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  1. Mark All

    Denon 3803 trigger out to B&K 7270 Control In

    If the above doesn't work, on the 3803 the setup menu by default has the trigger out signal turned off for all of the listening modes. Go into the setup menus and find the trigger out control menu function. Change all of the modes to "on" and the 7270 should turn on once it receives the signal...
  2. Mark All

    Denon 3803 trigger out to B&K 7270 Control In

    If the above doesn't work, on the 3803 the setup menu by default has the trigger out signal turned off for all of the listening modes. Go into the setup menus and find the trigger out control menu function. Change all of the modes to "on" and the 7270 should turn on once it receives the signal...
  3. Mark All

    replace toshiba sd9200

    I've never had the new damping kit installed in my SD-9200. I've found that I can eliminate the transport rumble altogether simply by gently pulling the disc tray all the way out before inserting a disc. Mine will rumble on half the discs I play on it unless I manually intervene before inserting...
  4. Mark All

    Help! Dog ate remote

    Go to the manufacturer's site in this case. Akai dropped out of the U.S. more than 15 years ago, but seems to be making a minor comeback now in the home theater business. Their spare parts products may be hard to find because they are still establishing their distribution chain again. If the...
  5. Mark All

    paying methods and second hand

    Bar, Did you by chance bid on Ebay on a Reference 50 and not win it? Did someone then contact you offering to sell you the one you mention for a much lower price? This is one type of scam. Frankly, the price is too low. Paypal really doesn't help in scam situations. Suggest you drop the idea...
  6. Mark All

    The Parasound AMP LOVE FEST Thread!!

    I was wondering why you all were discussing "ancient" Parasound amps above. ;) Love my Parasound Halo A23 amp. Works very well with either my Halo P3 preamp or Rotel RC-1090 preamp. Amazing number of features Parasound put into the A23 for the price. Seeing how well John Curl's "third class"...
  7. Mark All

    paying methods and second hand

    I prefer to buy used items locally if they're available so I can check them out before paying. I pay cash if the item is as advertised. This works out very well if one happens to be in a major metropolitan area where there are a lot of people always trading up to new equipment. Wait long enough...
  8. Mark All

    Did beautiful people all of a sudden become talented musicians?

    I don't know. However, I'm over 25 and most of the musicians I like have been butt-ugly for a long time now. ;) On the other hand, I wonder what Keith Richards would look like if he had the TV show type extreme makeover treatment applied to him...
  9. Mark All

    I love vinyl!

    Me either. However, equipment and new high quality pressings have improved things so much since the "old" days, I'd recommend that an enthusiast get back into vinyl now if he or she has sufficient disposable income and some patience. It can be worth it, and it doesn't cost a lot to greatly...
  10. Mark All

    A thermometer and a scale will tell you which is the best receiver.

    Weight? Heat? Both are nonsense in a low end receiver. You've got to look at the manufacturer's claimed power output rating to determine which low end receiver is better. ;) A cool way to test a reciever is to hook up a length of bare-ended speaker wire and then short it out. Whichever...
  11. Mark All

    Rotel in black

    Don't know if the pictures available would have the units powered up, but one thing to watch out for is the lighting effects used with the different face plates. Silver face plates get blue lighting around the volume control and power indicator, and all-black units get red lighting. Could mean...
  12. Mark All

    Denon 3805... Turn in 3803???

    The 3803 and 3805 receivers use the same DACs. For 8 channel inputs, 16 Burr-Brown PCM-1791 DACs are used. For 2 channel inputs, Burr-Brown PCM-1804 DACs are used. The 2900 uses 16 Burr-Brown DSD-1790 DACs (necessary for SACD compatibility).
  13. Mark All

    gettin' into hi-res. any "do's & don'ts"???

    Vinyl. :D
  14. Mark All

    Denon 3805... Turn in 3803???

    Jesse, can you elaborate on this please? I have read that Denon put a newer and better block capacitor in the 3805 but I thought the rest of the power supply was the same as before. Going from 110 watts in the 3803 to 120 watts in the 3805 doesn't seem like it would make that much of a...
  15. Mark All

    Polt RTi8 and RTi10 in comparison to Infinity - why so good?

