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  1. mgerity

    Need rec for a high-end AV pre-amp

    I have been a heavy Linn user for a long time, and my AV system for the bedroom is mostly Linn (AV 5105 and C6100 amps, Espek Aktiv speakers, Linn surround, center and sub speakers). Up until recently, I then used a Linn Classik Movie (2005 version) as both a preamp and a DVD player and was...
  2. mgerity

    Problems getting digital audio to my analog-only whole house system

    Okay, so I've been struggling with something for a while now, and it has now gotten worse, so I'm looking for some assistance. My basic problem is this: my whole house audio system only accepts analog inputs. (This is true of many, many such systems, so simply updating that system doesn't appear...