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  1. Jorge Montes

    Weekly RoundUp 5/31/2005

    Just went by Circuit City and it sure ain't no 32.99. 39.99 at my store. Of course, they didn't have ANY fliers around because they threw them out "because they expired yesterday". "Even the stuff that comes out today?!" ".....yes."
  2. Jorge Montes

    ***Official The Incredibles DVD Glitch Thread***

    I'm having a major problem with disc 2 on my computer. Disc 1 was fine, but disc 2 is all kinds of messed up. On PowerDVD, it keeps asking if I want to resume from where I last left off, even on the first time I loaded up the disc. Then it loads up what I can only assume is the menu (Syndrome's...
  3. Jorge Montes

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Glad to hear the midmovie glitching on ANH is the discs and NOT my dvd player (well, in that its the easier of the two to replace). Now I just hope CompUSA has copies when I go to exchange. Elsewise, I may have to return (and god knows what a hassle THAT will be) and try and price match them...
  4. Jorge Montes

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    My copy of ANH is scratch-free. The definition of perfection that I can tell. So I was really annoyed when it started skipping a few times in a close period. When Chewie "slicks back" his fur during the holochess game, right before Leia says "Dantooine" and just before the return from hyperspace...
  5. Jorge Montes

    Blockbuster Star Wars Deal: 7 rentals & the dvd's $59

    I disagree. If someone is a regular renter at Blockbuster, this deal is easily not a bad one, provided they don't screw up on late fees and use ALL the seven rentals. Say each rental is only $4 (and that's being generous consider the regular Blockbuster pricing), 7 rentals would be about 28...
  6. Jorge Montes

    The Village (2004)

    I just found the little red dots from that copy protection thing really jarring in this flick, since you're constantly scanning the screen for "the bad color." Of course, you can't really describe them any better than "the bad color" can you?
  7. Jorge Montes

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Hellboy - Special Edition

    I was pretty much on the fence about this edition, especially if the 3-disc DC has everything on the first set aside from commentaries. But the more I read about it, the more I figure "hey, if anything, I can just share the Hellboy love when the DC comes out!" Oh DVD. How you woo me!
  8. Jorge Montes

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection 2 - List of cartoons

    A bit too heavy on the Sylvester and Tweety, but with all that Road Runner/Coyote, why the heck am I complaining?! Go WB! Total must buy!!
  9. Jorge Montes

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection 2 - List of cartoons

    A bit too heavy on the Sylvester and Tweety, but with all that Road Runner/Coyote, why the heck am I complaining?! Go WB! Total must buy!!
  10. Jorge Montes

    Weekly RoundUp 6/01/04

    Went to Best Buy and "Flight of the Navigator" was 16.99. Checked at the register too. I'm cheap so I passed.
  11. Jorge Montes

    Buffy Season 6...May 2004?

    I think pretty much all the packaging from Season 6 is stupid. Spoilers of Season 6 and 7: The very cover has an image of Willow gone dark. It's not even remotely to the extent we see her at any point in Season Five, nor does she get that far until she totally turns. Anyone who doesn't know...
  12. Jorge Montes

    Disney announce 21 more from the vault for July & September

    Wow. I stand corrected Joel. Now I can more happily look forward to North Avenue Irregulars and Cat From Outer Space.
  13. Jorge Montes

    Disney announce 21 more from the vault for July & September

    Great. Talk about a quandry. I've been wanting "North Avenue Irregulars" from AB and now I have to wait and see if Disney botches it up with another OAR bungle or whether we get a better version. And on top of that, still no "Flight of the Navigator." I'm wearing that VHS out to the point of...
  14. Jorge Montes

    Buffy Season 6...May 2004?

    I have to agree on the whole spoilerish factor. It may not appear to be a spoiler for someone who hasn't seen the season, there's no doubt they'll become suspicious when we go through Willow's whole "drug/magic" addiction. I have a friend who's watching and all he knows about season six is...
  15. Jorge Montes

    Full Details: Disney's "Aladdin"!

