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  1. Mark_vdH

    Four Weddings and a Funeral: 2 disc SE

    It's not even announced in R1 yet, in the UK it will be released 11/29, but in other European countries - or at least here in Holland - this has already been released. I have received it this morning, just sampled the discs, and it all looks pretty good. One (standard) drawback is the fact...
  2. Mark_vdH

    HTF REVIEW: The Passion of the Christ

  3. Mark_vdH

    Cleaning up the Criterion shelf....

    .....and the other shelves as well. :) Trade offers only please. As I live in the Netherlands and my eBay history isn't that noteworthy (8 positives, no neutrals/negatives), I would be willing to send stuff in advance, but only if you are a reputable trader on this forum (or on...
  4. Mark_vdH

    Lost classic found: Beyond The Rocks (1922)

    Pretty big news in Holland: The only movie which stars both Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson has been found: Sam Wood's Beyond The Rocks (1922). It has been found searching the archives of a Dutch collector that recently passed away. Currently restoration work is being done, the movie...
  5. Mark_vdH

    Star Wars Trilogy at Amazon.ca

    [EDIT: Amazon.ca have fixed their price...../EDIT] http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASI...462115-1479512 Seems they have the US list price in Canadian dollars. With one of the coupons found in this thread, perhaps the best price thus far. :)
  6. Mark_vdH

    Need some advice buying a pool cue

    I've played pool for about a year, and I decided it's time to buy a decent cue. Not much choice or useful advice at the local dealer and local pool hall though, so I thought someone here might help. My price range is about $200-350. Brands I am considering are Longoni, Buffalo and Predator...
  7. Mark_vdH

    Criterion re-releases Fritz Lang's "M"

    From the Criterion Collection Website: Fritz Lang's M to be Re-Released in 2004 The original Criterion edition of Fritz Lang's groundbreaking suspense masterwork M will be taken out of print on March 31 to make room for an all new DVD edition of the film, slated for release late in 2004...
  8. Mark_vdH

    Finally some news on "Rules Of The Game"

    The bad news is that the 2 disc Criterion set is delayed before it's even announced.... ;) The good news is:
  9. Mark_vdH

    Army Of Darkness S.E. (UK) Announced

    Finally announced in the UK! Release date: 11/11/02 Recommended retail price: GBP 19.99 I believe it has the exact same contents as the R1 2-disc L.E. (which is OOP and quite expensive). The specs: Double Disc Presentation. Disc One: American Theatrical Version. Widescreen Presentation...
  10. Mark_vdH

    Finally an Australian 16:9 Harry Potter, but.....

    ....I doubt it'll be a top seller: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/221503/id=Y4vZb:qBKb8 You'll have to buy it in a 3-disc set containing the cd soundtrack, making it more expensive. Besides, the R2 versions are R2/R4 dual encoded, so serious Australian movie buffs already have the wide...
  11. Mark_vdH

    Beauty And The Beast - Artwork (UK)

    From The R2 Project: The Special Limited Edition: The Special Edition: Article: http://www.r2-dvd.org/article.jsp?se...articleId=4648 Looks great! I wonder what the L.E. will cost though....
  12. Mark_vdH

    Europa (Von Trier) - quality of R2 release?

    Does anybody own the recently released Tartan release of Europa (AKA Zentropa)? I can't find any reviews. Normally, an anamorphic OAR transfer would be sufficient for me to buy it, but as it is a release by the not so reliable Tartan, I'm doubting..... Any thoughts on the disc, or maybe...
  13. Mark_vdH

    Vampyr (Carl Th. Dreyer)

    I'm not too familiar with Dreyer's work so far, having seen four of his movies (The Passion Of Joan Of Arc, Day of Wrath, Ordet & Gertrud - all from Criterion). I'm thinking of buying Vampyr too, but I remember having read some bad comments on the image quality of this release. Can someone...
  14. Mark_vdH

    King Kong (1933)

    I haven't bought the English version of this classic, as I heard it is a truly awful disc. I recently discovered that it was released in France too, with the following artwork: Can somebody please comment on the quality of this release, or tell if the French subtitles are removable?
  15. Mark_vdH

    Duel - what's up with the Canadian release??

    I pre-ordered it at AB Sound, but now their website states the release is cancelled (check here)!! :angry: Does this only apply to Canada, or is the American release cancelled/rescheduled too?
  16. Mark_vdH

    OAR of 'Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer'?

    I saw this title mentioned in the 'Comprehensive Non-OAR List' over here, so I guess it isn't 1.37:1, but does anybody know what the OAR is of this film?
  17. Mark_vdH

    French Apocalypse Now Redux: 2 disc S.E.!

    Release date March 6th. Here are the details. 'Only' 52 minutes of supplements, so I guess the Hearts Of Darkness documentary will not be on the discs. Certainly looks like a better package than the R1 release.
  18. Mark_vdH

    Stanley Kubrick's The Shining(s)

    I'm a fan of Mr. Kubrick. I love all of his films. But one thing keeps bothering me: The two cuts of The Shining. The American and International cut. 142 and 119 minutes respectively. I own both versions and I'm well aware of the differences. I personally prefer the international cut, but that...
  19. Mark_vdH

    Nosferatu (1922)

    I have the inferior R4 version of this movie and am thinking of replacing it with the R1 Image disc. The problem is that there are two more versions (both R2) available that may be even more interesting. The first is a 2-disc special edition with the following features: Commentary Track...