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  1. Frank Frandsen

    HD component video switching - need 3 inputs - what pre to get?

    The Integra Research RDC-7 has 3 component inputs and passes a perfect hdtv signal. I am running my DVD, Hughes e86 STB and Xbox thru it with exemplary results. Frank
  2. Frank Frandsen

    How Often Does Brand "X" Receiver Not Live Up To Power Specs?

    Interesting information. Thanks. After several receivers I've figured out the secret to getting advertised power.....A separate out board amp. Frank
  3. Frank Frandsen

    Has anyone heard of these before...Sherbourn??

    Do a search...Sherbourn is very popular here Frank
  4. Frank Frandsen

    amp question: Sherbourn 7/2100 vs ...

    Hi Brian, The advantage of the monoblock design is all channels will receive the rated power regardless of the load place on the unit as a whole. Back in the days of Dolby pro-logic this was not a big deal because the surround speakers were not full range and always require less power than...
  5. Frank Frandsen

    Levinson's Rosette1 amp...Cutting Edge or Cut Me a Break?

    Just want to add the Integra Research RDC-7 to the upgrade list. Had a software upgrade last year which included DPLII and the software hardware upgrade for Ultra II a few months ago. This unit has been out over 2 years and is still cutting edge as anything coming out now. Frank
  6. Frank Frandsen

    Pre-amp with XLR balance output??

    Integra Research RDC-7 is fully balanced.
  7. Frank Frandsen

    Sampson Amp

    Zzounds has the same Samson S-700 for $345 shipped. It is a little better than the SVS price. They have a wide selection of Samson amps if you want to get more or less power. Frank
  8. Frank Frandsen

    RDC-7 owners - which power amp do you use?

    Jon, I'm using a Sherbourn 5/1500a for the 5 main channels and the older Sherbourn 5/1500 for the subs and rear surrounds. Very happy with the sound and the blue leds used in the Sherbourn match the RDC-7 leds and display:) I paid $3500 for my RDC-7 about a year ago. I believe the list...
  9. Frank Frandsen

    Fair price for a used Mitsubishi 45" Projection TV - VS-45609 ?

    Lane, That sounds like a good price. Being the person you are buying from is a friend you should know how he took care of it. I recently sold my 50vs-707 to a friend for $600 and he could not be happier. With your limited funds I would jump on it. Frank
  10. Frank Frandsen

    Anyone know what the status of the Sherbourn Pre/Pro is?

    MSRP is like speed limits.....Only suggested but rarely followed. :)
  11. Frank Frandsen

    What's up with Def Tech speakers?

    I think the Bose comment was way off base. Def Tech does spend a ton on advertising and the dealers do get a 100% mark up if they sell a MSRP, however, unlike Bose Def Tech is not found at Sam's club or every department store in the mall. And spending alot on advertising does not mean the...
  12. Frank Frandsen

    Wharfedale and uBid - the party's over.

    Things change weekly with Ubid. I was high bidder on a Hitachi RPTV about a month ago when the reserve was finally lowered to a reasonable price. Three weeks later the same set has no reserve and 1 cent shipping!!:frowning:. Even so I still saved 3 to 4 hundred $ over local retailers with the...
  13. Frank Frandsen

    What's up with Def Tech speakers?

    I have gone thru 3 receivers, 2 amps, 2 dvd players and 2 laserdisc players but still have my original BP-10 mains and CLR-1000 center with the silk dome tweeter. It has been over 9 years, me-thinks, and no change in sight. Over the last 2 years I have added BPX surrounds and pro-monitor 100...
  14. Frank Frandsen

    Why would you rate this Mitsubishi Wide Screen HDTV?

    Welcome to the forum Bob. I am not familar with this mitsubishi model but they generally are well regarded except for some red push issues. You may want to change the "why" in your title to "how" Frank
  15. Frank Frandsen

    Sunfire TG III vs Anthem AVM-20

    I have heard neither but I have heard alot of current Sunfire mark I and II owners complaining because Bob wants to charge them near list price to upgrade to the mark III. It appears Sunfire's units are non upgradeable and the company has no loyalty to current owners. Of the two I wouild go with...
  16. Frank Frandsen

    Toshiba SD-5700's on clearance

    Does the 5700 have the Chroma Bug???
  17. Frank Frandsen

    Onkyo vs. me decide!