    Uh...I want "Aladdin" on DVD. It's funny. Hope the cover art doesn't suck. You guys think the cover art will suck? I hope not. I once heard they had tons of recordings of Williams for this movie, loads of gags they just didn't have time to animate. I hope that a special feature is these riffs.
  16. Jorge Montes

    Best price for ANGEL: SEASON 3...?

    I'm hoping for one of those Best Buy deals where you can get Season 2 and 3 together for less (for the obvious reason that I'm missing it).
  17. Jorge Montes

    Weekly RoundUp 1/27 (Dave's vacation draws to a close)

    Ugh. I was planning on using a Gift Card at Best Buy for "The Critic" but 41.99? Yeesh. Not that anywhere else is necessarily better. I was hoping for, at WORST 35 bucks. And that's the at BEST now. I guess I'm gonna have to do some price hunting and hope Sams or Target or something like that...
  18. Jorge Montes

    Weekly Roundup 12/2 (In the Roundup, noone can hear you scream!)

    I was in Sarasota visiting for Thanksgiving and the Walmart there had a sign about "Pirates of the Caribbean." If you buy the DVD Tuesday between midnight and six am, you get a special "gold coin" like in the movie, while supplies last.
  19. Jorge Montes

    Indy DVD's on 10/21, any deals 2 be found?

    Eckerd does indeed have Indy for $34.99, but the "Fullscreen" is only on the box and practically illegible because it's so small plus it's covered by the arrival date. So while my girlfriend who works at Eckerd assures me that there's no way in heck they'll have a single widescreen copy knowing...
  20. Jorge Montes

    New Cover Art - Monty Python & Holy Grail (CE)

    Soundtrack? Wasn't the entire film's soundtrack (aside from the songs they performed) public domain stuff? I know I've heard it all the time on news shows and el cheapo documentaries, always making me laugh.
  21. Jorge Montes

    Weekly Roundup 7/1

    Just more I Love Lucy. But that doesn't stop the fun of seeing what is coming out anyway. Thanks again, as always, David.
  22. Jorge Montes

    24: Season Two, Extras??? :)

    Great. That set sounds so good, if that IS what R1 gets, I'll HAVE to go back and get Season 1.
  23. Jorge Montes

    Very Muppet Christmas specs. Please remain calm

    I too will wait for the word on intended OAR, but I remember hearing about those cropped out cherubs from people who saw it in 16x9. But if 4:3 is OAR, I'll get it.
  24. Jorge Montes

    Weekly Roundup 6/10

    Like always David, you are a true force to be reckoned with. I've been relying on these Roundups for a while now AND sending others to them every Sunday. That's a nice deal on all the Buffy seasons. Too bad they couldn't go out of their way to knock of 5 bucks for people who already own...
  25. Jorge Montes

    Just bought DOGMA for $29 at suncoast video. Even other stores had this expensive..

    If you're considering buying Clerks, the movie, I'd suggest holding off for the new edition that's supposed ot be coming out soon.
  26. Jorge Montes

    Just bought DOGMA for $29 at suncoast video. Even other stores had this expensive..

    Yeah. I've seen the good SE for Dogma at like no more than 20 bucks easy. If you're checking all the suncoast video's there's your problem. Mallrats is the only costly one I know of and you can find it for like 22 or 25 bucks.
  27. Jorge Montes

    The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes - Full Frame Only

    It was just pointed out to me that Absent-Minded Professor is going to be colorized. This is according to both the Disney DVD website and the back of the DVD on DVDPlanet. Looks like I'll be going DVD sale free for a while because I'm not touching anything on 1/14/03.
  28. Jorge Montes

    Buffy Season 3 problems ?

    Oh yeah? Try this one. I buy the pack at Best Buy. Check the box in my car, Disc 2 (Xander) pops out. I look at it. Scratched is a nice way of putting it. This one had a GASH. Like circular scratch rings, deep around the hole. So I return it right there. I get sent to grab another pack...