

    Read more threads. It'll all fall into place.
  27. John Spencer

    Did anyone see Katie Holmes on Letterman last night?

    "Y'know what I like best about high school girls? I keep gettin' older, but they stay the same age."
  28. John Spencer

    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

    Y'know, pan-roasted monkey poo with spinach and almond pesto may be a delicacy in some country, but I'm quite positive I don't need to try it to know I won't like it. I've tried many a restaurant, both chain and local, and nothing beats the cuisine I make at home. And if the whole world...