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    The Fall Guy (2024)

    Seen it today. Although generally I enjoyed it I thought the first half dragged a bit and there was too much soapy stuff. The second half was great and I loved the use of the Miami Vice theme. I would have preferred a few more laughs though. The end credits sequence was great as well as the...
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    McMillan & Wife complete series question

    I’ve also been able to put all my Mystery Movie DVD rips through Topaz AI and upscaled the episodes to HD. Obviously not as good as Columbo real BluRay but second best.
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    McMillan & Wife complete series question

    This is what I do. I’ve never actually played a DVD or BluRay for many years. All the discs I own are ripped to my media server using MakeMKV and played from there. This gives the added advantage of checking the integrity of the discs.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    As someone who has found a majority of the episodes awful; this one was very good and the first I’ve enjoyed for a long time. I think this is due to the addition of Callum Keith Rennie to the cast.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    I’ve watched the first episode. Star Trek was always futuristic with some fantasy elements but the science always seemed to be based in reality. Episode one was fast paced but I can’t get past the magical nature of the technology especially with Michael being able to stand on the hull of a...
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    Columbo Coming to Blu-ray on November 21, 2023. See Post #55!

    It could be. Just seems odd that the closing credits refer to Henry Mancini and Mystery Movie theme. The DVDs I have of The Snoop Sisters actually include the MM opening but none of the other MM series includes them.
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    Columbo Coming to Blu-ray on November 21, 2023. See Post #55!

    I’ve watched the first 8 episodes and the quality of them on the BluRays is excellent. I just wish they’d included the Mystery Movie opening. As part of my watch I’ve been viewing McCloud, McMillan and Wife and Banacek from the DVDs in the appropriate order. I’ve enjoyed them all and wish...
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    Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Apple TV+

    The first three episodes were great. Episode 4 wasn’t bad but unfortunately episode 5 was lots of talking with nothing much happening.
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    The Continental: From the World of John Wick

    I have watched all three episodes and agree that after a slow start it was pretty good. It seems like a cross between Boardwalk Empire, Gotham TV series and obviously John Wick. I really liked Ayomide Adegun who was very well cast. The Continental always makes me think too of the Irving...
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    Tour of Duty

    The Fabulous Films region 2 release is great as far as the soundtrack is concerned. The picture quality though is poor. I too wish there was an HD release. If Cold Case which also contains lots of music can be made available I would hope there is a slim chance for Tour of Duty. I realize...
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    Disney+ Ahsoka (2023)

    I agree that Huyang is the best part of the episode.
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    Disney+ Ahsoka (2023)

    I found this episode excruciatingly awful. There were lots of nods to A New Hope that all came off to me as someone trying to be clever and I just thought they were pathetic. Zero suspense or excitement in the episode. The Wren character is irritating to say the least. She is just annoying...
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) - Season 2

    I was dreading this not only because of the concept but also as I feared they would be doing some awful rap type stuff rather than traditional musicals music. I was pleased with what they did and loved it.
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    Network Goes into Liquidation

    You really should get the Gideon’s Way BluRay if you can because the quality is superb.
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) - Season 2

    I enjoyed the episode but couldn’t understand a word of what Carol Kane was saying and had to but the subtitles on. I sometimes struggle with Dr M’Benga but he is not in the same league as she is. it was a mistake though to have episode one with Pike virtually absent.
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    What Remaining TV Westerns Do You Want to See Released?

    I am waiting for The High Chaparral ideally on BluRay but I would take a streaming version too. I know it has been remastered in HD.
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    What's James Bond 007 film has the best Credits and then Pre Credit Sequence for You

    I always wished that once NSNA was under the same ownership as the other films that they would replace the music with some John Barry.
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    the high chaparral - the complete collection

    I have the Shout ones and they are pretty good. I just wish they’d do a BluRay release as it’s already been mastered in HD.
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    Magnum PI (new series) sack the music editor!

    I've watched the first three episodes of Magnum Season Five and played the episodes to the end. I cannot believe anyone who works on the program could let the episodes be released with the awful editing job someone has done to the closing credit music. The version used on earlier seasons was...
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    Good Television Mini Series Events

    Holocaust Salem’s Lot - the original version with David Soul and James Mason
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    Good Television Mini Series Events

    Another cracker of a mini series How The West Was Won
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Picard - Season Three

    I enjoyed the episode but please; turn the lights on.
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    Good Television Mini Series Events

    Centennial is a masterpiece as long as you skip the last episode. Also good is The Blue and The Gray.
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    Netflix Lockwood & Co.

    I’ve watched the first three episodes. It’s good.
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    Peacock Poker Face (2023)

    I’ve watched the first three episodes and it does remind me of Columbo and other series of the time. This is even down to the copyright details being on the screen with the episode title. The series is very good but all the bad language just seems out of place and it is just lazy script writing.
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    Yes and I was talking about the BBC one not the UK/French one.
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    It’s a few years since I watched it but it was absolutely awful. I do remember not being able to take any more and turned it off half way through episode three.
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    'Fess up, people - You think CHiPs is the greatest TV show EVER, and it is!

    Both are wonderful. I have all the soundtrack releases.
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    'Fess up, people - You think CHiPs is the greatest TV show EVER, and it is!

    You forgot the fantastic music score.
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    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

    So many laughs. This was really excellent and highly recommended.