    While I love my Integra Research RDC-7 I can't help thinking it is the same as any Onkyo. This belief was strengthened during the recent upgrade ordeal. The repair Center kept calling it a Onkyo RDC-7 and when I encountered problems with the upgrade I was directed to regular Onkyo customer...
  18. Frank Frandsen

    4:3 vs 16:9

    Here is a great site on the benefits of a 4:3 screen at this time. It conviced me to go with one. : Frank
  19. Frank Frandsen

    HD Rear Projection TVs Issues!

    Here is a interesting site on the benefits of a 4:3 screen at this time. It convinced me to go with one. Frank
  20. Frank Frandsen

    Any consensus? BestBuy extended service plan for 32 Wega?

    __________________________________________________ _________ grr, bb employees don't work on commission and don't get SPIFFs __________________________________________________ _________ I don't mean to crap on BB sales associates Albert. However, the way the young man I was dealing with...
  21. Frank Frandsen

    Any consensus? BestBuy extended service plan for 32 Wega?

    Don't forget to charge any big purchase with a American Express or other premium card that doubles the manufacturer's warrantee. Usually only a year extra but free is good and it is better than giving the dim wit sales associate who knows nothing about the product a spiff. double F
  22. Frank Frandsen

    Details on the new Hitachi sets!!! THEY'RE LOADED!!!

    How come no information on the new 4:3 sets is on Hitachi's web site?? Circuit City has the 53FDX20B in their flyer this week and I would like to get some better specs on this set before I have to deal with the sales people.
  23. Frank Frandsen

    A little warning about ubid

    Kelly, you may want to contact Ubid about the color. A sample image usually should still represent the correct color. I recently won a auction from Ubid for a refurbished Toshiba DVD player that listed the wrong warrantee terms in the description. They gave me a $40 credit for the mistake...
  24. Frank Frandsen

    Torn about getting HDTV projection TV's

    I would also suggest going with a direct view 4x3 set for that viewing schedule. I would also suggest that if you decided to go with the Sony 40" wait until the new model comes out, sometime early summer. It will be the kv-40xbr800 and although similar in appearance to the current 40" will have...
  25. Frank Frandsen

    Rotel 1075 made in China

    My old Acurus amps were made in the US and they sucked compared to why Taiwanese Sherbourn Amps. Rock on my Far East connection. Frank
  26. Frank Frandsen

    Ebay Paradigm Lesson + Gloat

    It is amazing what some people pay. I just upgraded my laptop and Ebayed my old one. The winner ended up paying $270 less than what my upgrade unit cost and of course the upgrade is faster,has more features and comes with a warranty. I almost felt guilty depositing the money order.;)
  27. Frank Frandsen

    Front Effects?? Are they necessary?

    Front effect speakers are found on upper end Yamaha receivers/processors. They are placed in the upper front corners of the room above the mains Some swear by them others don't use them. I used them during my Yamaha period. They created a larger frontal image area that was enjoyable with...
  28. Frank Frandsen

    Flagship receivers = Overpriced??

    As for myself....Over the last 10 years in home theater 4 receiver/pre-amp changes have occurred. I started with a pioneer dpl receiver and was happy..A few years later I changed to a Yamaha receiver for the higher quality and various DSP modes and felt it was worth while. 3 years later( 3...
  29. Frank Frandsen

    Audio dropouts on the 950 whats up

    It is true there have been cases of drop-outs with other equipment, however, it is with 4 certain DVDs and this probelem has been attributed to a change in the encoding process of the disc. The Outlaw drop-outs seem to be with different DVDs and not related.
  30. Frank Frandsen

    Disturbing Trends in Forum

    The problem I see is the two the SVS creators are manufacturers. Just because they have posted as regular members in the past does not mean it should continue. A SVS or manufacturers section should be set up so all members interested or wanting to discuss the sub can do so . The SVS creators...