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  1. LorenzoL

    New Hard Boiled DVD has dubtitles

    Looking forward to your review Matthew.
  2. LorenzoL

    The Official Defective Disc Replacement Thread

    As I indicated on the WDT Wave 6 thread, I also received my replacement discs for the More Silly Symphonies yesterday.
  3. LorenzoL

    Walt Disney Treasures: Wave Six - 12/19/2006

    I'm happy to report that I also received my replacement discs from Disney yesterday. I had totally forgotten that I called them early this year. I checked the disc numbers as per the Ultimatedisney.com link and I can confirm that mine are the new ones. Thanks Disney!
  4. LorenzoL

    "The Monster Squad" coming to DVD in 2007? Yes, according to this guy

    Also was anybody else copy missing the insert/booklet? Mine is missing and I'm wondering if I can contact Lionsgate to acquire one.
  5. LorenzoL

    Jean De Florette / Manon of the Spring availability

    Thanks for the heads up. This is an excellent news for me. I will place an order right away.
  6. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    Why apologize? You posted in the right thread.
  7. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    DD website has updated their coming soon page with low res coverart of Hard Boiled, Last Hurrah for Chivalry and Crime Story along with trailers for Hard Boiled and Last Hurrah for Chivalry. Hard Boiled http://dragondynasty.com/films/show/93 Last Hurrah for Chivalry...
  8. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    DVD Talk reviews for: King Boxer http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=28698 36th Chamber of Shaolin http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=28669 DVD Beaver review and screencaps of: King Boxer http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/DVDRe...king_boxer.htm My Young Auntie...
  9. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    From Digital Bits:
  10. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    Review and screencaps of One-Armed Swordsman over at DVD Beaver: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/DVDRe..._swordsman.htm
  11. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    These titles have been announced or are rumoured to be released by DD: Hardboiled Last Hurrah for Chivalry Crime Story Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin City of Violence Dragon Heat Tai Chi Master Hapkido The Shaw Brothers’ Collection (titles TBA) Fist of Legend Dreadnaught The Bride...
  12. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    BTW, in regards to this thread, whatever happened to my fellow Canadian Brian Thibodeau?
  13. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    The DD release is coming July 27, 2007.
  14. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    I have all of the DD Shaw titles along with Above the Law, Shanghai Express, Born to Fight and Police Story II coming next week. Good thing that my vacation is coming up in order to catch up with all of the above movies. So far it seems that DD has only failed to live up to expectations on...
  15. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    It's been a long time but I thought it was the right time to bump this thread with the upcoming Dragon Dynasty releases of some of the classic Shaw Bros. titles such as 36th Chamber of Shaolin, My Young Auntie, One-Armed Swordsman and King Boxer along with the Shaw Bros. releases from Image...
  16. LorenzoL

    The Official Defective Disc Replacement Thread

    Thank you for putting together this thread. I wasn't aware of the disc replacement program for the WDT: More Silly Symphonies. I called Buena Vista for the disc replacements I also called WB for Looney Tune GC Volume 2 and Tom and Jerry Volume 1. I previously called them for the Superman discs...
  17. LorenzoL

    New Shaw Bros. titles from Image Entertainment

    Here's a review from DVD Talk for Have Sword, Will Travel: http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=26623
  18. LorenzoL

    DVD Review HTF Review: Family Ties Season 1

    I hope that the Family Ties DVD doesn't suffer the same fate as the Murphy Brown one. Unfortunately for one reason or another, it has never played well on syndication. This release was my most requested TV on DVD set, so is safe to say that this is one of my most anticipated release of the...
  19. LorenzoL

    Supernatural Season 2

    Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir".
  20. LorenzoL

    Viva Pedro: The Almodovar Collection on Jan. 30

    I wasn't able to find it online or in B&M stores in Canada so I got it from Amazon.com This is a great set although it's a little disappointing that some of the movies have lost the extra features that were present in their previous releases. I also like the movie postcards included on the...
  21. LorenzoL

    Has any Canadians received their replacement discs from Warners Superman Set ??

    I received my mailers on Monday, 01/22/07. I will be mailing them my discs back tomorrow 01/25/07 and hope to get them soon.
  22. LorenzoL

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    The Office (US) S1 and S2
  23. LorenzoL

    Warner Home Video Tom & Jerry Replacement Program (UPDATE 1/30/07 POST #134)

    I have forgotten that I called WB about the replacement program since I have yet to receive the envelope. Very dissapointing.
  24. LorenzoL

    Any word on Animaniacs or Pinky & Brain?

    So that's the reason why I couldn't find the Animaniacs set. I found the Pinky and The Brain set at Future Shop and when I asked about Animaniacs, they just told me that their computer was showing as having none on stock. They didn't say anything about the set being delayed.
  25. LorenzoL

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Black Swan - Studio Classics #38

    This was a blind buy for me and can't wait to watch it tonight.
  26. LorenzoL

    How often do you buy DVD's that were released over 5+ years ago?

    Older catalog titles are the main items that I purchase lately.
  27. LorenzoL

    Warner Home Video Tom & Jerry Replacement Program (UPDATE 1/30/07 POST #134)

    I'm in Canada and I took advantage of this program. Very pleasant CS that I got too. Thank you WB.
  28. LorenzoL

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    Tyler, I bought the Joy Sales edition from Hong Kong. Is a R0 disc. Here is the link for reference. http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...66&catid=14769
  29. LorenzoL

    Veronica Mars Season 2

    The scene when Woody was bench pressing and Logan is spotting him. After a few reps, Woody gets up, and then approaches Logan, and then lovingly squeezes Logan's biceps and say, ''Looking at you reminds me of the good old days when I was young and ripped. Bet you have some fun with the ladies....''
  30. LorenzoL

    Any word on Animaniacs or Pinky & Brain?

    Don't forget about Pinky and the Brain release also. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5397