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  1. Jeff O.

    Concord Music Group Sale

    Oh man, I think you are going to cost me a lot of money!
  2. Jeff O.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Thanks Paul, I am really dying to get this set, but I don't really want the DVD's especially PAL. I keep hoping that they will release either the set with NTSC or the discs separately. Trying to hold off, may have to break down soon though.... By the way, how do they sound?
  3. Jeff O.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Paul, Where did you pick this up? The only place that I have seen the early Genesis SACDs is Elusive Disc, but you have to buy the whole set with PAL DVDs.
  4. Jeff O.

    Genesis on SACD soon

    Thanks guys. I had seen that over at elusivedisc that the PAL version with SACDs was in stock and the NTSC was pre-order. They also had the box set with CDs and NTSC DVDs in stock, but not the SACD with NTCS. It just didn't make any sense to me.
  5. Jeff O.

    Genesis on SACD soon

  6. Jeff O.

    Anyone buy the featire pack for the Denon 3803/4808?

    I did. The main thing that I noticed is that there is a lot more bass after calibration than before. I had to turn the sub level down a notch. I haven't tried the dynamic volume yet.
  7. Jeff O.

    CD vs SACD

    BrettV, Lee is talking obout the first batch of Genesis SACD releases of their later material. These do not include Lamb or Selling. To the best of my knowledge those are not released yet but should be soon. Jeff
  8. Jeff O.

    Audio Problem

    Could it be a setting in your Bell Box? The lower number channels are probably in stereo, whereas the HD channels are in Dolby Digital. If you have a stereo receiver, it may not be able to handle a DD signal. Check the settings on the Bell Box and make sure that your receiver can handle whatever...
  9. Jeff O.

    Bass management help needed!!

    I am not sure about the 2807, but the 3808 that I have allows you to have different bass management parameters for stereo. You can specify large or small and crossover frequency separate from that for the other sound fields. I am at work and I don't remember how I set it up, but you might want...
  10. Jeff O.

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    Craig, My 3808 gets just warm only powering 2 surround back speakers. You can use the HDMI output for audio and the component out for video on the PS3, but you have to run both HDMI and component cables from the PS3. The 3808 will not down convert the video from HDMI to component. I would...
  11. Jeff O.

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    Personally, "if it aint broke, don't fix it" is my attitude. I will wait and see what bugs turn up and what this update actually fixes. Since I am having no trouble with mine I am in no hurry to update.
  12. Jeff O.

    rear speakers disabled with 5.1 coded DVD's

    John, I don't know about DPL2X mode, but I know that using the ES/EX mode I described above it stays in DD and just gives you a matrix signal in the surroung back derived from the surrounds as LanceJ describes in his post.
  13. Jeff O.

    rear speakers disabled with 5.1 coded DVD's

    Jim, I don't know how it works on the 861, but on the remote for my RX-V2400 there is an EX/ES button. This button will activate the rear back speakers and the amp will matrix a rear back signal on DD and DTS 5.1 sources.
  14. Jeff O.

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    Yes, there are updates available. I got mine and updated it right away. I don't know exactly what the updates were for though. I have not heard of any way to get the updates other than the internet. If you have an internet connection just hook it up, do the updates and then unhook it, you don't...
  15. Jeff O.

    HDMI Receivers should or shouldn't?

    Chris, We need a lot more information to help you out here (what receiver, how is it hooked up, monitor, etc.).
  16. Jeff O.

    Wifi Question

    Dennis, So far I am really happy with the 3808, but still figuring a lot of things out. I went home last night, didn't change a thing (I had unplugged it and put it back on my Xbox to see what IP address it was using) and the wireless bridge worked perfectly . Upgraded the firmware and listened...
  17. Jeff O.

    Wifi Question

    I just got my 3808 2 days ago and was trying to set up the internet. It doesn't have any built in wireless, and so far I have been unable to get it to work with a wireless bridge. I can't find anywhere to enter the WEP. Tonight I might dry removing WEP on my router and see it I can get it to work.
  18. Jeff O.

    Looking for svs ISD woofer

    You've got a PM.
  19. Jeff O.

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    Ok, I have a question for you guys. I would like to hook this up to my 3930 using Denon Link. Does anyone know what type of Firewire cable I need, 4 pin, 6-pin or what?
  20. Jeff O.

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    Adam, Thanks for the info, you saved me a lot of money. Just ordered one from Scott myself. Anyone else that is interested, he said that today was the last day for that deal. Jeff
  21. Jeff O.

    Audyssey setup: What did I do wrong!?

    Rod, Might be a silly question, but did you use the microphone to do the setup? If it is blasting static noise from all directions it is trying to run the setup, but you need the microphone hooked up so that it can do the proper measurements.
  22. Jeff O.

    Need help troubleshooting sound problem

    What type of receiver is it? Another possibility is that the receiver could be slow in locking on to coding format for the sound. On some stations, programs will be broadcast in DD and then switch to standard dolby for commercials, etc. At this time some receivers are slower to change the...
  23. Jeff O.

    HD Reception . HD Antenna

    Rick, If you are picking up stations in 720p and 1080i, then you are getting the digital, high def broadcasts. However, not all programs on these stations will give you a full 16:9 picture. Check to see which programs are recorded in 16:9, most programs during prime time in the evening should...
  24. Jeff O.

    SVS & SMS-1 Question.

    Shannon, Give it some time and listen to lots of different material (music and movies). I have a PB12 NSD/2 with some serious response anomalies in my room. Also, take the time to set it up properly. For me, it took a lot of reading, but actually wasn't that difficult once I got the hang of it...
  25. Jeff O.

    Considering an SVS PB12-NSD vs. Paradigm PS-1000, any thoughts?

    "That is pretty impressive that he would suggest I try the Paradigms first..." Tom has always been an upstanding guy, always giving you an honest opinion, even on competitors subs. Kind of like the Progressive Insurance of sub companies. That is why they will always get my money and I never...
  26. Jeff O.

    Yamaha Presence Speakers

    I think you are a little off Max. I believe the presence speakers are used to enhance the front sound stage, especially with Yamaha's different ambience modes. In this respect you run them in a full 5.1 configuration. I used to run them when I had the room in my old house. However, in my new...
  27. Jeff O.

    My volume can no longer be controlled with the remote on my Pioneer Elite VSX-27TX

    I imagine you already thought of this. But, did you try new batteries in the remote? When the batteries in my remote start to go, it seems to affect only certain functions for awhile.
  28. Jeff O.

    Several questions regarding different releases - Flaming Lips & Jimi Hendrix - Guitar

    Kurt-Do yourself a favor and listen to the 5.1 mix. One of the wildest mixes I have ever heard, I really like it. Eric-I bought the first DVD-A (Yoshimi), sound unheard and really liked it. I just picked up the 3rd one (AWWTM) last week and like that a lot also. You have to listen to the 5.1...
  29. Jeff O.

    Anyone into Mars Volta?

    If so, where do I start? I have been hearing a little of them on XM radio and am curious. Happy holidays to everyone. Thanks-Jeff
  30. Jeff O.

    After 3 weeks of searching for a SuB

    I have bought SVS b-stock. No problems at all. They are in perfect working order, same great service and warranty. Mine just had slight cosmetic damage that you really have to look for to notice. The SVS guys are just so picky about their subs and their customer service that they want to make...