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  1. Steve Schaffer

    Your take on the Toyota debacle?

    If this is inappropriate or violates forum rules in any way I hope a mod. will delete this. I was a Toyota dealership tech from '71 to '06 and was always under the impression that Toyota was very good at taking responsibility for problems with their vehicles. My general experience was that...
  2. Steve Schaffer

    Need tips for job interviews!

    I worked as a service tech in a major Toyota dealership for some 35 years and was fired a year ago. I suspect it was age discrimination (I'm 57) as I once heard the service manager say he was under pressure to fire some of the "old timers". In any case a month before I was fired I was offered an...
  3. Steve Schaffer

    Accessing subtitles on Casino Royale with PS3

    Anyone with a PS3 and Casino Royale, how do you change subtitle selection in the disc menu? Mine is stuck on Thai, I can change subs to on or off but can't change it from Thai. I can't read Thai.
  4. Steve Schaffer

    Paper or Plastic?

    I've recently become a convert to paper grocery bags vs plastic. Not because paper is biodegradable but because the baggers at all the supermarkets I go to never put more than 3 items in each plastic bag, often only one or two, whereas they can usually get all my purchases (I stop at the store...
  5. Steve Schaffer

    Firmware update cures lockup on Toshiba HD-DVD players

    According to this thread over at AVS a firmware update to cure lockup, stuttering, some HDMI problems, and clipping via HDMI is imminent for the Toshiba HD-DVD players. Many are reporting complete resolution of lockup/stuttering on the worst problem discs...
  6. Steve Schaffer

    ?s about Behringer Feedback Destroyer

    I have some significant dips in response from my sub, mostly around 55-60hz and some peaks at other frequencies. I was considering the use of the Behringer Feedback Destroyer model DSP1124P and was tryin to educate myself as to how it can be used to equalize my sub's response. I downloaded...
  7. Steve Schaffer

    Need HVAC advice, my heater inop.

    I have an intermittent problem with my central heating system and now that it's cooled off again it's back. I have a Carrier "dual pack" HVAC unit, roof mounted. This is a heat/AC unit in one box up on the roof. When it is functionning properly and I turn up the thermostat, I hear a faint...
  8. Steve Schaffer

    Windshield repair?

    Picked up a rock chip on my windshield yesterday afternoon, a star about the size of a nickel. So far it hasn't spread. I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with repairs on this sort of thing. I know there's a process for repairing this sort of thing now and was concerned if...
  9. Steve Schaffer

    Auto window tinting?

    I'm considering getting my new car's windows tinted, not for appearance sake but to possibly help with the intense summer heat here in Fresno, and would appreciate any advice from folks who've had this done. It's my understanding that the interior door trim panels need to be removed for this...
  10. Steve Schaffer

    Underworld SE Audio ?

    Is it just me or is the audio on the new Underworld SE release not nearly as "hot" as the original? I usually listen to movies at around -14db on my master volume control but had to drop that almost 10db on the original release. The new one sounds a bit loud at -14 but not nearly as loud as the...
  11. Steve Schaffer

    Best Mousetrap?

    I've got a mouse in my house who's apparently paying protection to the cat. I'm in need of an effective mousetrap or other rodent control option that will either trap or kill the wee beasty without letting it wander off into some unfindable nook or cranny to die and thus smell up the place. I...
  12. Steve Schaffer

    Can dogs be allergic to shots?

    My little (18 lb) dog seems to be allergic to her annual shots. The vet always gives her all her shots at once, and within a day or less she's very lethargic and not eating or drinking, just wants to cuddle and not play or anything. After a couple of days of this I call the vet in a panic and...
  13. Steve Schaffer

    Cleaned my rptv's crts, don't need new set after all.

