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  1. sleroi

    Talladega Nights uhd on netflix

    This showed up on Netflix last weekend in uhd and it looks amazing. The resolution is crystal clear ( but still looks like film), and the colors are stunning. Its such a bright, colorful film. It doesn't appear to have any HDR, but still pops. If this were released on disc it would be a day...
  2. sleroi

    Help with Dial M for Murder

    I recently purchased Dial M and tried to watch it last night. The first screen that came up was a warning that to watch in 3d required a 3d tv and 3d bluray player. Being already aware of this I quickly and stupidly pressed ok. As soon as my finger came off the button I realized that pressing...
  3. sleroi

    Really enjoyed the Glory Guys

    This was a blind buy for me, and I really enjoyed it. The first three quarters of the film asre fun, filled with bar fights and fisticuffs. It never takes itself too seriously, and the romantic triangle never gets too heavy handed. James Caan is a hoot in one of his first roles and steals...
  4. sleroi

    Underwhelmed by Night of the Hunter

    I finally got around to watching Night of the hunter, and was rather underwhelmed. Mitchum's marvelously creepy performance seemed rather wasted, in the sense that the movie never really generated any suspense for me. For example, the scene in the basement, where Pearl reveals her secret...
  5. sleroi

    jack reacher at walmart

    If you've been waiting for a price drop, I picked up Jack Reacher on Blu yesterday for $9, and it included a coupon for $7.50 in movie cash for any movie thru 12/31.