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  1. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Problems with disc 2 of Oz: Season 3?

    Hi! Has anyone experienced difficulties with disc 2 not playing properly? For some reason my player doesn't want to play episode 5: "U.S. Male". No problems with any of the other discs or episodes. I have a Pioneer DV-535 player.
  2. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Animal House Collectors Edition DVD?

    Does anyone know where i could still find this OOP title? Thanks in advance, Veli-Matti
  3. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Salo CC vs Salo R2

    Since the criterion version of this masterpiece is almost impossible to find anymore except through ebay where you'll be forced to pay ridiculous amounts for it if you somehow manage to land the winning bid. From what i've read and heard the transfer looks great and i wouldn't mind owning a copy...
  4. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Moonlighting TV-series on DVD?

    With the pilot episode already released a long time ago, when is the actual series coming out? This one of my all time favorite TV-series. I would be willing to give almost anything to get season-boxes of this superb show. Why is ABC holding off on this one? It's unbelievable considering the...
  5. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Missing the collectible Alex Ross illustrations on the Unbreakable: Vista Series DVD?

    Received a copy of the Unbreakable: Vista Series DVD last week. The DVD was sealed and unopened when i got it and in perfect condition. When i took away the shrinkwrap and opened it i unfortunately found that the 2 Alex Ross illustrations were missing:angry: The booklet was in the right folder...
  6. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Stakeout & Another Stakeout?

    I noticed these two movies are being released 8/13. Any word on the specs yet? I've looked everywhere without finding any info about the specs. They'll be released in two weeks and not even the cover artwork have been announced. Surely they are widescreen? The sequel isn't that good but the...
  7. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Movie posters?

    What is best and cheapest place to buy movie posters? Although the best and cheapest usually never go hand in hand. At the moment i am interested in getting posters of classic films.
  8. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Upcoming criterion collection releases?

    Any news/rumors about any new CC releases after August? Confirmed releases: June: -Importance of Being Earnest -Hearts and Minds July: -Royal Tenenbaums -À Nous la Liberté -Under the Roofs of Paris -Red Beard -Tokyo Olympiad August: -Ratcatcher -Hopscotch Sure...
  9. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Ninth Gate DVD hidden features?

    I watched my Ninth Gate DVD yesterday but couldn't access all the features. Are they hidden or do they even exist? To be more specific i was trying to find they gallery of satanic drawings but didn't succed. The only hidden feature i found was a TV spot. Which was the exactly same spot as in the...
  10. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Stanley Kubrick collection which region/version?

    I do not own any R2 DVDs and do not wish buy any for that matter but i hear that new SK:collection R1 Eyes Wide Shut is censored. And that is also something i wouldn't care to own. Have anyone bought the R1 set? Since i am a huge Kubrick fan i intend to purchase the collection but i have a hard...
  11. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Nobody's Fool?

    Any word about a possible release of Nobody's Fool on DVD some time soon? I for one haven't heard anything about it which i find strange since it's such a magnificent movie. I see no reason for Paramount to hold back the release of it. Even an edition edition without any bonus material would do...
  12. Veli-Matti Reitti

    New Conan?

    What is the story about the new Conan? Any estimated release date so far? Is Arnold going to star in it? I've heard that The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) was initially scheduled for the part? Are there any truth to these rumors? Any news on the director?
  13. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Top Gun: SE?

    Anyone heard rumors about Top Gun:SE being released any time soon?
  14. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Man of War?

    Does anyone have any information regarding the upcoming new Bruce Willis film Man of War?
  15. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Silence of the lambs: CC cover?

    Why did Criterion release this edition with two different covers? Strange considering the editions have entirely the same bonus materials, sound mix etc. Personally i find the "Anthony Hopkins cover" to be more suitable for the movie. Are there any other CC releases with two different covers?
  16. Veli-Matti Reitti


    Anybody know anything about this movie? Besides from the fact that Jenna Elfman stars in it that's about all i have found out regarding the movie. Imdb doesn't seem to have any information about the movie either. I am wondering if it ever were released? Please help me out here!
  17. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Dharma & Greg?

    Anybody know if there are release plans on D&G:complete season boxes anytime soon? Who owns the rights?
  18. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Superbit Deluxe

    I am all for the new Superbit Deluxe edition. In fact i think it's damn good that we can get superb sound and picture and even a few extras on top of it. I have no complaints about the regular superbit edition of Fifth Element. The edition is more than magnificent but what i don't understand...
  19. Veli-Matti Reitti

    Princess Bride: Special Edition

    I been thinking about buying the SE of Princess Bride. Is the new version worth spending the extra money? Besides for the anamorphic transfer what else is better about the new version? I've heard that the making of documentary pretty much sucks.
  20. Veli-Matti Reitti

    The Game: Criterion Collection

    Hi, I've heard a rumor that The Game is going to be released on criterion collection in the near future. Anyone else heard about it ? I have tried to contact criterion regarding the issue but haven't gotten any reply. Since criterion has already released Terry Gilliam's Brazil and Time...