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  1. Jorge M

    New FV Sony Wegas @ Crutchfield!

    Sony 32 FV300 They also have them in 20" and 24", and have pages up (but no stock :frowning:) for the 27" and 36". They must be really close to Sony, because they're the first to have any info on these TVs (beating even Sony's site)! Can't wait to see the FS...
  2. Jorge M

    Driving unpowered subwoofer with extra amp channels

    This is my first post, but I've been reading the forum for ages. I'm planning on getting a whole new surround setup (receiver, 5 speakers, sub). I like the SVS subs, but I don't have an "old receiver lying around" to power it. Most receivers nowadays come with 6 or 7 channels of power. Since...