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  1. AaronJB

    The 27 Inch Debate

    Hey all, I'm considering getting a new 27-inch monitor as a "second" set. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but here's the debate: I'd like to get one of Samsung or Zenith's ED (in the case of the one Samsung - 2745) or HD monitors. However, I hear plenty of debate on whether or not...
  2. AaronJB

    Spy Kids 3-D

    Space Station is probably the best 3-D IMAX (or 3D anything) film I've seen, because instead of using the 3-D format to toss things towards the audience, it instead almost entirely uses it to give the images a far greater sense of depth. Those who've seen the unbelievable opening sequence of...
  3. AaronJB

    Weird insect found in my room.

    This reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer goes back in time and steps on a bug, resulting in changes in the future. Only it's the present. Or is it the past, and smooshing that bug you saw caused changes in the future? lol. :D
  4. AaronJB

    Circuit City goin outta bizness sale!!!!

    Anyone still considering going to one of the local sales should skip it. I just got back from the local store that was going out of business and there was hardly anything left. A couple of older model HK receivers were there, the previously mentioned Pioneer and a Sony or two. Some odds & ends...
  5. AaronJB - Do I Not Understand?

    I was browsing through after seeing all of the ads, since I'm considering another trip to NYC in the Spring or maybe Fall (went last October - travelled there on Amtrak, no less - LOVED it - great time of year to be there) So I'm looking through this site and it's allowing me to...
  6. AaronJB

    Help! 350$ receiver???

    I'd go with the Panasonics, but you can get a refurbed SAHE200 from for $199.
  7. AaronJB

    Hsu STF2 vs HSU VTF2 Any difference on low extension. (MERGED THREAD)

    I wandered into a large local CompUSA recently after not having been there in a while and was rather shocked to see that 1/3rd of the store suddenly turned into something resembling Circuit City (not a knock against CC, I like CC). The HSU stuff sounded pretty good, as did the Wharfedale stuff I...
  8. AaronJB

    New Panny DVD player with Faroudja DCDi & HDMI - MSRP $299.95

    I think there's a huge difference between 10bit/54mhz and 13-bit/108mhz of my Philips 963, to answer the question earlier in the thread.
  9. AaronJB

    Wharfdale & JBL questions

    I have Wharfedale WH-2 bipoles as surrounds, and have found them to be quite enjoyable speakers.
  10. AaronJB

    Onkyo 6.1 speakers - SKS-HT510 - Any good?

    I had the Onkyo speakers for a while in a second system and have since upgraded. I'll start off by saying that, for the price, these are certainly good. The Onkyo speakers are considerably larger than most HTIB speakers, and generally have good build quality. However, while they put forth...
  11. AaronJB

    Nice Bookshelf Speakers

    Another recommendation here for the s38IIs; while big, they are excellent speakers and can be had for a fraction of their original $599 retail - most online stores have them for $235-250. They are discontinued, so they will be gone soon.
  12. AaronJB

    Downward or forward firing sub?

    Personally, I've had downward and front firing and I prefer downward. In my small listening space, the downward firing seems to provide a wider dispersion and be less "noticable" or "speaker-specific". But that's just me.
  13. AaronJB

    Center Channel Speaker < $150

    I have a JBL S-Center and find it to be a remarkable speaker. However, it's pretty much impossible to find right now outside of Ebay, given that the speaker is discontinued.
  14. AaronJB

    Looking for DVD Player Recommendations

    Philips 963 has DCDI (as well as a host of other things, including a 13-bit/108-mhz video DAC, NSV and something called Match Line). It is, however, one of those kinds of things where mine works fine, yet a lot of other people have had a lot of problems with it (I have had some issues with the...
  15. AaronJB

    htib around 300$

    I'd recommend saving up for something more advanced, but I've also heard good things about the Toshiba system from an aunt and uncle who just purchased it. Personally, I have no experience with it. The Yamaha and Kenwood HTIB systems in that price range have also gotten fairly good reviews.
  16. AaronJB

    HTIB speaker wire

    HTIB speaker wire is awful. Even the somewhat pricey Onkyo sets come with impressively thin wire. Definitely, definitely replace it with something better from Home Depot.
  17. AaronJB

    Best Home Theater in a box?

