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  1. Mark McGill

    First post! Ceiling options, need suggestions

    What's wrong with drywall? In my opinion it looks much better than a drop ceiling and is also rattle free. I've have never understood the need to have access to wiring and hvac. Access for what? If there ever was a remote problem, drywall can be easily patched. From what I see the drop...
  2. Mark McGill

    drop ceiling bezel

    Look in the wiring section of your hardware store. Look for a computer grommet or something like that. They go upto three inches in size and are friction fit to match a cutout done with a hole saw, which is basically a large round drill bit type system. Modifying the light flange might be...
  3. Mark McGill

    Question about riser construction

    I got to ask, why do you need them so tall? Even non reclining seats usually only require 10" max.
  4. Mark McGill

    HT room

    Riser height really depends on factors such as screen height, distance from the screen and whether or not the seating is the reclining type or fixed back. Simple way is to find out the bottom of your screen, then have someone sit in your first row and now take a string from the bottom of the...
  5. Mark McGill

    Center rear surround speaker

    I hope that you are going to run an extra line for 7.1. It's a lot cheaper now than later. Also run a extra RG6 to the back somewhere for an extra sub sometime. Wire is cheap!!!
  6. Mark McGill

    The Right SVS Sub for Me?

    SVS are easy to upgrade. I bought one (20-39) and loved it. However I have a really bad room configuration so I bought another one and put it in the back of the room and tuned it down to 16hz. So yeah they are upgradable. Good luck.
  7. Mark McGill

    Exhaust fans

    Is there any chance you can run a conduit to your cold air return. If you can do that then all you need to do is set your thermostat to fan on in your program and you will draw lots of air if needed. Personally if you are using your basement alot I would keep the setting of fan on anyhow since...
  8. Mark McGill

    Favorite Home Theater Dealer

    One of my favorite experiances was when I went to a certain shop in Vancouver. I wanted to look at some Paradigm speakers. Well the salesman demos them for me (I liked them alot and did buy Paradigms, but not from him)and then when he asks how did I like them I responded that I did very much. He...
  9. Mark McGill

    Theater Update - Almost done framing

    Looks good except for one thing. Unless codes are different in your area, it is considered a no no to attach anything to the side walls. It is just asking for problems due to moisture. Yes I know it doesn't make sense, becuause the floor is in contact, but that's what our codes say. May I ask...
  10. Mark McGill

    Almost there.....

    Nice setup. Could you tell me appoximately what the floor to projector clearance is? BTW I remember the almost finished stage and it's was tough to not take time off work to just get it done. Good luck.
  11. Mark McGill

    Almost there.....

    Nice setup. Could you tell me appoximately what the floor to projector clearance is? BTW I remember the almost finished stage and it's was tough to not take time off work to just get it done. Good luck.
  12. Mark McGill

    I cannot believe the price for these seats....

    I was just talking to out furniture guy yesterday and he said that flexsteel has just come out with a home theater line, and I noticed that Barcalounger has two new models. One of them looks like a traditional high back "club" style chair complete with brass nailhead trim. Just think of a...
  13. Mark McGill

    Estimating $$$ for finishing basement

    I agree with the last post. We did everything ourselves except for plumbing, electrical, and drywall. Now you might ask what did I do, well everything else. Framing, and finishing out is easy, but can be a PITA. Drywall is tough for me because I am picky about the finish. All in all our basement...
  14. Mark McGill

    Need help with Lighting Control

    We have a load of pot lights in our house also. I wanted halogen and with a little experimenting I went from a 75watt incandescent to a 50watt halogen and to boot the room seems even brighter. I did experiment with the 75watt haolgens and they were just too bright. I might add that we are heavy...
  15. Mark McGill

    New house, will have a dedicated HT room. Placement and construction questions.

    In my opinion, if you can get rid of the drop ceiling. They can rattle and quite frankly are a builders way of cutting a buck just because it is a basement. I know lots of people have drops, but out here on the west coast they are rare except in commercial buildings. You can future proof...
  16. Mark McGill

    Metal Firedoor

    AC returns should be up as high as possible. Cold air sinks so you want to draw off the hot air up high and hopefully pull some cold air up so you so don't get cold feet and a hot head.
  17. Mark McGill

    Ceiling mounting, Panasonic L500, & an angry girlfriend

    Get a new girlfriend and put the projector wherever you want. Problem solved, good luck.
  18. Mark McGill

    Bathroom HT

    One neat idea I saw a while back was to mount the screen behind one way glass. Now for most people this won't work due to access etc, however if you can do it , I must say it looks great. Turn the tv off and you have a mirror. Turn it on and it appears through the mirror. The sound issue you...
  19. Mark McGill

    Metal Firedoor

    If you notice the fire door you have also has a seal around it along with a metal sill (step). These items keep more sound contained than do a solid core door. Don't get me wrong, a solid core door does help in sound, however it is the sealing of the door that does the most. In addition your...
  20. Mark McGill

    Stage IV - Complete

    It looks like things are coming along fine. I would caution you about the fluorescent lights though. They are virtually impossible to dim without getting flicker. In addition you can get a audible hum which can also affect your picture with interference. I would suggest a good quality rope...
  21. Mark McGill


    The room looks great. A great finishing touch would be to install crown moulding. It really does finish a room off nice. Good luck and enjoy your theatre.
  22. Mark McGill

    Do guests pay for candy in your theater?

    Rent National Lampoons Vacation. Remember what happens to the elderly lady?
  23. Mark McGill

    Leather or cloth theater seats?

    Good quality (expensive) leather does not feel cold or clammy, however it is harder to clean. My humble opinion is for leather. Most leather ages very well and cleans up extremely easy. My favorite cloth though would be Alcantra Suede which is man made. I have this in my truck (no joking)...
  24. Mark McGill

    HT Construction questions...

    The Riser: It can be quite simple. Basically I sat someone in the first row and then ran a string from the bottom of the screen over the head of the adult in the first row and stopped where my second row would be. I then measured the hieght at the front row head and the hieght at the proposed...
  25. Mark McGill

    Shane's & Y's Home Theater Page

    Absolutely looks great. Very inviting room.
  26. Mark McGill

    Pictures finally online.

    Be careful I might just ask you for some help. I do really need to get it going. I've had it since august and haven't done much with it. I'll order a docking station first since the Pronto goes through batteries fast. And yes thanks for all the kind comments.
  27. Mark McGill

    Pictures finally online.

    Yeah about those remotes. I have a brand new Pronto TSU3000 that I am intimitated by. However I don't have a highspeed connection at home and the computer is an old laptop. I would love someone to program it for me.
  28. Mark McGill

    Pictures finally online.

    Well I finally have our theatre hosted online. The inwall audio rack works great. I have easy rear access via a panel to get to everything. I tell you with a 7.2 system this thing does rock. The two SVS's are the most fun. With those things I don't even need bass shakers. The problem we have to...
  29. Mark McGill

    What is the height of your ceiling?

    What you said. That is exactly what I did. I had a heating run on one side and just copied it on the other. I then put indirect lighting with crown molding. It's a great place to run and hide cables to the rears.
  30. Mark McGill

    ceiling in new theater

    My .02 is drywall definitely. Looks good if it is done right and will add value to the home. It's great also if you can add some indirect lighting around the perimeter finished off with some crown moulding. This is also a great place to run cables etc. Good luck