    Charlie, Circuit City stores are not good places to get a demo of speakers other than to see what they look like. Usually they're standing up on hollow platforms, connected with zip cord, switched through goodness knows what to a low end receiver, and then high-passed. Circuit City's return...
  16. Mark All

    Pb2+ Vs Pb2-isd

    I'd ask the guys at SVS before making a final decision. If you send them a diagram of your listening area they can help you make a good decision. I was in a similar situation. I got a PB2-ISD rather than a PB2-Plus based on Tom's recommendation. My house is mostly an open plan design with each...
  17. Mark All

    Top Ten Audio Lies

    Good link Chu, although the poor guy seems to be subject to some of the same delusions the rest of us are anyway. He's using Nordost interconnect cables instead of Radio Shack cables. Also, why does he insist on having his amps on stands? Something wrong with the floor? ;) I hadn't seen the...
  18. Mark All

    Is hybrid DVD-A on the way?

    Why bother going hybrid? I like the idea of including both a CD and a DVD in the same standard CD case like The Flaming Lips did recently with "Yoshimi". The manufacturers don't have to go to the time and expense of setting up hybrid DVD-A production lines if they just use what is already available.
  19. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    More reading material on why professional sound engineers now consider the limited frequency range of CD to be inadequate... Meridian's White Paper It's not surprising for equipment designed 50 years ago to have a equalization channel centered around 10kHz since the frequency range of...
  20. Mark All

    Has ABKCO lost their mind on the Stones SACDs?

    It was a deliberate move on the label's part to leave off the SACD designator. They wanted the hybrid discs included in the regular CD bins in stores rather than being lost in the back of stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc, etc, which seemed to be clueless as to where to put SACDs when the...
  21. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    Sennheiser has had a studio microphone on the market now for a few years, the MKH800, that has a flat frequency response to 50kHz and costs around $2500. Still, most studios seem unlikely to have microphones that extend beyond 20kHz. Why? That's the limit of CD quality playback, the dominant...
  22. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    Here's some interesting reading about why the frequency response potential for vinyl is superior to that of CD: Tannoy Research Paper I think the findings here were what Matthias was referring to. Of the available formats now, I'd suggest that DVD-Audio has the widest potential usable...
  23. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    The approximate ranges were compiled (from decades of research by others) by a Professor of Veterinary Medicine at LSU who specializes in hearing loss in animals. He cautions that the stimulus-response methodologies were different for different species and the ranges shouldn't be taken as exact...
  24. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    Species Approximate Range (Hz) human 64-23,000 dog 67-45,000 cat 45-64,000 cow 23-35,000 horse 55-33,500 sheep 100-30,000 rabbit 360-42,000 rat 200-76,000 mouse 1,000-91,000 gerbil 100-60,000 guinea pig 54-50,000 hedgehog 250-45,000 raccoon 100-40,000 ferret 16-44,000...
  25. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    I'd tend to agree with Wayne in that the store owner's original comment was a generalized statement, a generalized overstatement even, but understandable given that he knows and sells hardware. Expensive moving coil cartridges are easily capable of reproducing frequencies in excess of 80kHz at a...
  26. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    I'm not sure how old Stanley Alten's textbook is, but the frequency response limits for vinyl haven't been at those levels since the 1950s. Most people didn't have speakers capable of reproducing sounds beyond those levels so there was no need to put full frequency recordings on vinyl. Vinyl as...
  27. Mark All

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    A good phono cartridge for LP playback does have a wider bandwidth than CD, but less than the theoretical limits of SACD or DVD-A. Check out some of the specs on phono cartridges and you'll find most in the range of 5hz to 32kHz, with more expensive ones going even higher, possibly up to 88kHz...
  28. Mark All

    3805 Images

    Of particular interest, Denon has included a digital input on the 3805 so that one can hook up the Denon DVD-5900 DVD player directly with one cable for multichannel high resolution audio. I also like the new front panel SVHS and audio jacks. I have an AVR-3803 though and don't see enough here...
  29. Mark All

    Buying Refurbished Products

    I'd avoid some of Best Buy's "Open Box" merchandise. I bought a Pioneer DVD player there that had a widely known defect in play back. It was returned by somebody else. The price I paid was good, but the defect was there, so I returned it. If it seems to work okay to a kid in the store, it goes...
  30. Mark All

    B&K ref 200.5 vs. ref 7250

    I don't have a 7250, but do have the 7270 Series II. It doesn't have balanced inputs. The specs are the same on the 200.7 and 7270 Series II. From what I understand, B&K added balanced inputs, removed the variable level controls, and changed the face plate when they put the 200.7 on the market...