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  1. Nick L

    Good tracks for checking soundstage and imaging

    CD's I use to audition speakers: Alison Krauss & Union Station - Live [LIVE] Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Greatest Hits Of The 20th Century Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets I also use some classical cd's but they have strange titles and I can't think of them off the top...
  2. Nick L

    New speakers all around or new front 3?

    I am buying some new HT speakers and am trying to decide on whether or not to buy new surrounds. Currently I have Kef Q7's with a Q9c and Klipsch SS.5 surrounds. My basement was flooded this summer and the Q7's were ruined. I am now looking at some new speakers. One of the options I am looking...
  3. Nick L

    Dish 811 to 51F500

    In order to connect my Dish 811 HD box to my Hitachi 51F500 tv do I need a DVI-D to DVI-D cable? According to the manuals the dish box has a DVI-D and the TV has a DVI-HDTV. Is the DVI-HDTV the same as the DVI-D? Thanks for the help Nick L
  4. Nick L

    sub amp help

    I am in need of a subwoofer amplifier for my diy sub. It has about a 2.8 feet internal volume. Using a Shiva 12" driver. In a sealed box design. The amp will be separate from the sub. I am thinking of just building a small cube to put the plate amp in. My question is which plate amp should I...
  5. Nick L

    Receiver conundrum...(I'm new)

    Here are a few more options for you to consider. Onkyo TXSR601 Marantz SR5400 I don't think you could go wrong with a receiver from Onkyo, Marantz or HK. I have a HK AVR320 and I love it. I have never had a problem with it and it is more than loud enough. Plus I think it has a better...
  6. Nick L

    Canton Karats...Need advice and opinions, please.

    Here's a link to a Sound and Vision review of a Karat system. Link I would say pull the trigger on the Canton system. You won't be able to touch their sound quality for what your paying in anything else. You could probably sell the whole system on for more than you'll pay for it, if...
  7. Nick L

    Help me spend $250 on a Subwoofer

    Send it back and get a Velodyne CHT-10. Right now they are on sale at onecall for $190! They also have the VX-10 in stock and on sale for $162.85.
  8. Nick L

    Who sells a combo without a sub...

    My vote would be to find your local Paradigm dealer. For the money their performance line is tough to beat. They also have in walls. Another quality company to look at would be B&W Speakers. I like both of these companies a lot and they have a history of both high quality speakers and excellent...
  9. Nick L

    Decisions , decisions- what would you do?

    I would vote for the Marantz over the Denon. I like the way the Marantz sounds much better than Denon. Plus it has a killer remote. Nick
  10. Nick L

    Decisions , decisions- what would you do?

    I've had my HK AVR320 for about 3 years now I think. I still love it very much and have never had a single problem with it. I would highly recommend the HK 430 or 630. Either would be a very good choice. I would second the Denon to the HK, but I think you will want a receiver that does DPLII. It...
  11. Nick L

    A newbies new system

    You sound like you are a good candidate for some nice bookshelf speakers. I'd highly recommend looking at the Paradigm Reference 20's and 40's, PSB Platinum M2, some B&W 705's and anything by JM Lab. Just to name a few. As for electronics I'd look for a nice 2 channel amp or maybe two monoblock...
  12. Nick L

    Rear channel dipole or direct?

    I will be moving into my first house in October. Since the house has a large room we will be using for the theater room, I am finally going to buy speakers that match my mains and center. Right now I have Kef Q7's for my mains and a Q9c for the center. I love the way they sound. My question is...
  13. Nick L

    WTT Celestion F10 for Paradigm

    I'd like to trade my Celestion F10's for a pair of Paradigm Atoms or Titans. The Celestions are in pretty good shape, a few minor scratches, but nothing wrong with the components. I have pics available upon request. I'd like to get the Atoms or Titans because I think they match my new Kef Q7's...
  14. Nick L

    Need a cheap receiver

    I am looking for a cheap 5.1 reciever for my father. He is looking on the really cheap side, under $150. Anyone have any good websites that are having sales? Doesn't really matter what brand or anything like that, just needs to have 5.1 dolby/dts. Thanks for your help Nick L
  15. Nick L

    Any plate amps stable at 2ohms?

    If I were to buy one of the Nady amps for my sub, how would I set the crossover? I am in the market for a plate amp for my 3L sealed shiva. I think that the Nady looks pretty tempting, if I could get it crossed over for sub use.
  16. Nick L

    Can I run two receivers through one set of speakers?

    Ed, as long as both receivers aren't on at the same time you should be fine. Your basically using the receivers as a selector switch. It is not a fool proof system though. Might be a work around until you could get a good selector switch that is teenage girl proof. Won't be long and you'll...
  17. Nick L

    Can I run two receivers through one set of speakers?

    If your speakers are able to be biwired, you could plug in one reciever to one input and the other into the other. As long as you left in the connector that runs one signal to both sets of inputs. Hope that makes sense... Nick L
  18. Nick L

    Looking to change out my reciever for..

    For other deals on H/K products check out their online store. Some really good deals to be had there. Here is a link. Nick L
  19. Nick L

    Crossover Question

    OK, after reading through the other thread I understand that the crossover function is separate from the large/small setting. If you set any speaker to large, it will run full range. If you set it to small it will cut off at the crossover frequency. Thanks for the clarification. Nick L
  20. Nick L

    Crossover Question

    I currently have a Harman Kardon AVR320. It has the ability to set the crossover at 40-60-80-100Hz, depending on if your mains are set to large or small. Right now I have my mains set to large, and the crossover set at 60Hz. Now my question is, does this set the crossover for the rest of the...
  21. Nick L

    Where are all the young artist on sacd/dvd-audio?

    Justin, where did you get your list of upcoming dvd-audio releases? I can't find any information on a Dave Matthews Band or Phish dvd-a disc. Please let me know, I would love to have these on dvd-a.
  22. Nick L

    Need help finding small diy speakers

    I was looking more for something that has a midrange driver and a tweeter. I am just not convinced that the little 3" driver can do highs well.
  23. Nick L

    Need help finding small diy speakers

    I recently had a chance to demo a friends diy speakers and loved everyone of them. I liked them so much in fact I bought one of the subs from him(3.3 cu ft sealed shiva). I don't really have the resources to go crazy building speakers boxes yet as I still live in an apartment. But I would like...
  24. Nick L

    Stereo Imaging pulling to one side? Help!

    Make sure your speakers are out at least 3 inches from the front of the tv. If they are flush with the tv, it will throw the imaging off. Nick
  25. Nick L

    Looking for some positive reinforcement

    I demo'd the sub at my friends house. It sounded beautiful. So I went ahead and picked it up. I couldn't be happier right now, except I have to save more money to buy the amp:) . He also had three different pairs of diy speakers on hand that we listened to. It seems the diy bug is about to...
  26. Nick L

    Looking for some positive reinforcement

    I am considering buying a diy sub from a friend of mine. He has a shiva in a 3.3cu ft box. box is double walled with 3/4 mdf(so 1 1/2 in walls) and internally braced. Professionally painted in piano gloss black. Forward firing sealed cinfiguration. Q of about .6. This would be my first diy...
  27. Nick L

    Subwoofers and vibrapods?

    Have your friend try moving the sub to a corner that's not close to the tv. If the convergence still moves, it's not the sub.
  28. Nick L

    Looking for a new sub

    Is there anything else for $450 and under that I am missing. Or is the rava the winner in this price range.
  29. Nick L

    Miles Davis: Kind of Blue Q

    Can you tell me who put out the 20 bit remaster version? MC? Nick