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  1. ross ish

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Being an early adopter of Dolby Pro Logic to Dolby Digital 5.1 to Dolby Digital 7.1 and now a chance to experience the ultimate ear candy Dolby Atmos 9.2...I am in.
  2. ross ish

    I Want a Blu-ray player that decodes TrueHD and DTS Master audio internally. Any sugg

    And unlike sd dvd, you cannot choose between dts-hd or dd-true; one or the other. Sony s1 owners using analog out are stuck with only dd-true, unless Sony decides to unlock dts-hd internal decoder.
  3. ross ish

    HDMI to DVI Connection on A3

    You will have no problem. I have the hd a3 connected to the dvi inputs on the Hitachi using the monoprice hdmi->dvi converter. Works fine. Later purchased the Monster Ultra 800 hdmi->dvi cable on ebay. This cable is a great deal; closeouts of last year's model.
  4. ross ish

    Opinions on these two televisions

    Latest Perfect Vision mag has the 58 inch panny and the 50 inch pioneer reviewed.
  5. ross ish

    Why so few sets capable of 24p?

    Although there seems to be an obvious advantage to not having to do the 3:2 pull down; there are a lot of good tvs out there that do an excellent job of 3:2 pull down making the 1080p24 moot; more of a marketing ploy like the 120mhz theme.
  6. ross ish

    Missed out sharp 46d64u--bb secret sale

    Best buy has unadvertised price for the sharp aquos of 1399. add the dtv rebate and the amount drops to 1099. Sears will match CC price and order tv for you; but their price dropped on saturday so the 110% price match is now $50.
  7. ross ish

    Updating Toshiba firmware made easy

    Thanks for the info. I was trying to figure out the whole iso burner, my burner software does not do nor could I figure out if the microsoft burner was capable. This freeware worked great, a one step process. The Toshiba is upgrading now, do not have to wait for Toshiba's snail mail.
  8. ross ish

    hd-a3 at Best Buy web only

    I returned my unit and dvd to best buy and reordered the whole shabang again to get the extra dvd. There were other people in line asking the mgr for the extra disc. The mgr complied w/o any fuss and had the csr ring up the extra dvd as competitor price match. All of the walmarts sold out...
  9. ross ish

    hd-a3 at Best Buy web only

    updated: seems best buy extended the on-line special but added a kicker, they now will give you the luxery of selecting 3 dvd's from their stock for a total of 10 free dvds!
  10. ross ish

    hd-a3 at Best Buy web only

    Was sitting on the fence regarding blue ray or hddvd or universal. My dvd player just conked out so I started looking for a decent upconverting dvd player when I saw the 3rd generation Toshiba HD-A3 at BB for $199 with 9 free HD DVD. You get to choose any 2 HD DVD from their web site, you get...
  11. ross ish

    Adcom 555II, Carver tfm-22, Earthquake mkIV-10 for sale or TRADE!

    The titanic is inside a 3 cubic foot sealed enclosure...too heavy to ship. The driver is barely used when it was in service. Part of a multiple sub arrangement.
  12. ross ish

    Adcom 555II, Carver tfm-22, Earthquake mkIV-10 for sale or TRADE!

    I have svs 12.1 drivers or PE Dayton Titanic 12" sitting idle for the Adcom.
  13. ross ish

    FS: HK Signature 2.1

    Hi, Sent email
  14. ross ish

    Tweeter question (silk dome)

    Costs is one thing. The ring radiator is more expensive than a run in the mill silk dome. Because of the patent, only one source to purchase from on a wholesale level. Also, the ring radiator is not the easiest tweeter to work with. Using the ring radiator would mean a complete redesign.
  15. ross ish

    Question for owners of 963sa; how to set up sub for SACD

    I have the Philips dvd 962sa which is the predecesor to the 963sa. Philips uses a bass filter, not really bass mgt as this will entail digital processing which for audio purist reasons you do not really want. Make sure that the analog output is set to Multi-Channel. Next adjust the speaker...
  16. ross ish

    Just bought a DVD 2200

    Over normal distances, it does not really matter. I prefer the coax digital since the optical is more dependent on quality for optimal light transfer.
  17. ross ish

    Please help me choose CD/SACD player

    The Philips is a very good cd player. The Philips has ultra low jitter (180ps)that rivals stand alone transports. Excess Noise for CD, SACD are at theoretical maximum of 16bits CD, 18bits SACD. Can be have at audiogon for a little over 2bills.
  18. ross ish

    Rythmik's DirectServo

    Built a 2.5 cubic sealed box. Sub is in 12x14 bedroom. Graphed pretty flat from 17hz to 100hz. Sub just pounds. Servo does not really care what box you put it in. Naturally the larger the box the more output. unlike non-servo subs, the size and type of box does not change the low output...
  19. ross ish

    which amp for passive subwoofer

    With that kind of budget i would look at Rythmik Audio plate amp (350watts)or the Fidek pro amp (300wpc)at mcm electronics.
  20. ross ish

    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    I was putting off going through the Zenith exchange program to correct the erratic DVI handshake or the strange rectangular artifact at 1080i within the black bands for fear of having the exchange unit arriving with the upconverting components disabled. Good thing I procrastinated. Guess I will...
  21. ross ish

    You guys think the Denon 2200 for 290$ refurb is a good deal?

    I would not think to long about it, those 45 units will go really fast. Used 2200 sell for at least $100 over the refurb. Denon refurbs arrive in like new conditon with a warranty. The 2200 video is hard to beat. Sure there are upconverting dvd players or dvi enabled players, but for the most...
  22. ross ish

    Dayton sub, talk me out of it!

    Brad, Nice Boxer pup. Bet his bark could hit 25hz.
  23. ross ish

    Martin Logans

    Personally, I do not find the SL3 that hard to place, no harder than any other floor standing speaker. Speakers are placed 9 feet apart and I sit about 11 feet away. No problems in getting a rock solid center image. As for sweet spot, I get about a two seat sweet spot. How many people in your...
  24. ross ish

    Surge knocked out my center channel.

    Hope your unfortunate incident puts the wise on people who are under the impression that any surge protector does the job; no need to pay extra for the Panamax or Monsters. I my younger days when I worked retail, I saw countless stereo and computers come in for repairs. The customer kept saying...
  25. ross ish

    Lining a sub with foam

    Those big vented sonotubes sound like a cave echo without lining on the walls:}
  26. ross ish

    Fidek amps any good

    These appear to be the better grade ones. At less than $.22/watt and at over 1/2off with free shipping, seems to be a bargain. I read the posts regarding the fan; by adding resister to slow down the fan and decrease the noise. Using the amp for the LFE channel probably would not put much of a...
  27. ross ish

    Fidek amps any good

    MCM has fidek amps in their clearance bin. Are they any good? The info no them is pretty limited, but they seem to have pretty good build. I am looking at the 400watt/ch model, even the 300watt look good for the price. It states 400watts/channel rms but does not list the freq range. How noisy...
  28. ross ish

    eCost: Denon AVRs: 2805S, 3805S, 2805. Ships 2-5 days.

    Another reason for 'new' product refurb are doa at the assembly line or accidental cosmetic blemish (rather than take the unit all apart sell as refurb 'b' stock). Reason for shorter warranty is to lower prices. product support is very expensive. denon used to make receivers for tweeter under...