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  1. JohnSmith

    New amp or better speakers?

    Could try a three channel amp, or three monoblocs for front array. Demo/borrow first though.
  2. JohnSmith

    Rab C Nesbitt- released on Region1?

    Man I hate that we show most of the US shows (esp. trash like Friends all the time) but our classics are never/hardly shown in the US at all (or perhaps only on BBC America)...stinks if you ask me.. Blackadder Fawlty Towers Only Fools and Horses Rab C Nesbitt Father Ted I understand...
  3. JohnSmith

    SVS PB12-ISD and Flight of the Phoenix - WOW!

    Someone blew up his subwoofer on SMR forum with this films! Not sure what sub.
  4. JohnSmith

    Rab C Nesbitt- released on Region1?

    Will this great TV series be released in America? Have you guys across the pond watched it? Can you understand the heavy Govan accent? (especially in the first series) :D
  5. JohnSmith

    How is CELESTION speakers?

    Another recommendation for the A series, fantastic speakers. Need good amps though. Usually sell for low prices second hand, so can snap up a bargain.
  6. JohnSmith

    Comfortable Headphones around $100?

    I've just bought some Beyerdynamic DT 241's..quite nice sound, good low end. Not great isolation but obviously better than open. Pretty cheap too.
  7. JohnSmith

    Upgrading to more efficient bookshelves

    If your speakers sound nice to you, why not just buy a poweramp? A second hand high powered two or three channel poweramp will upgrade your system, and also allow you to play at your level more cleanly.
  8. JohnSmith

    svs or hsu subwoofer?

    I haven't heard your subwoofer Curtis or even know what your model is, but mine does sound better :-D
  9. JohnSmith

    second subwoofer?

    I would buy a identical subwoofer, you don't want two different another Klipsch 10". Although it's probable a single high quality sub (HSU, SVS etc) will outperform a dual Klipsch 10" system.
  10. JohnSmith

    Thank you SVS for ruining my life.

    nah, it's just the walls do not transmit or flex with the vibrations, there's also much higher sound isolation (brick, brezeblock, padding, then brick) I guess if you live in a condo you've only got plasterboard then padding and outer woodwork. At least our houses have some use, they might be...
  11. JohnSmith

    How to bottom a SV Sub.

    I'm so glad my Lexicon pre-amp has default power-on volume and protect settings mode. and a girlie that's really into HT? Will you marry me? :D
  12. JohnSmith

    Thank you SVS for ruining my life.

    You know, American houses must be made out of cardboard. What with all this "my SVS shakes the whole house" I've ramped my PC Plus up and you can't even hear or feel it the other side or the house. And you can't really feel or hear it outside either, even 6' from the wall. Our house is...
  13. JohnSmith

    2 Center Speakers

    Sounds like you should calibrated your system, adjust the dynamic range compression setting, or buy a better speaker (with the last definite improvement over budget centres, centre mix is more intelligible)
  14. JohnSmith

    Seperate processor, opinions.....

    Sound quality, easy of use, configurability, Logic 7 & processing..but as you said lacks multi-channel input, component switching. I've had a Rotel av pre-amp. Suffice to say I'll never buy another Rotel av or stereo pre-amp. They aren't that great for music either. Their poweramps are good...
  15. JohnSmith

    2 Center Speakers

    You might have combing problems, so I would be careful about positioning or even using two centres in the first place.
  16. JohnSmith


    Whilst you're looking, checkout Totem, Kef Reference, JM Labs, Monitor Audio, Ruark.
  17. JohnSmith

    why is it bad?

    Yes you'll blow the amp up, in both cases (two channels to one speaker, two amps to one speaker) You can use A-B switch to bi-wire, however no difference at all. Just use output wiring, as described in the manual.
  18. JohnSmith

    What do I do with my old speakers??

    You could eat them! :-D mmmmmm.. and dipoles work fine in audio systems, in fact I use dipoles & bipoles for surround duties. So if they're perfectly good speakers and have suitable low-end near to your av amps crossover, and don't sound rubbish you can use them.
  19. JohnSmith

    Seperate processor, opinions.....

    Don't forget Lexicon, you can buy a DC-2 or MC-1..and certainly better than the above mentioned Rotel.
  20. JohnSmith

    how about these for inwalls

    blech...I thought you were looking at QUALITY speakers? M&K make some "Plasma" S-150 type speakers, certainly very low profile. Why the fuss about in-walls? If you buy bi/dipoles similar in colour to the wall they really do disappear. Normal surround speakers are cheaper too. You can...
  21. JohnSmith

    Is this a good price for a SVS sub?

    Yeah I was thinking the same John T...difference is only £60, at least full warranty, brand new and latest version (perhaps his PCi is the older type?)
  22. JohnSmith

    Inwall Bipole/Dipole Speakers

    Kef Ci 130DS? Not sure of the price though. Poor upper frequency response too. I wouldn't recommend mounting speakers in the ceiling; stick to installing in the vertical walls. Inwalls generally cost more than their standard speaker...
  23. JohnSmith

    Refurbished Onkyo 502 or Denon 1604?

    Is it really save worth a few quid to buy a refurb? I somehow doubt you'll get a full warranty exactly like a brand new unit, most probably 90 days at best. Didn't that one bloke here buy a refurb HK? Then went faulty, as basically no-one wanted to know? And what happens if it blows your...
  24. JohnSmith

    what speakers to get?

    $800 CDN isn't going to get you a high quality pair of floorstanders. Although if you look around should get a pretty reasonble pair. I would look at standmounts, or second hand floorstanders. Check ebay, and go visit some dealers. No point recommending brands as you might not like the...
  25. JohnSmith

    Hum in Power Amp

    What about humming from the amp itself? I have one amp that hums.
  26. JohnSmith

    Dipole/Bipole Surround speaker brands?

    I totally forgot about them... which is a bit funny as I have a pair of BP-2X's on the back wall, and they were my last "audio bit" purchased! so should have popped into my mind..I guess don't stare at the back wall so just forget :D
  27. JohnSmith

    POLL: bookshelves vs. towers

    If cost is no option- very high quality towers. Standmount and subwoofer is fine, but once you hear some of the larger higher end floorstanders a standmount/subwoofer cannot compare. You'll get stereo low bass with towers, which is impossible with a single subwoofer (dowmixed stereo) But if...
  28. JohnSmith

    Optical and Component Cables

    Component cables are just 75 Ohm coaxial cables, either termintated in RCA or BNC. They're also used for the "digital audio output" from DVD players to AV amps, DAC's etc. Also used for Composite video. Optical cables are Toslink to Toslink (for home audio) plastic or glass. £10-£20 for a...
  29. JohnSmith

    Preamp connections

    If you mean using the HK for perhaps front three, whilst Technics for surrounds, or vice versa, and your HK has pre-outs for the channels you want, and you don't short out anything in the process, or have ground porlbems, then yes.
  30. JohnSmith

    ? about bookshelf speakers

    You need to give rear-facing ported speakers some room, at least a few inches. If you really want flush mounted speakers, replace them with in-wall speakers designed with sealed enclosures.