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    i thought about the overheating... but its in the exact same configuration as before (in relation to the tv, table, etc...) just moved across the room. its near an open window (as it was before), so i dont htink its overheating.. i was going to disconnect all the wires and move the receivier...
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    my sony ht-ddw750's receiver has been displaying this recently after i moved it across the room. according to the manual, "PROTECT" is a sign of a short circuit.... great, but where? does anyone have any info or suggestions for where i should begin with the troubleshooting process? any...
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    **Official FAHRENHEIT 9/11 Discussion Thread - READ GUIDELINES BEFORE POSTING!***

    let it be known: everything that is even close to a spoiler is marked. i just saw it and dont know what to say. i thought bowling for columbine was better film making, and that this was more for the general public, which is good i thought moore did a wonderful job articulating what at...
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    TOP 10 Movies you have the most fun watching

    i think this is more than 10... - A Clockwork Orange - what can you say, really? - Barry Lyndon - Cinematography to boot - Punch-Drunk Love - Brilliant film making, pure joy while watching - Boogie Nights - the soundtrack alone could carry this film - Magnolia - excellent story...
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    *** Official 21 GRAMS Discussion Thread

    This film was definetly one of the best films of 2003. The editing was flawless. Inarritu handled everything perfectly. There really wasnt anything that i didnt like about the film, which is saying alot, considering a film with such a "loose" structure could have been disasterous. I definetly...
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    The 100 Greatest Film Characters of All Time (according to Premiere magazine)

    no tappy tibbons either..... the dude is on there
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    Good Sound in Theaters

    i saw the hulk in a local pacific theaters theater... and the sound went in and out the whole movie. First it sounded fine, but then it lost all the umph that i have come to like. my friend went and asked what was going on and they said "we dont know its been happenening all day." im glad the...
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    Jack Black + Ben Stiller + Barry Levinson = Envy. Looks funny too.

    ill say yes to this one, though it looks like i may be dissapointed...
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    Ok, I just saw Requiem for a Dream and..

    Heres the thing, Requiem exists in its own place in the universe, where the extremes of everything are released to roam wild. Notice the Tappy Tibbons commercials arent about anything (yes they are about some kind of juice and plan for losing weight), they are just the absolute infomercial...
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    The Lecter Variation (2007 title: Hannibal Rising) The Story of Young Hannibal Lecter

    they should get hopkins again, just make him get lypo and like 20 face lifts, then good make up people, and special effects.
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    help me find the name of this film!

    never mind i just found it. thanks. admin delete this?
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    help me find the name of this film!

    set in a huge house in the (english?) countryside prolly in the 1800's. involves a girl who lives there (i forget the reason) and two boys. one who is sick and who's dad keeps going away. they find a hidden garden that is enchanted and there is a happy ending. please help!
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    *** Official "HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE" Review Thread

    :star: :star: :star: out of 4. I really enjoyed this film; the plot was weak yes, but the satirical qualities of it made it work. Ford and Hartnett are a perfect mismatch and they know it. Their acting was perfect, and it further heightened the satirical qualities of the film. Take, for...
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    Childhood movie milestones

    i cant believe nobody has said The Sandlot. "Yeah? Well, you play ball like a GIIIIRRRRRRRL!"
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    Does your top 10/20 accurately reflect your movie tastes?

    personally, i think my top20 is very rounded; and reflects my taste in film very good.
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    "WOW!" Moments in the Movies

    Heres my first post, with some updates: Pulp Fiction - The dance scene. this is the best dance scene, ever. Pulp Fiction - "If any of you motherfuckers even move i'm gunna execute every last one of you" credits roll. I think this is the most powerful shot in modern cinema, especially with...
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    *** Official "BRUCE ALMIGHTY" Review Thread

    Compared to his other work, this was a dissapointment. The direction of this movie was very bad, and it left me with the feeling that something was missing; i got this the whole movie, even during the hilarious scenes. :star: :star: out of :star: :star: :star: :star: or C+ I have really...
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    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    i caught the matrix saturday and i wasnt dissapointed; i didnt like it. The only scene i really enjoyed was the fight scene in the lobby-of-a-mansion looking place with alot of weapons from different periods in time. Coincidentally this was the scene with the least amount of special effects. The...
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    "WOW!" Moments in the Movies

    that from Full Metal Jacket the superior of the two. Another great scene from FMJ is the first shot of the film with alll the boys getting haircuts. Yet another great shot is the first shot fo them in Vietnam "me soo hoorny, me love you long time"
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    Ads in front of movies..... (MERGED THREAD)

    heh. obviously this "study" was done by the theaters and advertisers.
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    American Psycho 2?

    i have tried to avoid it, it cant possibly be as good as the original; and in fact is looks horrible. on a similar subject, there is a girl in one of my classes that looks JUST like Malia and i even called her Jackie once, damn she is really really hot.
  22. O - Fun for Movie Nerds

    since its been a while, there have been some changes to my list:
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    American Wedding - (American Pie 3)

    link to trailer please?
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    Oh, Lord. Grease 3

    the "Oh, lord" in the subject is a good one right?
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    Movie security, is it lacking?

    hahaha. yeah i know pirating is getting rediculous. i crunched the numbers and it turns out X2 could have made over 100 million instead of the measly 88 it did.
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    Movies on DVD with Births/Pregnancies

    There is a pregnant woman in Stagecoach. Yay for the hollywood production code.
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    Resident Evil 2

    The first one was suprisingly good. I am dissapointed that the same director isnt being called in. oh well, horray for hollywood.
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    Movie sequences that UNNERVED YOU...

    Requiem definately, that movie is so great. A Clockwork Orange too.
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    "WOW!" Moments in the Movies

    Pulp Fiction - The dance scene. this is the best dance scene, ever. Pulp Fiction - "If any of you motherfuckers even move i'm gunna execute every last one of you" credits roll. I think this is the most powerful shot in modern cinema, especially with the picture freezing at the least second...