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  1. Dale MA

    Filing Films in Your Collection (when titles start with numbers)

    Start at the highest number, counting down to zero, then the alphabet begins.
  2. Dale MA

    Indicator/Powerhouse Thread.

    Oh man, that looks like a must buy for me! :thumbsup:
  3. Dale MA

    To Mr. Robert Harris: 10 films you'd like to have restored!

    I'd like to see Vertigo on 4K UHD with the required work headed by Mr. Harris. That would be amazing, I'm sure.
  4. Dale MA

    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    I was once in a meeting with Best Buys second in command and a store manager, & the head honcho said that they want to remove physical media from all stores in "the next couple of years". Now this was a few years back, so they're obviously behind timescale! There's just no margins in physical...
  5. Dale MA

    Criterion Wish Listing 2018

    Bringing Up Baby!
  6. Dale MA

    The Hallelujah Trail coming from Olive Films on 2/27/18

    Okay -- thanks for the comments. I will think it over as it's very expensive importing these discs from the US to the UK these days!
  7. Dale MA

    The Hallelujah Trail coming from Olive Films on 2/27/18

    Tempted to blind buy this. Mad World is in my top five films of all time and I love westerns & madcap comedies. Do you think it's worth a chance?
  8. Dale MA

    UHD Should I buy 4k disks?

    I've got a Panasonic player and a 1080p projector (which has pseudo 4K "upscale - a 2012 JVC model) and the HDR-SDR conversion works great. I had to tweak the Panasonic's features considerably, by eye, but it looks good to me now - the visual difference between the UK Sony Blade Runner 4K and...
  9. Dale MA

    Is collecting excessive amounts of TV shows on DVD a hobby OR an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

    I'm not so sure... I think streaming has striped away the causal movie watcher (i.e. most of the population!) across a variety of age brackets. But there are still hardcore film (and for the sake of this topic TV) lovers, who still feel the need to collect physical copies of their favourite...
  10. Dale MA

    Warner DVD's not working thread - watch to make sure they still play

    Yes it was very disappointing, especially since I've amassed a huge collection of Warner DVD titles over the years -- I'm worried about what else may fail on me now. As a result, over the past few months, I have now been importing far less Warner DVD & Blu-ray titles to the UK from the US. But...
  11. Dale MA

    Warner DVD's not working thread - watch to make sure they still play

    I've had a couple of Warner DVD titles go bad also -- when I enquired about a replacement I was informed they wouldn't be prepared to ship new copies to me here in the UK (even if I paid for shipping!).
  12. Dale MA

    Is collecting excessive amounts of TV shows on DVD a hobby OR an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

    It's great having a large film collection as it allows you to craft an evenings (or even a seasons!) entertainment on a whim. For example my wife & I have been doing a film noir every Sunday since Christmas. It's been great digging through my collection, which often leads us to new avenues of...
  13. Dale MA

    Reflections In A Golden Eye DVD

    I just checked my Reflections and Babes in Arms discs -- both from the original box sets and both faulty. Damn! Hadn't watched either of them. Makes me wonder how many of my other thousands of other DVDs are now faulty... Might write Warner an email and see if they'll offer a replacement. :-(...
  14. Dale MA

    Blade Runner 2049 - 10.6.17

    Can't wait for this -- I don't go to the cinema much these days, but this one will be an IMAX trip! :thumbsup:
  15. Dale MA

    Indicator/Powerhouse Thread.

    I worked out the other day that I'm buying less discs then I was five years ago, but I'm spending roughly double! However, for the most part, the end product of the DVDs/BDs today, from the third party labels, feels far superior to the stuff that was coming from the studios back then.
  16. Dale MA

    Indicator/Powerhouse Thread.

    Fantastic label. I'm trying not to double dip on titles I already own on BD but cannot resist The Last Detail which contains the TV cut of the film! Also will be buying my third (and hopefully final) copy of The Lady From Shanghai from them. The UK feels like it's in its renaissance period...
  17. Dale MA

    Crawdaddy's "Random Thoughts" about Home Video, Film & TV

    The Quiet Man is in my top five Ford films, and when you consider his output, that's saying a lot!
  18. Dale MA

    Your 'Holy Grail' BD release

    Wow... looking back at this thread makes me realise just how lucky we all are! Like others have said, it's amazing how many of our 'holy grails' are now sat in our collections!
  19. Dale MA

    Disc-based media backup question

    It's interesting to think about the difference between "passion" and "obsession". Maybe it's simply a passion will bring great comfort to oneself, whereas obsession leads to negative emotions. I wonder where we all fit on that scale? Personally, films & home theatre bring a great deal of...
  20. Dale MA

    Media library-tracking software?

    Ah, that's a shame!
  21. Dale MA

    Media library-tracking software?

    DVD Profiler features an online list, it's a bit outdated looking but does the job (see my sig for an example of my collection on there). There's also a features in the app to filter by actor/crew. genre etc. to make choosing a film easier (I use it all the time) and a "lucky dip" option. DVD...
  22. Dale MA

    What's your Internet Speed and how much speed matters?

    27 down / 9 up Which is very good for this area of the UK! There's certainly no way of me getting any better speeds.
  23. Dale MA

    HOLOMAX (warning: image heavy!)

    Haha! It's like magic -- there's a definite correlation between the lowering of my bank balance and my shelf space disappearing! Too many! ...somewhere north of 5,000. Yeah, looked into the curved screen thing. It gets complicated pretty quickly, with the necessary use of lenses to combat...
  24. Dale MA

    Multipurpose Room HT

    What a great space -- looks like you're going to really explore the rooms potential. Looks like a fun project!
  25. Dale MA

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Last night watched the Wrath of Khan 4K remaster BD. Looked great, -- unfortunately there where sound dropouts aplenty though. Got my Oppo to decode the audio track and send it as PCM to my receiver, this stopped the dropouts completely. Still... pretty sloppy job from Paramount, especially...
  26. Dale MA

    HOLOMAX (warning: image heavy!)

    A couple of updates in my home theatre... I installed Philips Hue lighting across the screening lighting to give a "cinema red curtain" effect. You can also create different lighting moods for example during the Halloween & Christmas seasons using the different colours available. I think it...
  27. Dale MA

    Logitech introduces HARMONY ELITE remote. The Most Powerful Harmony Remote Yet

    I've had the Elite as a part of my H/T for a while now and it's an essential bit of kit. It controls everything in my room, I've even set it up to control my rooms lighting (through a Lutron GrafikEye). I always play a certain music playlist through my SONOS speakers throughout my home as...
  28. Dale MA

    Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Thanks Robert! Really appreciate that. Even though it's only outputting the 4K material at 1080p, it must look great -- like the best of BD.
  29. Dale MA

    Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Thanks Robert. Very tempting...
  30. Dale MA

    Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Quick question... sorry if it's already been answered in this thread. If I were to set the output of the UDP-203 to 1080p, would I then be able to play downscaled 4K discs through my 1080p receiver/projector? Or is there something on the discs that would prevent that?