    In recent weeks I've noticed what seemed to be really excessive effects from internal reflections on my Sony KP57HW-40. Black bars on 2:35 films looked grayish or took on the predominant picture color during bright scenes, and the blacks in pictures with large bright areas looked washed out, and...
  14. Steve Schaffer

    Movie Stars vs Actors

    The Keanu Reeves and Popcorn Movie threads got me thinking about the state of the "art" in movies these days, more specifically about the performers. It seems there are many stars who are big box office draws but are not necessarily skilled actors, and a number of excellent actors who cannot...
  15. Steve Schaffer

    Computer illiterate WebTV user with "new" computer, a couple of ISP questions..

    I've been using WebTV for several years now and finally got a used computer. It's a Gateway with a Pentium 3 933mhz processor and dial-up modem. It has Windows XP already installed. My experience with and knowledge of real computers is extremely limited so please excuse any really dumb...
  16. Steve Schaffer

    Sub placement in corner behind rptv?

    I have a Klipsch KSW-12 downward firing sub. I'm very happy with it except that when running low frequency sweeps on AVIA I get low spl meter readings at a couple of places as the frequency dips. I've got my receiver crossover set at 80hz, all speakers small (bookshelf Energys), and the...
  17. Steve Schaffer

    Paramount gets something else right!

    I've noticed on the last couple of Paramount releases I've bought, Star Trek IV and the Hunt for Red October new release, that all the special features were in anamorphic widescreen. I can only think of a couple of other titles that got this right--Star Wars I & II and LOTR Extended edition...
  18. Steve Schaffer

    Which one Mitsubishi or Sony?

    Edit: This post should appear below the original poster's, which appears below. I don't know how it ended up at the top, don't think it was anything I did. Hopefully a mod can move it? I've had one of those flimsy plastic Sonys for almost 2 years now and love it. Mine's an HW40 model...
  19. Steve Schaffer

    Ice Age--truth in packaging!

    On the back of the Ice Age case, the 1:33 version is described as "pan & scan", not "fullframe". This is the first time I've seen this on a dvd package--kudos to Fox for telling it like it is.
  20. Steve Schaffer

    JVC XV-F80BK vs Panasonic CP72--need feedback.

    I've had a JVC XV-F80BK progressive scan 7 disc dvd player for almost a year now and was pretty happy with it. This model is one of JVC's 2nd generation progressive players using the same chipset as the 723 1st gen, and performs the same as any 1st or 2nd generation JVC progressive player...
  21. Steve Schaffer

    TV on dvd--a possibly dissenting viewpoint.

    I think the explosion in tv on dvd is a good thing, providing us with a chance to view many old favorites as well as some excellent one-season wonders that never really made it into syndication. I guess my concern is that the resources devoted to this effort may be further delaying the...
  22. Steve Schaffer

    When to let go of an aging pet?

    My ex, Sharon, who's also my best friend, has a 15 year old Lab mix and is facing the possibility of having her put to sleep. She has raised Nabs from a pup and they have been constant companions through good times and some pretty bad ones. The dog is now partially blind, and has trouble...
  23. Steve Schaffer

    Sony XBR2 RPTVs do not have DirecTV tuners built in.

    In many threads here I have posted that the XBR-2 Sony HD rptvs have built in DirecTV-OTA HD tuners. I was wrong. They do have OTA digital tuners, but not DirecTV receivers. I sincerely apologize for spreading misinformation. ------------------ Steve S. I prefer not to push the...
  24. Steve Schaffer

    I'm seeing commercials on HDNet, and I'm glad!

    I've been seeing commercials on HDNet for the first time this evening--mostly for RCA HD sets and a stunning Lord of The Rings teaser. To me this is a Good Thing, maybe HDNet will be able to expand their programming with a bit of income from commercials. They consistently have the best pq of...
  25. Steve Schaffer

    A suggestion regarding easter eggs, not a flame war.

    I am among those who are very annoyed by easter eggs, but have respect for and understanding of those like Van Ling who enjoy them. Would it be possible to include a printed set of instructions for accessing them in the dvd case along with the usual chapter list leaflet? This could easily be...