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  1. Ronn.W

    Films of the 1970's on DVD

    I second that! This is one of my favorite movies in general. It's a title I'd think any fan of 70's film should have. I'd add Race With the Devil to the list, that movie's a lot of fun. I'd also have to suggest Kelly's Heroes to anyone who hasn't seen it. One of the best movies of all time...
  2. Ronn.W

    Midnite Movies

    Anybody have a complete set of MGM MM's? I don't have a complete set, but I have all of the ones I want. 35 discs, about a dozen are the single releases and the rest are all the doubles. The bulk of them are the Corman/Price Poe releases, followed by the classic sci-fi and odd horror releases...
  3. Ronn.W

    Midnite Movies

    I don't think they ever released any titles as part of a Halloween promotion. If memory serves, when they started up the line on DVD they came out sporadically a few times a year just like any other titles would. I hate to say it, but I think this series is dead. I wouldn't waste my time...
  4. Ronn.W

    Horror Spoof Movies

    Yeah, that would be helpful. There's a good chance we'd be able to name the movie, even with the slightest hint. Lots of people who like the horror genre really like the spoof flicks as well. Any ideas when she saw it would help, too. To add to the list, there's Shriek if You Know What I Did...
  5. Ronn.W

    Appeal of "Dawn of the Dead"?

    Cosigned. It's good survival fiction. This is not aimed at the OP, but I read once where people who do not value their own life do not understand the appeal of survival fiction, whether it's a book or a movie. I always thought that was interesting.
  6. Ronn.W

    When does DeepDiscountDVD have their 20% off sale?

    This was something that caused a big debate on another message board. Members did a non-scientific price monitor, and found that prices actually did not go up before the sale.* What made it look like prices went up before the sale was that DDD generally has a a few different sales going on...
  7. Ronn.W

    When does DeepDiscountDVD have their 20% off sale?

    Usually in June and November if I remember correctly. They'll have them whenever they choose, though. And, since DDD has changed and expanded their site to sell lots of other merchandise, I wouldn't be surprised if they changed or discontinued the sale.
  8. Ronn.W

    Region Free DVD-R Unit

    Your best bet is probably to go to videohelp.com and search their database for multiregion dvd-r's.
  9. Ronn.W

    With demise of places like Tower Records where are collectors buying their dvd's?

    I agree with the Special Order. That always cracks me up when I get offered that at a store, any store. Yeah, I can special order it too! Maybe all cities couldn't support a retail store catering to film fanatics, but some can. Scarecrow Video in Seattle is a good example of that.
  10. Ronn.W

    With demise of places like Tower Records where are collectors buying their dvd's?

    Yikes! You must have had a super-magical Tower compared to the ones I've been to. ;) Three different cities, three different stores, all had the same rule of selling at FULL MSRP on DVDs. DVDs you could find at other B&M's around town for $19.99 or less were going for $24.99-$27.99. They had a...
  11. Ronn.W

    XM use on an airplane?

    You should be able to. The receiver is only receiving the signal that's already there; it's not sending out a signal of any kind (like a cell phone).
  12. Ronn.W

    WARNING for American AmazonUK customers! VAT glitch!

    Did you check to see if the price went down like it should, or did it just show 0 for VAT? The OP says it will still show 0 for VAT, even though they didn't really deduct it.
  13. Ronn.W

    Problem viewing PAL DVD's

    A modern digital TV, such as an LCD TV, regardless of being HDTV or SDTV, has a good chance of being multistandard. It may not be documented in the owner's manual, or it may be an option right in the TV setup; it all depends on the make/model of the TV. I have an EDTV plasma that allows you to...
  14. Ronn.W

    multi region dvd player

    Look your player up at www.videohelp.com. They have the most comprehensive list online of hackable/region free players. If your player is able to be made region free, they will have a link telling you how to do it. Of course, if you had posted the make/model of your player, I'm sure I and...
  15. Ronn.W

    Quick question about DTS

    DTS will only be listed on a case if there is a DTS track on the disc itself. Most films are made with DTS for theatrical distribution, most don't include a DTS track on the DVD.
  16. Ronn.W

    Amazon US Warns about Harry Potter DVDs

    Hear that, Jon Baker? Hope you get the rest to round out your collection in time. ;)
  17. Ronn.W

    I don't understand the appeal of Harry Potter

    There's just no accounting for some people's taste. :rolleyes :laugh: ;)
  18. Ronn.W

    I don't understand the appeal of Harry Potter

    I can't think of one "classic" Disney cartoon or movie I've ever enjoyed as a child or adult. Films like Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have always left me wondering what I missed, because I never found a point to them, or any entertainment value in them -- again as an adult...
  19. Ronn.W

    Midnite Movies

    I think all of the current MM titles are technically OOP. Some may still be available for sale, but I don't think they're being made any more. I would love to see the unreleased potential titles come out as future MM box sets instead of 4-6 titles coming out once every few months like they...
  20. Ronn.W

    Satellite Radio's Grinchy Holiday

    I'd be fine with a merger as long as they still kept XM and Sirius seperate as far as programming goes. I agree with most of the comments regarding audio quality, but I'm still a content listener. The quality is not as good as I'd like it to be, but the content more than makes up for it, IMHO. I...
  21. Ronn.W

    Criterion's Eclipse line

    While I'm still interested in this line, and I think it's great they realized these films need to come out, even if they don't have the same Criterion quality; I can't help but be a bit saddened that Eclipse isn't going to be the "cult classic" line that it was originally rumored to be.
  22. Ronn.W

    Midnite Movies

    Yeah, what they said. My wall of single and double feature MGM MM's is a testament to my fandom of the series. It's like this series hit a death spiral it was unable to pull out of as soon as they announced it was going to start being a Best Buy exclusive. Nothing against BB or MGM, that's just...
  23. Ronn.W

    XM connect and play antenna

    Amazon marketplace (private sellers) have 2 new ones for sale, $58.99. Otherwise, the best place to look would probably be Ebay, or another site like that.
  24. Ronn.W

    XM Holiday Channels

    I like the Holiday Traditions channel.
  25. Ronn.W

    XM Holiday Channels

    Just a reminder that XM has their holiday stations up and running. I know there's a lot of people new to XM around, so thought someone might not know they do this. Lineup: HOLLY - XM 103 & 29; XMRO 104; DTV 824 Contemporary holiday hits are sprinkled in with more traditional favorites...
  26. Ronn.W

    Favorite XM Channels?

    I have no idea what the channel numbers are, but I usually listen to Fred, Ethel or Lucy around the house, but will occasionally jump over to the classical, opera, or classic jazz stations.
  27. Ronn.W

    So who is sticking with SD DVD and why and for how long

    I have no desire to jump on the HD bandwagon yet. I've seen it, it does look good, but it doesn't look good enough to force my hand, or excite me sexually like it seems to do for some people. I'm not just waiting out the format war, but I think there may be a third, even better technology...
  28. Ronn.W

    DDD 20% off sale Now Extended until 11/23/06

    Yeah, you really do have to look around now before blindly buying from DDD, expecting them to be the cheapest retailer. A lot of it has to do with the fact that DVD prices in general have fallen greatly in the last couple of years, and due to that a lot of bigger retailers can beat the price...
  29. Ronn.W

    January Criterions

    They have got some great cover art for those releases. Heck, I'd almost buy them just for that. :laugh:
  30. Ronn.W


    If you watch it with the commentary, Boyle makes mention a couple of times that he really didn't think too far ahead about how far worldwide the infection would make it. At the beginning of the film he's decided it's global, but by the time they are in the mansion he has changed his mind and has...