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  1. Sal Conigliaro

    Best place to buy D VHS movies?

    I've got some movies for sale in the 'Software For Sale/Trade' forum ( Sal
  2. Sal Conigliaro

    FS: D-VHS Movies

    I have a bunch of DVHS titles for sale. These are in mint condition (most haven't even been watched). I bought them for inventory for an online rental biz (BoomShot), but business never took off, so I'm getting rid of them. All titles are $25 each plus shipping. High Crimes (still sealed)...
  3. Sal Conigliaro

    FS: Harmony Remote SST-659

    I have a *barely* used SST-659 for sale. I picked one up at CES this year, but discovered when I got it home that it really isn't what I'm looking for. I used it for a total of about 60 minutes. It comes with the original box and all manuals & cable. I'm only asking what I paid for it...
  4. Sal Conigliaro

    WTB: Small subwoofer

    I need to replace a small subwoofer that came in a 'Home Theater In a Box' system. I'm looking for something small (50-75W) and that's also narrow (width-wise) (something like the KLH BB-II would work) that's under $75. Thanks, Sal
  5. Sal Conigliaro

    DTS on new DVHS titles

    I found this on WideScreen Review's website: "All five releases feature DTS® Digital Surround at the full bit rate of 1509 kbps. A Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is also included. A Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is also included"
  6. Sal Conigliaro

    DTS on new DVHS titles

    I noticed that X2 is DTS. Will the 'older' 30K decks be able to pass this digital stream to an external decoder? (I'm assuming yes since it's only bitstream) Sal
  7. Sal Conigliaro

    Denon AVR-4802 vs Outlaw 950/7100

    Yeah, I know the slippery slope of 'upgraditis'. I was toying with adding two of the Outlaw 'M' blocks for my L/R mains, too. That probably makes the most sense. Sal
  8. Sal Conigliaro

    Denon AVR-4802 vs Outlaw 950/7100

    Anyone have any experience with the Denon 4802 vs the Outlaw 950/7100 combo? The Denon has more sound processing features (THX certified), but the Outlaw has more power (200W x 7 vs 125W vs 7). I really like my 4802. Just pondering a separates upgrade..... Sal
  9. Sal Conigliaro

    Volume control while using pre-out?

    If I take the pre-out on one receiver for a few channels (like the surrounds), and feed it into the pre-amp input stage on another receiver, what's the deal with setting the volume? Will the volume of the 2nd (surrounds) receiver work independently of the main receiver? Sal
  10. Sal Conigliaro

    Reliable Denon repair facility?

    North Carolina
  11. Sal Conigliaro

    Reliable Denon repair facility?

    Yeah, I tried that already. I hooked up different speakers (using different cables) with a different DVD Player and optical cable. Still hear the noise.
  12. Sal Conigliaro

    Reliable Denon repair facility?

    Oh yes. Multiple times. It's weird in that it almost makes the speakers sound like they're blown. Sal
  13. Sal Conigliaro

    Reliable Denon repair facility?

    Can anyone recommend a reliable (ie, competent) repair facility for Denon receivers? I've got a 4802 that makes a scratching-type noise in the background of any sound output. It only does this for digital inputs. If I switch to analog inputs, it goes away (so it's something wrong with...
  14. Sal Conigliaro

    DVD Distortion or Damaged Tweeters?

    Is the distortion there on analog and digital inputs? If it's only present on one signal type (analog/digital), try a different piece of gear (like a STB). That will tell you if it's the DVD player or the receiver. My 4802 is in repair right now for something similar (any digital input...
  15. Sal Conigliaro

    DVHS Distributor?

    Does anyone know any distributors/wholesalers for DVHS titles? Every place I've checked hasn't heard of DVHS/DTheater! Sal
  16. Sal Conigliaro

    Ground screw on amp chassis?

    Is the ground screw on an amp's chassis for anything other than connecting to a turntable? I read that you can solve a ground loop problem by connecting a grounding wire from the amp's ground screw to either the metal box in the electrical outlet or the screw that holds the electrical outlet...
  17. Sal Conigliaro

    Encoding QT movies onto DVD?

    Has anyone encoded QuickTime movies onto DVD? It looks like you can import QuickTime movies directly into Apple's iDVD, then burn them onto DVD. Anyone actually tried this? Sal
  18. Sal Conigliaro

    HTF REVIEW: "American Pie 2"

    I also thought it looked like it was filmed at sunset! It definitely has an 'orange' cast to a lot of scenes.
  19. Sal Conigliaro

    Denon 4802 AFDM setting?

    I foune one other thead ( on the AFDM setting on the Denon, but it's still not clear. Let me see if I got this straight: If AFDM is 'off': 6.1 (flagged) (THX EX or DTS ES) sources still play in 6.1 (THX EX or DTS ES) 5.1 sources play in...
  20. Sal Conigliaro

    Difference between subwoofer & digital coax?

    Is there any difference between a 'subwoofer' cable and a 'digital interconnect' (ie, between DVD's digital out & receiver) cable? Aren't they both usually just 75ohm coax?
  21. Sal Conigliaro

    Monster HTS2500 on it's side?

    There isn't aything wrong with using an HTS2500 on it's side, is there? Everything that I want to plug into it doesn't quite reach, but if I put it behind the TV (on it's side), then I can plug everything in. It's not an enclosed area, so ventilation/heating shouldn't be a problem. The...
  22. Sal Conigliaro

    RP-91 sound management?

    Do the RP-91 speaker 'setup' settings have any effect if you're using the digital output?
  23. Sal Conigliaro

    RP-91 $549.99 at Etronics? Really?

    If you're not in a hurry to get the player, B&H Photo/Video has it for $449, but they're currently back-ordered... Sal
  24. Sal Conigliaro

    Question on connecting analog and digital from DVD?

    Isn't any CD Audio downsampled to 48KHz if it comes through the digital input on the receiver? (that's where I got this whole idea from)
  25. Sal Conigliaro

    Question on connecting analog and digital from DVD?

    Is there any problem with connecting my DVD player to my receiver using BOTH analog and digital connections? DVD (Analog L/R) ---- (analog cables) ---> CD In on receiver DVD (Digital Coax) ----- (coax cable) ---> Digital In on receiver
  26. Sal Conigliaro

    Richard gray vs PS Ultimate Outlet

    With the Amp and Monster PowerCenter plugged into the Ultimate Outlet, aren't you exceeding 20A? For example (mind you, these are max amperage ratings) The Denon 4802 uses 11.5A Subwoofer =~ couple of Amps That would leave approximately 5A for TV, DVD, powered towers, etc.....