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  1. Frank_Ber

    New Ring 2 trailer

    Thanks for lettimg me know that there is Ring Two. The first trailer of Ring Two that I have seen.
  2. Frank_Ber

    DVD Review HTF Review: Johnny English

    Another James Bond spoof that I really enjoyed recently was Stephen Chow's From Beijing with Love. I am a big fan of Atkinson but have yet to see Jonny English.
  3. Frank_Ber

    Xbox HD Scaling on DVDs and other sources

    Joe, I am using the latest version XBMC that was released on 01/02/2004. 720p and 1080i works fine and stable. Better quality than the 480i on the Xbox. Controlling the DVD with the remote or the controller is another story. XBMC is still not complete but its 720p and 1080i modes are working...
  4. Frank_Ber

    Xbox HD Scaling on DVDs and other sources

    Currently testing 1080i scaling on the Xbox with DVD playback using XBMC (Xbox media center) and so far so good. 720p scaling on my Sony G-420s monitor also looks great. Anyone who had more experience on this?
  5. Frank_Ber

    ESPN-HD on TimeWarner Cable?

    I read in AVS titled "TWC to offer iN Demand & Discovery HD" that AVS Discovery HD will be offered free of charge.
  6. Frank_Ber

    The "lighter side" of HT with Halen!..

    Is the display of the receiver displaying any numbers that are counting down or do you here any ticking noise? I suggest you stay close to that receiver and surprise you. :D
  7. Frank_Ber

    The "lighter side" of HT with Halen!..

    Your receiver is hot! Did it set your house on fire yet? :)
  8. Frank_Ber

    hooking up XBox to PC monitor

    I use Ken's VGA adapter (transcoder) which can be found here. Try and email Ken and ask questions. You might have to wait one to two months thought in order to receive your order. PQ is like the dreamcast vgabox.
  9. Frank_Ber

    How loud is too loud

    It is loud when uhhh.. it's loud! ;) I offer you a warning from the Surgeon General: Surgeon General's Warning: "Listening at excessively loud levels can cause permanent hearing damage.” I hope I am not too late.
  10. Frank_Ber

    Questions about RPTV, HDTV, and XBOX

    Watching 50-60hrs per week is WOW! I just bought my first RPTV (46WT500) as well and I am a little concerned with burn-in. Just calibrate your set with S&V or AVIA and you should be fine for many years to come.
  11. Frank_Ber

    HD videos for download

    where is the Matrix trailer in HD? I can't find it.
  12. Frank_Ber

    The Man Show Season One Volume One

    Will it be censored in any way?
  13. Frank_Ber

    Enter the Matrix, who's buying?

    From AVS, the FMV cutscenes are in HD.
  14. Frank_Ber

    Buying a new RPTV - Widescreen or not?

    Please avoid the full and get a widescreen.
  15. Frank_Ber

    Opinions needed for KP-46WT500 and KP-51WS500

    I have the KP-46WT500 (Mfg.03/2003) and I agree with what been said by the owners above. Great PQ, tweaked with S&V and red push. I would say wait for the new model since this set converts 720p to 480p and not to 1080i if that is important to you. The new model, 46WT510, will convert 720p to...
  16. Frank_Ber

    KP46ST500 Flicker

    It is great that you got your set fix. Those guns are expensive!!
  17. Frank_Ber

    the budget of all budget speakers, opinions on KLH

    How are these KLH speakers when compared to the Onkyo SKS-HT500 speakers?
  18. Frank_Ber

    I bought a Panny S35 DVD player, but I'm not getting 5.1 DTS or DD sound!!??

    Are you pressing "display" on your DVD remote? If so, and 2.1 DTS is displayed on your TV, then you are playing a DVD with a 2.1 soundtrack. What DVD are you trying to play? Does 2.1 DTS encoded tracks exist? I thought that all DTS are 5.1 but I may be wrong.
  19. Frank_Ber

    I bought a Panny S35 DVD player, but I'm not getting 5.1 DTS or DD sound!!??

    Press "Surround" in your remote while playing the "DTS" or "Dolby Digital" tracks. If that doesn't not work, try pressing "A.Surr" or "DSP". If your press "stereo," your will only get 2.1 sound even on DTS and DD. I also have the Onkyo HTS 650 system.
  20. Frank_Ber

    What irritates you about DVDs?

    What bugs me is: NOT able to use my rewinder anymore.:angry: :) DVDs made it a piece of junk, a paper weight. I can't believe I spent $7 for that junk. On to the trash is goes. ;)
  21. Frank_Ber

    Is it safe to use these speaker with my receiver?

    Thank for the input. I would also like to use Speakers A and B at the same time. I think that would be a little risky. The Sony speakers are full range. I will take your warning and won't play them loudly. My preferred listening volume when watching movies and music is around 60-65.
  22. Frank_Ber

    I got "White Vanned"

    I have not seen these guys so far. I am looking for them though. I would like to see these guys in action.
  23. Frank_Ber

    Is it safe to use these speaker with my receiver?

    I would like to try and add the two speakers of my Sony MHC-C90 mini hi-fi, that was bought 10 years ago, to my Onkyo HT-S650 htib. I will be connecting them as Speaker-B. Specs: Rated Impedance: 6 ohm Max Input power: 200w I think these speaker are 3-way. Are they safe to add these...
  24. Frank_Ber

    Previously Viewed...Why Not?

    How is the quality of PV DVDs in BlockBuster? I have been buying from Hollywood Video and so far all were perfect.
  25. Frank_Ber

    Circuit City rocks - Polk trade-in story.

    Do you have to get CC extended warraty plan to use their speaker trade-in? Just to make sure, does this trade-in policy applies to all speaker brands and not just Polk? From reading what's posted, it seems you can only trade in your speaker once within
  26. Frank_Ber

    Previously Viewed...Why Not?

    I usually wear gloves to handle the PV DVDs that I buy and sterilize the PV movies before watching them. :) Joking.. My sister mostly buys her DVD PV and most are so new, no scrathes at all. After watching her and inspecting the DVDs she bought, I started to buy my DVDs previously viewed too...
  27. Frank_Ber

    Where to buy RG-6 Cable... and not Monster

    Radioshack, and Home Depot is where I buy mine. I hope that helps.
  28. Frank_Ber

    KP46ST500 Flicker

    When was your Sony RPTV manufactured? I just one two weeks ago (manufactured Mar2003) and so far no flicker. I am really worried that I will get it too. I thought I have avoided it by staying away from the 51WS500.
  29. Frank_Ber

    Jet Li's "Hero" Any word?

    When will this movie released in the US? I just might import the DTS or extended version when it is available.
  30. Frank_Ber

    Sony KP-46WT500 tweaks

    I've had my KP46WT500 for about almost 2 weeks now and only fix the red push and adjusted the contrast, hue, etc. with Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up. I will try and get my hands on AVIA soon.