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  1. Matt Wallace

    Halo finally drops-permanently!

    For those of you not posessing the yummy goodness that is Master Chief wasting Covenant scum, now is your chance. Bungie has got it down to 29.99 from now on, and it's even cheaper on Black Friday. For this whole week, Target is running it at 25.88, but on BF, they have it for 17.99 (or maybe...
  2. Matt Wallace

    Mitsubishi Progressive Scan players

    Hi All, I went a searchin', but couldn't find anything definitive. Have any of you had experience with Mitsubishi's progressive scan players? In particular, the one's they are selling at Best Buy? I imagine they are a rebadge, but want to know what you guys think. TIA, Matt
  3. Matt Wallace

    Austin Powers Snappers Goodbye!

    Couldn't find any other thread on this one, so I'm going ahead anyway. New Line is reissuing Austin Powers 1 and 2 in colored keepcases. IMOM will be the same cover art in a green keepcase and SWSM will be in a red keepcase. I'm gonna post a link, so I hope it comes up alright. You may have to...
  4. Matt Wallace

    Mitsubishi to be sold at Best Buy

    Thought everyone would like to know. There's a page on it at TWICE.com (sorry, no link). I was at one of their stores the other day, before the press release and they were telling me about it. They apparently have alot of requests for their HDTV's. Looks to happen within a month or two.My Best...
  5. Matt Wallace

    E.T. DVD Information

    One of the manager's that works for me was shopping at a mall in Dallas recently and was selected for a group marketing study there. Some of the things they showed her were the new SpiderMan trailer, a few food products, and a couple of household gadgets. Afterwards, they filled out a survey...
  6. Matt Wallace

    Denon and Marantz to Merge

    I was reading in this week's TWICE magazine that Denon and Marantz are merging to form a new company, but will keep the seperate brands of audio gear the same. Try www.twice.com to check it out. Matt
  7. Matt Wallace

    A.I. Release on 12/18/01?

    This is a hard street date. I have no details on specs yet, but this is confirmed. More later... Matt ------------------ "And I say I'm dead, and I move"....
  8. Matt Wallace

    DTS Waterworld question

    For those that have heard the DD version and the DTS Version, is there that much difference? I have the DD and can exchange for the DTS, but want to know if it's worth it. TIA... Matt
  9. Matt Wallace

    Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials

    NOTE: Thread should read "Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials". For some reason, it doesn't appear that way... (I know this is a software piece, but I would consider it a calibration tool, just like an SPL meter) In the most recent issue of The Perfect Vision, there's an article/review with a...
  10. Matt Wallace

    Sony WM40(?) on SALE at Best Buy

    When I went into Best Buy today, they had the Sony 12" sub on sale for $149. There is a $50 Instant Rebate, good until 10/6. The small store I went into had at least 8 that I could see on hand, so apparently they are selling these, or planning to do so. Now I have some time to decide if I...
  11. Matt Wallace

    Cheap Bell O Ggetti

    I got a pair of Bell O Ggetti speakers stands (smaller stands for surround or small Take 5 size fronts) at Sears for $29!! These adjustable (up to 5ft!) stands usually retail for over $100. Thought it may help someone. BTW - Sears is doing some serious wheeling and dealing on Electronics, in an...
  12. Matt Wallace

    THX Surround EX Test Signal...

    .. Am I the only one who didn't realize that there is a THX certified pink-noise signal test for Surround EX? I was using Optimode just for laughs at my 3 year old's reactions while watching Toy Story 2 last night and there they were. If this has been talked about, I apologize, but if it hasn't...
  13. Matt Wallace

    Onkyo 595 vs. 696 (or "Will I Kick Myself Later)

    After finally getting the WAF - thank you, Die Hard SE - I can shed the shackles of Pro Logic and run free with the rest of humanity and into the digital domain! However, I'm having a hard time with convincing myself that I can go with the 595 instead of the 696. Budget constraints have forced...