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  1. JonDW

    Pioneer DVD DV-525

    i have a pioneer dvd player and have been very impressed at its usefulness and performance, but as of late i have become a little won't read back any audio cd's. i have no problems playing any dvd's at all, nor have i ever...i hadn't had a problem until recently about playing...
  2. JonDW

    Toshiba 27AF61 vs. Panasonic CT-27SX32

    I am looking for some help into starting my home theater. I would like to buy a TV first because my old TV is just horrible. Obviously, as most people are, I'm stuck between 2 choices. They are the Toshiba 27AF61 and the Panasonic CT-27SX32. Now I have read plenty about that the Panasonic's are...