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  1. Bobpaul

    What's the difference between analog vs. digital amplifier?

    The Pannny 55 does great on my children's system with Polk 5.1 setup and biamped fronts, but nothing to brag about. IMHO digital amps are very nice, they are very compact and give a decent sound, but when i want to enjoy uncompressed audio i still prefer my Sherbourn 5 channel monoblock and...
  2. Bobpaul

    HDMI 1.3 pre-pro?

    Don't forget the Onkyo Professional PR-SC885P twin with a twist, it also has Pure Audio, and a much cleaner faceplate, can be haggled down to sub-Yamaha prices:
  3. Bobpaul

    SCD-CE775 5 SACD carousel

  4. Bobpaul

    Best place to buy Elite DV59-AVi

    Here's what i did. Went online and searched my zip code. No dealers it said. Then found the zip code for the nearest megalopolis (Akron) and printed the dealer list. Called them all up, teased and baited until the best deal came through. Do not make the mistake...
  5. Bobpaul

    SCD-CE775 5 SACD carousel

    This is the much talked about and modded player in original condition. Was purchased to get introduced to SACD but soon in storage after i got my Philips. Rarely used in mint condition. No scratches, has remote and manual. SORRY cannot find original box anywhere but will package very...
  6. Bobpaul

    The soundtrack to Chicago on SACD, how is it?

    I have it. Love some of the songs. Beautifully recorded sounding through a Sony SCD, Denon used as a passthrough (AL-24 circuitry on the AVR-3800) preamp, and Sherbourn amp with VTF-3 subwoofer and top of line Para Reference speakers. I would say well worth the $14 i paid for it a...
  7. Bobpaul

    Samsung T351 vs T165

    NONE! I just returned a SIR-T351 after problems with audio dropout and no QAM decoding. The section in the manual about QAM is whited out and tech support says that the BIOS is set up so you can't get QAM ie cable signals. The liers still post QAM as available on the Samsung site. There is a...
  8. Bobpaul

    European DVD in US

    Here is my simple $50 fix: Go to the Rat Shack and buy this miniature DVD Player Cyberhome CHD-300 if i remember. My oh mine! This thing is zone free, plays anything you throw at it, even JPG files off Kodak picture CDs. Does MP3 file directory display too. Here is the link...
  9. Bobpaul

    Rotel or Aragon for my 'digms?? SVS or 'digm for sub?

    I would recommend the HSU Research VTF-3 subwoofer highly. Very musical and accurate. I listen to a lot of classical. Currently on auction for around $600 at Check out Service is exemplary. Rave ratings. For an amp i am biased by the Sherbourn 5/1500A a...
  10. Bobpaul

    Denon 3803

    I use the AVR-3803 as a preamp for center/fronts biwired through a Sherbourn 5/1500A amp. and use its own amp to fire up the rest of my 7.1 surround. This way i get super stereo quality for classical music and enjoyable HT experience sharing the power of both units. GET THIS UNIT and never...
  11. Bobpaul

    Ordered my Adire Daeva, deal or what?

    OH, he/she'll pay their own way through medical school :))
  12. Bobpaul

    Ordered my Adire Daeva, deal or what?

    HAHA Rob The baby is kicking vigorously at the rhythm of SuperSpeedway Mach II Edition through my PR Studio 100v2 based system. Every time we listen at Dolby reference levels, the little critter is kicking :))) Another audiophile, without a doubt. Thx. Rob
  13. Bobpaul

    Ordered my Adire Daeva, deal or what?

    Thx. for reply Michael. That is what i did, looked at the SVS-es and the only option would be the PB2, more expensive of course. I looked at SVS, HSU, Rocket, and Paradigm and just could not find a deal to beat this. I based my decision also on the reliability of the Rava, a Shiva 12"...
  14. Bobpaul

    Ordered my Adire Daeva, deal or what?

    Oops, correction, no screaming, just incessant bickering, not to worry happy couple, baby comin in August :)
  15. Bobpaul

    Ordered my Adire Daeva, deal or what?

