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  1. Ed Moroughan

    Kino to release collection of Houdini's films

    Hey everybody, just spotted this on silentera, Kino will be releasing a three-disc set of the great magician's movies on April 8th. The only info is from the amazon listing here: Amazon.com: Houdini: The Movie Star (Three Disc Collection): Movies & TV: Houdini-Movie Star I'll buy it just for the...
  2. Ed Moroughan

    The Three Stooges bio pic

    If this has been discussed already forgive me, but is anyone else interested in a DVD of The Three Stooges bio that Mel Gibson produced for ABC a few years back. With Paul Ben Victor and Michael Chiklis (scarily superb as Curly)??
  3. Ed Moroughan

    How low is to low?

    I just got around to upgrading my system, and have been checking out various movies with it, but I've noticed one thing. Sometimes the sub's case will vibrate on assorted effects. Do I turn down the sub's volume, and if I do won't I lose it's usefulness? Or do I turn down the master volume? Help!
  4. Ed Moroughan

    Some Comic Book Questions

    Hey, I've been away from comics for about 4 years now and have recently got back into them. In the meantime though some key storylines from when I last read are still unanswered for me. If anyone has the answers to these questions please fill me in: 1)Who did "Bastion" of the Zero Tolerance...