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  1. elMalloc

    FS: Stewart StudioTek 130 92" Screen

    It's the Luxus Deluxe frame. I already have another buyer, I wlil let you know later today if not. The screen is in "like new" condition with no spots. I know this is a steal of a price....I just don't have a use for the size (I'm going way larger). Thanks, ELmO
  2. elMalloc

    FS: Stewart StudioTek 130 92" Screen

    Top of the class screen for sale. I am the second owner, I didn't even open it though. I changed my mind before installing it. 92" Stewart StudioTek 130 (1.78 ratio). Luxus Deluxe frame. Will be shipped in original packaging. Local pickup (Cleveland) $500. Asking $650 shipped...
  3. elMalloc

    FS: Spyder2 Express monitor/TV claibration system + Setup disc

    can this be used to calibrate my projector, or do I need something else?
  4. elMalloc

    Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip - Season One

    Great box set.
  5. elMalloc

    Official HTF HD Review: Children of Men (Combo) Recommended

    Just wanted to say that the guy above me writes like he's speaking out loud.
  6. elMalloc

    HD DVD trends

    Our best buy only had 3 HD-DVD copies and people went out in the blizzard to get them before 3 PM.
  7. elMalloc


    Readthe new warranty on AX100 issued by panasonic. You can find it on AVS. They have voided the warranty if you use it something like 4 hours a day or 12 hours a week - I didn't read it carefully, but 12 hours a week is a little low to some.
  8. elMalloc

    12x11 foot room - Too small for projector?

    Thanks for that comment. I'm still deciding on the 1000u vs ax100u. I have the following equipment now: Toshiba 46" DLP Sony PS2 (Component/optical) XBOX 360 (Component/optical) Nintendo wii (Component) Sony PS3 (HDMI/optical) Toshiba HD-DVD A1 (HDMI/Optical/Analog out) EMO UL Pre...
  9. elMalloc

    Full Metal Jacket HD-DVD problems

    Sigh. I've read that the data being read is stored in a smaller surface area than DVD (makes sense?) - hence HD discs being more susceptible to dust/grain. I don't have Blu-Ray but I'm being motivated to get it just to prove you wrong so you don't look like a fan boy, XD.
  10. elMalloc

    HD, What to get, what to reget...

    Don't get combo discs, those things run for $40!
  11. elMalloc

    SXRD beats DLP

    2 year old toshiba DLP, played the aforementioned scene with no macro blocking visible. Thank you, 007 ELmO
  12. elMalloc

    FS: Sony PSP (V1.52), 1GB Card, USB cable, 4 games, w/ box - $300 shipped

    Bump - Lowered price to $250 shipped.
  13. elMalloc

    if you had $2000...

    Don't forget (onix rockets), look for their "home theater" deals. I got mine for $2500 with pre-processor/amp, and will put the whole setup against anything under 5K anyday. -ELmO
  14. elMalloc

    I would like to swap my Wii for a PS3

    I know someone who would do a swap for a couple hundred bucks on top, interested?
  15. elMalloc

    Toshiba HD-A2 is Fantastic!!!!

    Wow, 200% better huh? LOL! I have an A1. It is indeed slow to load, but that's when I get a drink at the begnning of the movie. 200% better should include functionality (I.e. 1080p, which the A2 does not have). The picture and audio quality are the same, it is only 110% better. XD! ELMO
  16. elMalloc

    12x11 foot room - Too small for projector?

    So I have a 46" Toshiba 720 DLP that I'm selling for $500 in Toledo local pickup. I currently sit only about 6 feet away from it. It feels small. I watch HD-DVDs, XBOX360, PS2, and Nintendo Wii on it. I don't care what cable looks like. I was looking to upgrade to a 56-60" DLP this xmas...
  17. elMalloc

    Feeler price? FS: Toshiba 46HM84 DLP, local pickup only.

    I'm in Ohio! Nobody is interested but I haven't done much advertising. I think I'm going the Projector route... =)
  18. elMalloc

    Feeler price? FS: Toshiba 46HM84 DLP, local pickup only.

    So I'm thikning about going 1080p (even though it's mainly hype), but I just want a 56" set in my room. I game a lot, and watch a decent amount of HDVDs - and I'm pretty sure this will immerse me more than my 46" can from 6-7 feet away. The set has not had it's bulb replaced, didn't need it...
  19. elMalloc

    Does XBOX360 HD-DVD do 1080p?

    Thanks for the clarification, all.
  20. elMalloc

    Does XBOX360 HD-DVD do 1080p?

    I find it interesting that some say we can't see a difference between 1080i -> upconverted to 1080p, vs. a sourced 1080p signal.... I know upconverters work fairly well, but how can a sourced signal look not even "sightly" better? It's like saying a 480p DVD upconverted to 1080i looks the...
  21. elMalloc

    Does XBOX360 HD-DVD do 1080p?

    Thanks for both of your replies. The microsoft guy's blog mentions nothing about 360 having 1080p, this is a major thing - the A1 only does 1080i! Since the 360 isn't doing HDMI, does that mean it can't output the 1080p!??! Or will it do it over analog? I thought it downgrades the...
  22. elMalloc

    Does XBOX360 HD-DVD do 1080p?

    So as far as I know (I haven't been paying much attention lately though), the only HD-DVD players out do 1080i (like my Toshiba A1). Does the XBOX360's player do 1080p (I imagine it does)? Does anyone have any information on how the player compares to the Toshiba A1? Thanks, ELmO
  23. elMalloc

    A Few Words About Coming in November on HD-DVD...

    Why are so many old-school black and white movies coming out on HD-DVD? "It's not just people over 60 who like to own the latest technology!" You guys KNOW what movies need to come out on HD-DVD to "succeed", and these aren't them.
  24. elMalloc

    Toshiba Cinema Series 56MX195 DLP TV - HDTV any good?

    I don't know how to respond to people who tell me they've got "kicking" bose in their house. If by that they mean kickin it to curb...
  25. elMalloc

    Toshiba DLP: How do I know when the bulb needs to be replaced?

    Thanks. I hope it's not a lot to fix. If it is, I'm just going to buy a 1080p set...I guess... Argh.
  26. elMalloc

    Toshiba DLP: How do I know when the bulb needs to be replaced?

    My Toshiba DLP, the past few months, has erratically and more frequently displayed a very pink/fuzzy distorted picture. It will flicker a pink hue for 15 minutes straight, and all image sources will display a very noisy picture (TV, XBOX 360, HD-DVD, etc - HDMI or component, coax, etc!). Does...
  27. elMalloc

    Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines...HD-DVD

    I picked it up ta Best Buy yesterday, I'll watch it tonight sometime.