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  1. Colby


    Aww man. I didn't see this until today. I've been waiting for them to have another sale for ages. I wish they had sent out an email.
  2. Colby

    Amazon Deal Week: Universal Steelbook Blu-rays 40-50% Off

    Too bad Serenity isn't among them. It's still $15.99.
  3. Colby

    Weekly RoundUp 5-27-2014

    The Fandango movie cash deal at Best Buy is on a handful of other titles, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Knocked Up, and several others.
  4. Colby

    What would you like to see from Twilight Time next?

    SpaceCamp Stanley & Iris
  5. Colby

    GAME (2 of 3): Guess An Upcoming Twilight Time Release

    Could it be Cecil B. DeMille's Union Pacific?
  6. Colby

    Remastered Robocop - 1/21

    I'd buy that for... oh, nevermind.
  7. Colby

    GAME (2 of 3): Guess An Upcoming Twilight Time Release

    Was any member of the film's cast ever a guest on The Muppet Show?
  8. Colby

    GAME (1 of 3): Guess An Upcoming Twilight Time Release

    Was the film's composer usually seen sporting a beard around the time the film was made and released?
  9. Colby

    Bad Day AT Best Buy

    My Best Buy didn't have Little Shop of Horrors or the two Hitchcock titles today.
  10. Colby

    Blu-ray Review Barbarella Blu-ray Review

    I don't consider Barbarella to be "so bad, it's good" at all. I feel like it is exactly the film it set out to be, and that is a very goofy and entertaining one.
  11. Colby

    "X-Men" trilogy re-release

    Y'know, that a DVD version of the new X-Men trilogy set hasn't shown up on Amazon yet makes me really think it's not gonna happen. Which really, really sucks.
  12. Colby

    "X-Men" trilogy re-release

    I just came here after reading the Bits with the very same question. Kinda disappointing if they really are just not even mentioning DVD anymore. :frowning:
  13. Colby

    Star Trek box sets - massive drop at Amazon!

    Looks like it's for a scifi sale for the month of April.
  14. Colby

    Film Wishlist for 2008

    Pure Luck
  15. Colby

    2008 DVD Wish List

    I wish Disney would release some of the Muppet TV specials they are sitting on. Things like... Hey Cinderella! The Frog Prince The Muppet Musicians of Bremen John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together The Muppets Go Hollywood The Muppets Go to the Movies The Fantastic Miss...
  16. Colby

    Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Vol 1 - October 23, 2007

    ...prominently featuring Daniel Craig and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Go figure. :P
  17. Colby

    Fraggle Rock Season 3 coming September 11th

    Yeah, that's awesome that they got Gerry Parkes and Kathy Mullen for interviews this time! The amount of care HIT! has put into these sets is astounding. I wish they owned all of Henson's TV shows.
  18. Colby

    Will there ever be 16:9 1941 & Always?

    I'd definitely pick up a new version of Always. Great film.
  19. Colby

    TCM's Top 200 films not on DVD

    Wow, Pure Luck is #20! You hear that, Universal?
  20. Colby

    The Muppet Show Season 2 - 8/7/07 Boxart & Details Inside

    Good to hear about the lack of cuts. I give Disney a hard time on many things (like their glaring lack of BTS interviews and/or commentaries), but for this I do commend and thank them.
  21. Colby

    Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Vol 1 - October 23, 2007

    George Hall is the one whose scenes aren't in the "films." The Harrison Ford footage is still in Mystery of the Blues. And I don't seem to recall hearing either Ford or Lucas ever regret having done those scenes.
  22. Colby

    The Muppet Show Season 2 - 8/7/07 Boxart & Details Inside

    I'm pretty sure I heard that there will be.
  23. Colby

    Spider-Man 2.5 (yes, it's already planned!) (merged)

    Heh, I paid a visit to the previously not-mentioned retailer, and they did indeed have it! This almost makes me forgive them for not having the Superman tin the day it came out. Almost. Anywho, can't wait to watch this later!
  24. Colby

    Casino Royale (2006) on 3/13/07

    Yes, I bought the Target set. Apparently, though, the advertising people at Target can't tell the difference between papers glued together and a shiny round thing. Not that the book isn't great; I just wish I hadn't gotten my hopes up for a DVD.
  25. Colby

    Best way to keep track of your discs?

    I've also used Link Removed for years, and I'm really happy with their site.
  26. Colby

    Casino Royale (2006) on 3/13/07

    Yes, it does. I was disappointed about the lack of insert as well, although it's hardly surprising anymore. Anyway, I'm sure we'll all have a much better Casino Royale DVD in our hands by the time Bond 22 hits.
  27. Colby

    Spider-Man 2.5 (yes, it's already planned!) (merged)

    Good to know it's on both discs, that way I can leave one disc at home and keep the other one with me and still watch a trailer for another film whenever I want. Also, I'm glad it's on the first disc, because I was worried that they might waste that extra space on something stupid like higher...
  28. Colby

    *** Official Warner Chat and Discussion Thread

    Bummer, I forgot about the chat. Glad to hear that the new release of The Man Who Would Be King is still on, and it's also great to know that widescreen Chevy Chase film releases are planned. I had wanted to ask if there was a chance of a new release of Ladyhawke, had I been there.
  29. Colby

    That Thing You Do! Director's Cut question

    May 8th? Nooooo! I was so looking forward to this!
  30. Colby

    Troy: The Director's Cut

    Why not just include separate audio tracks, one with Horner's score, one with Yared's? It's a win/win that way. If Yared's score is on there, I'll buy this in a heartbeat.