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  1. Arthur Legardo

    Mid-level receiver options and opinions?

    Hi all, I've been out of the HT scene for a while being satisfied with my current HT (various Paradigm Monitor series speakers, Denon 3801 receiver 34" Sony XBR CRT display and Samsung DVD player). Well, the HT bug has bitten me once again after I replaced my TV with a new 46" Sony XBR2 LCD...
  2. Arthur Legardo

    Adding amp to factory HU possible?

    I will be picking up my new orange 2004 Mazda 3 Sport in a couple of weeks. :D I am willing to stay with the factory HU because I didn't want to loose the stereo controls on the steering wheel. Also, with an aftermarket HU I would most likely loose the functionality of the wide dot matrix...
  3. Arthur Legardo

    Need suggestions for good inexpensive DVD player

    I want to give my folks a new DVD player for Christmas since their current one, a Panasonic A120, has difficulty reading/playing movies on DVD+R media. I would like something inxexpensive, but with good PQ, it doesn't even have to have a progressive scan output, just component video as well...
  4. Arthur Legardo

    HT signage

    I found this site referenced over at the AV Science Forum that has DD, DD EX, DTS, DTS-ES and THX signage that you print out on your home computer. I printed out and framed the DD EX and DTS-ES signs on my Epson 960 on 5x7 photo paper, the results were much better than I anticipated. HT Signage
  5. Arthur Legardo

    Battlestar Galactica...slightly confused

    Here's a stupid question... Does the giftset, the one with the Cylon head, include the same episode(s) included in the other single disc version? I ask this because for some reason Amazon had a "special price" if you buy both together. TIA
  6. Arthur Legardo

    Had high hopes for ESPN Hockey (X-Box), but...

    ...after renting it for the weekend I've decided to wait a little longer until the EA (NHL 2004) and Microsoft (NHL Rivals) appear on store shelves. The game itself was rather impressive. The graphics were top notch, slightly better than last year's (which I own) and the announce team was...
  7. Arthur Legardo

    HT stores in NYC/Newark area

    Sorry Mods, I'm not sure where this thread belongs, but... Can any HTF members in this area point me to any good HT stores in the NYC/Newark area? It's my first time in the Big Apple. TIA
  8. Arthur Legardo

    FAT23 to NTFS Conversion: XP upgrade from Win98

    For the life of me I can't find the FAT32 to NTFS Conversion Utility in XP Pro. I upgraded my mom's computer from Windows 98 to XP Pro and I thought that I would find it in the System Tools folder once the upgrade was complete (it was there when I did a fresh installation on two other...
  9. Arthur Legardo

    Empire...any reviews?

    This caught my eye today while browsing the aisles of a local record store. Has anyone seen this (either in the theaters or on DVD)? I remember the commericals looked pretty good, but I didn't get around to seeing it in theaters. TIA, Arthur
  10. Arthur Legardo

    Any Roger's Cable HD subscribers out there?

    I've been thinking about subscribing/renting their HD set top box ever since I brought home my new HDTV. However, my one concern was since the Canadian networks regularly "hijack" the American broadcast of shows that they both air, will I loose anything in terms of hi-def quality. Do they...
  11. Arthur Legardo

    Lion's Gate "Boondock Saints" on WS set

    Has anyone unfortunate enough as myself seen this version of the film on a widescreen TV? The packaging said 1.85:1 so I was hoping for some fullscreen 16x9 goodness on my new TV but instead it seemed like I was viewing the film through a MAIL SLOT - black bars on top and on the side! WTF...
  12. Arthur Legardo

    Any new firmware versions for RP-91?

    Just curious because there seemed to be a flurry of new versions a while back and now things seem rather quite. Arthur
  13. Arthur Legardo

    FYI: The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion @ Walmart (Toronto)

    I picked it up this evening for only $20.46! (Woodbridge location - Hwy 7 and 400)
  14. Arthur Legardo

    Quick Question: Monster's Ball

    Was there an insert card included with your DVD? I didn't get one. :frowning:
  15. Arthur Legardo

    New X-Box owner has a few questions

    Are there any games that take advantage of the built in ethernet adapter on the X-Box? Is it at all possible to just buy the "breakout box" like in the Advanced AV Pack without the cables? What are some good action games that are unique to the X-Box? I only have Halo right now. TIA, Arthur
  16. Arthur Legardo

    "Ultimate" HTPC case?

    Could it be? Here's the review.
  17. Arthur Legardo

    Atlantis: the Lost Empire

    I read somewhere that this DVD was encoded with a DD EX soundtrack and that it automatically triggered a fellow's Denon 3802 receiver into DD 6.1 Surround mode. Can someone confirm whether or not this disc actually had the DD EX flag? Thanks, Arthur
  18. Arthur Legardo

    X-Box is now at Costco (Canada)

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the X-Box available at a local Costco. Of course, being Costco, it did include some extras: the bundle consisted of the unit, one memory card, Amped and Munch's Odyssey and a cluebook (for what game I don't know)...all for $649.99 CDN. I makes me wonder how...
  19. Arthur Legardo

    X-Box problem...What to do?

    I've gone through my second X-Box in two days, both units have had the same problem: Halo and Munch's Odyssey only ouput in stereo, not 5.1 Should I return everthing and say "To [email protected] with Microsoft"? Or should I send it off to Microsoft and have them fix it? Or should I just be satisifed...
  20. Arthur Legardo

    Denon 3902 speaker calibration

    **Sorry, that should have read "Denon 3802 speaker calibration" I know, I know RTFM, but... ...is it possible to change the speaker levels without having to run the test tones generated by the receiver? I was trying to adjust the levels with my copy of Avia, but the receiver wouldn't allow...
  21. Arthur Legardo

    Denon 3802 has arrived in Toronto

    On a lark I phoned up an authorized Denon dealer today and asked if the new Denon receivers had in fact arrived. The salesperson said that the 3802 had indeed arrived on Friday, but, he only received ONE! Well, at least it's a start. BTW, the store is selling it for $1799. No word on the...
  22. Arthur Legardo

    Leather case for Pronto

    If you haven't been over to Remote Central lately, many Philips Pronto owners, myself included, have purchased a custom leather case for their Philips Pronto remotes. I haven't received mine yet, but those who have have been very pleased with their purchase. If you're interested, check out...
  23. Arthur Legardo

    DVD-Audio receiver requirement...true or false

    I was phoning around a few reputable A/V stores trying to track down a Panasonic DVD-RP91 today when I got into a converseration with one of the salespeople about DVD-Audio. He mentioned that in order to take full advantage of the DVD-Audio format the connected receiver must be "DVD-Audio...