    Hi: I ordered my Adire Daeva after intensive research, with wife screaming "what about the new baby?" in my ear. No specs out yet, just the friendly Adire fellow on the phone t answer my questions. It has a 15" Tempest driver:
  16. Bobpaul

    Speaker wire

    Hi: Here is my humble "moonshine" cable recipe, likely a result of the knowledge gathered on HTF with some twists. -Monster MC500 LPE dielectric cable $1.60/ft at CircuitCity -RadioShack #205(i might be wrong) Au-plated banana plugs (the ones with the black and red plastic sleeves)...
  17. Bobpaul

    Speakers for sale

    Hi: I am split between and SVS and this. My OBO is $300, the budget wife set forth. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested
  18. Bobpaul

    Help! - I need a Bose alternative

    Hi: I would take a look at the Paradigm line of inwall speakers. An Indian friend of mine (has a little hoard of kids set on manipulating all variables) has a system 5.1 surr. built into walls entirely, with a plasma hanging from the wall and the components inside a glass door closet which...
  19. Bobpaul

    Polk CSi40 or Paradigm Studio CC

    Thank you guys. The Studio CC does true justice to my system. The opening scene of gladiator is so much more real. Now, i didn't let you in on dirty 'lil secret. I had a Bose VCS10 (the last vestige of my Service Merchandise package deal 5 years ago) for center for my Studio 100s before i...
  20. Bobpaul

    What would be the benefit of a cooling fan for receiver?

    I have dual: Link Removed ...Silencers running off an old Motorola phnne transformer under nominal power (half the voltage, even quieter) off the switched power on receiver. They work superbly. The old Sony ES really needed them but the Denon hardly ever heats up. I kept them because...
  21. Bobpaul

    Official "Buy Bob an SVS" Thread

    Are U sure its not for Bob(paul)? I could use a 15Hz LFE sub for my Paras. Bob
  22. Bobpaul

    Polk CSi40 or Paradigm Studio CC

    Thx for reply. I was thinking and thinking and finally i saw the light. Going to dealer yesterday and running a B&W center with the Paras revealed that fault. I am shipping back the csi40 and getting the Studio CC. Is $400 a good price for a dealer purchase? Thx Bob
  23. Bobpaul

    Studio 100 v2 setup for you owners

    Hi Heywood: Thank for reply. No zipping, its a forum. The best solutions come out of arguments sometimes. Looking forward to chatting with you Bob
  24. Bobpaul

    Polk CSi40 or Paradigm Studio CC

    Hi: I am in a little bit of a dilemma. I have the Para Studio 100v2 mains and wish to get a center. Denon AVR-3803 "preamp" with a Sherbourn 5/1500A amp. Looking at different options, the Polk CSi40 specs and sound seem to beat the more expensive Studio CC. Don't get me wrong but i took...
  25. Bobpaul

    FREE TO A GOOD HOME: Film reels

    Deleted! Gregg Loewen Administrator PS: that was not a nice thing to say!
  26. Bobpaul

    folks with paradigm speakers: what's your HT setup?

    My cheapo system: I mainly listen to stereo. I love the Audiotron and listen to a lot of Shoutcast stations over the system. Also some SACD. Paradigm Ref. Studio 100v2 fronts Bose VCS10 center (this one is on its way out to be repl. by the Studio CC) Polk MKII rears Polk RT800...
  27. Bobpaul

    whats the deal with the bose floorspeakers?

    Hi: I want to put in my 2c worth here. The bottomline is that a company that does not post speaker specifications on their prducts anywhere (not even the manual of my cosmetically perfect VCS10 center) is a company not to be trusted. "Better sound through engineering" is just a gimmick...
  28. Bobpaul

    Got My Sherbourn - Love It & Concerned!!!

    HAHAHA!! Wanna hear my story. Almost same setup, then bought the Chinese torchieres with the 2 way dimmers (no capacitors for interference reduction, unlike my Mazzer grinder) and boy did i almost have a nervous breakdown. I literally ripped my system apart disconnecting cable by cable UNTIL...
  29. Bobpaul

    Remote control suggestions

    HARMONY REMOTE Hi: Once you try this you will never turn back. The entire remote is set up via your browser and a server on their site keeps track of your configurations. Their database is so extensive that even my Audiotron internet music server is included. A breeze to configure by...
  30. Bobpaul

    Denon 2803 vs. 3803

    Hi: Glad to help. I have just printed out the spec sheets yesterday so here is what the 3803 has in addition to 2803: 1. Pure Direct with AL24 processing - in lay terms, excitement for my grandfather's turntable, as this shuts off all digital circuitry and lets the amplitude modulation of...