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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    @lamywaby I'm no expert, I've only built one theater as seen in this thread. What I can tell you is I learned through all of my research that everyone touts the biggest and best things and it will make you think what you are trying to do is sub par. It's easy to go down the rabbit hole and...
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    I would say that's definitely big enough. If you look at the pictures of my room, it's about 13' across in the back part of the room where the seats are. It's right about 18' in length from the back wall to the screen. I have 2' behind the screen but with in wall speakers you could have the...
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    Yup, no 3D for me. If I want that I'll have to watch my old plasma in the game room. I originally planned to go 135". I set up the plastic sheet seen in the one picture and projected a test at 135" and 150". I was leaning towards the 135", feeling like maybe the 150" was too big. My wife liked...
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    I need to get some new pictures. There are some improvements since these most recent pictures. The black velvet under the screen I noted as well as black wire loom for the wires running to the AV rack out of the ceiling. Together those two things cleaned it up a lot. As for equipment here's the...
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    Pretty much done. This is where it was at the end of July. I have some black velvet stretched across the bottom right now to hide what's behind it but need to finish a proper masking panel. I was planning on masking panels all the way around but when the lights are out, the only things that show...
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    My false wall set up. I did the goal post design and made a separate frame for the screen that is hinged. This way I can flip it up and have access to the equipment behind the screen along with my Sony Vega for old school video gaming. I still have to get a prop set up done to hold it up.
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    It's fun now, we're getting equipment set up!
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    Installing Atmos speakers, lighting, and building the riser. I hired someone to do the carpet.
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    Putting down some paint. Crazy how much lower the ceiling feels when it's black.
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    Ideas for my new home theater build

    Cutting holes for the lighting and speakers. I am a machinist by trade and already had measurements for everything. I told them to leave the drywall alone, I'll cut the holes myself to make sure it's right.
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