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  1. MickB

    What are the best component cables?

    The best for the money are blue jean cables.
  2. MickB

    Any reviews for "Halloween" yet....?????

    As much as I would love to buy this disc I cannot in good conscience. I think it only lets the studios know that they can put anything buy the public and they will buy it again. The double dipping is out of control. I love the sharpness, but, if they really do not stay faithfull to the original...
  3. MickB

    Music DVD's - What do you recommend?

    The Last Waltz, Monterey Pop,Talking Heads, Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Eagles, U2 Rattle and Hum.
  4. MickB

    DVD Thinpak and other Slim Cases

    Thanks to everyones comments on this thread, I ordered 120 thinpaks. I think thinpaks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is amazing how many keepcase covers lined up with the spline after a slight trim on each edge. I wish they would come up with a better design for the twinpak. I...
  5. MickB

    Region Free JVC XV-SA600

    I have the SA600 and I am very happy with it. It seems the 963SA has problems. The problems are reported over at AVS form. It is a long thread.
  6. MickB

    Requiem for a Dream Director's Cut $10

    What a steal! The 2-pack for $12.99. I paid more than that just for RFD.
  7. MickB

    Panasonic Dvd-rp82

    The price has gone up to $299
  8. MickB

    Band of Brothers, in November, with DTS!

    To sum it up in one sentence. I would call BOB, Saving Private Ryan part 2. I watched all the episodes in HDTV and the picture and sound blew me away. I will look forward to buying this set in HD-DVD.
  9. MickB

    DVD-Audio Reference titles?

    Buy any DVD-Audio disc from Aix records. They are all new recordings made with state of the art equipment. Their web site is
  10. MickB

    Tosh 6200 Vs. 4700, worth switching

    The SD 6200 is my second toshiba DVD player. I have looked at the 4700 and agree with you it is poor quality. I am looking for a universal player. I hope this fall or at CES in January there will be some top quality players with slightly better picutre quality than my 6200.
  11. MickB

    New Info on Marantz 8300 Universal Player Yet?

    I called Marantz about this player. They did not have a release date for the U.S. They will email me when they have new information.
  12. MickB

    We Were Soldiers DVD-and Paramount.....

    Great another DDex disc! I hope this turns out to be a reference disc for picture and sound.
  13. MickB

    Swamp Thing

    I have only found it on ebay.
  14. MickB

    Italian Job R2 on august 19

    Thanks for the link. It was always one of my favorite movies. I hope the region 1 release is comming soon.
  15. MickB

    Will Chariots of Fire OAR ever come?

    I am waiting for a annamorphic OAR release with a 5.1 soundtrack.
  16. MickB

    Bought "Dances with Wolves" DTS for $25 at Best Buy. Am I lucky?

    Out of 3 BB in my area I picked up the last copy of the 2 disc DTS version for $25. Awesome picture and sound. This is the original superbit.
  17. MickB

    What are the best 6.1 demos?

    Sorry about that T2.
  18. MickB

    What are the best 6.1 demos?

    JP3 is DTSes matrix like Terminator 3. Check out the Anchor Bay releases they have a lot of DTSex/DDex titles.
  19. MickB

    I feel the need to express myself... I LOVE ANCHOR BAY!!!

    What I love best about Anchor Bay is the way they remaster the soundtracks into DDex and DTSes 7.1 surround.
  20. MickB

    Unreleased Columbia TriStar titles?

    Das Boot non flipper DDex/DTSes Lord Jim Anderson Tapes Swimmer Valachi Papers Last exit to Brooklyn Shampoo Lord Jim All of these OAR DD 5.1 and restored if needed. Gandhi in Superbit Black Hawk Down Superbit in DDex/DTSes I wish more studios would take Anchor Bay's lead...
  21. MickB

    Warner's snapper cases: Is it just me???.......

    The snappers stink!! They do not stack well with the keep cases and they are just a cheap flimsy excuse of a storage system. Check out in a editiorial from a few months ago they gave an example of how to convert snappers to keep cases. I have done that with all my snappers. I...
  22. MickB

    Fox pulls Super Bowl HD?

    If I was in charge of the FCC I would be hitting Fox with big fines for not broadcasting in 1080i/720p.
  23. MickB

    If you think DVD is good, HDTV is better...

    Yes, HDTV is amazing! DVD's are not quite as exciting anymore. The reference show is on PBS: Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa. Now if only Fox would wake up and buy 1080I equipment. It is a crime that the World Series is not being broadcast in HDTV!!
  24. MickB

    No room for SVS -- Other suggestions?

    I have been very happy with my Hsu subwoofer. 114db at 20 Hz. Mr. Hsu provides free consultation for best subwoofer placement. His subwoofers have the smallest footproint of any subwoofer.
  25. MickB

    I think Milk is DISGUSTING what do you think?

    Cows milk is for baby cows. I love Vitasoy soy milk.
  26. MickB

    I am heart broken and in need of help with HD- TV

    My new Pioneer SD582 blows away my old Pioneer 4:3 set with DVD's. Maybe you should look at the Pioneer sets instead of Mitsubishi. I have a Toshiba SD6200 Progressive scan DVD player and satellite for HDTV. I bought the Avis disc to set up the Tv and after 9 months I had it ISF calibrated and...
  27. MickB

    Just pulled the trigger... HDTV is on the way!

    I have had the SD582 for 10 months and love it. I have the silver serpent component cable and had the set ISF'd last month. HDTV and DVD's are awesome! ENJOY!!!
  28. MickB

    Bass Shakers. Gadget or Must Have?

    For $60 I would like to try the Bass Shakers. I have a spare amp 65wpc. Do they provide instructions for hooking these up to a home system? I have a Denon AVR 3300 and HSU sub.
  29. MickB

    What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

    A New Hope - The Classic Empire Strikes Back - The best action but leaves you hanging. Return of the Jedi - Did Lucas want to make a Scfi picture or a muppet picture? TPM - Cold, Sterile, computer generated crap.
  30. MickB

    Anna Kournikova as the next Bond girl!

    Thanks, for that photo Richard!!!