    Onkyo's HTIB sets have their pros and cons, but, for the cost, they are quite good. Their 6.1 HTIB is $500.
  18. AaronJB

    Need help purchasing sub $500 DVD player

    The Philips 963 has Faroudja, 13-bit/108 mhz video DAC, DCDI, NSV and something called Match Line. It also remembers where you left off in the film if you turn off the player. However, it is a quirky player that can occasionally mis-read a DVD when it first loads (video, no audio - turn it...
  19. AaronJB

    SACD & DVD-Audio for Sale

    Shipping is $4 for 1-3, $5 for 4-6 and $6 if you take all. Send email to [email protected] is the only form of payment accepted. SACDS: $12.50 each. Shania Twain - Up Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin) DVD-Audio - $7 each -...
  20. AaronJB

    Walgreens Digital Photo Printing - :-(

    Today I picked up a Canon I560 printer, along with some of Canon's Photo Paper Pro 4x6 paper (pretty cheap - 7.94 for a pack of 50). I have a Canon ELPH S230 3.2MP digital camera that I've been using. Occasionally, I've taken pictures to be printed at the kiosks at Walgreens, which print...
  21. AaronJB

    JBL S-CenterII

    I think you'll have to search Ebay - I believe I saw someone selling quite a few on there. I've been trying to locate another S-Center II myself for other people (I got one from onecall) w/no luck. ran out last week or week 1/2 ago. Definitely worth searching out though, as not...
  22. AaronJB

    Apartment living bass lover needs help

    Same situation; I have a downward firing subwoofer that helps somewhat. Maybe you could move a shelving unit or other furniture against the wall between apartments to try and cushion some of the bass
  23. AaronJB

    Denon2200 or Phillips963A or ????

    Huh. I was going to suggest for the Philips, but they're out. is taking "pre orders" for it. The player has always seemed to be in limited supply, but right now it seems like no one has it, which is too bad.
  24. AaronJB

    Need some speakers for my folks- $600 budget

    Fluance or Onkyo systems would work (fluance available on their website, Onkyo at Circuit City or refurbished on Onkyo's website, Infinity and JBL (although the JBL sets may be discontinued now) also offer affordable sets.
  25. AaronJB

    JVC XVD 723GD owners, what did you upgrade to?

    I upgraded to the Philips 963SA (desired a format switch, as well, from the JVC's DVD-A to the Phillips' SACD, but that's another matter) from the JVC. While the 723 offered a fine picture, the difference between the 723 and the 963 in non-progressive (I have a Panasonic TV that's a couple of...
  26. AaronJB

    Need 5.1 speaker set up for $1000

    I'll second the all JBL S38II recommendation, although you need a rather large room, given their size.
  27. AaronJB

    Can you get a good SACD player for under $300?

    All SACD players require analog hookup for SACD playback. The Philips 963SA is a good SACD player that can be found for around $350.
  28. AaronJB

    Am I stupid for considering KLH bookshelves for surround back speakers?

    If you're seeking inexpensive speakers for back surrounds, I'd recommend Wharfedale WH-2 bipoles. They're available at or for $99 a pair.
  29. AaronJB

    Center problems

    I've never heard the N-Center, but I'm thrilled w/my new S-center, as well as the JBL S38IIs. You can still find S38IIs around, but S-Centers seem to be vanishing. Both are discontinued - appears to have no more S-Centers, although might.
  30. AaronJB

    5.1 speaker set up for $500-$700

    Haven't had experience with these speakers, but given your budget (kinda tough to get in the budget, given the in-walls), I found: NHT in-walls ($200) Infinity Entra Center 2 ($141)...