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  1. WesleyHester

    Which 3D solution for Mitsubishi 73737? 3DA-1, 3DC-1000, DLP-Link, etc.?

    D-Link glasses do work. In this "mode", the HDTV alters blacks to a greenish tinted color. When using the D-Link glasses and my WD-92840, the blacks showed through the glasses as greenish unless I was looking perfectly straight and level. Any movement and blacks appeared greenish. I was using...
  2. WesleyHester

    New Denon DVD Players

    Have you seen any CUE especially in 1080i? Check out this review:
  3. WesleyHester

    Nintendo DS Wi-Fi at home?

    I enjoy playing Mario Kart DS at home using my Netgear wireless network. Nintendo Wi-Fi is great when others are available to play.
  4. WesleyHester

    video cable problem hooking up 360 to a non-HDTV

    Good luck with the audio. S-Video is great and well worth seeking out the 360 cable for it on your S-Video TV in my opinion.
  5. WesleyHester

    video cable problem hooking up 360 to a non-HDTV

    "When I put the component cables into either of the component-in inputs on my Denon 3803" The Denon 3803 will allow composite - to > S-Video - to > component only (not component -> S-Video). Meaning, with a component cable connected between the 3803 and the tv, you could view material from...
  6. WesleyHester

    HTF Xbox Live Gamertag Compilation

    Xbox Live Gold Gamer Tag: Wesley Hester Xbox and Xbox 360 [GAMES] Really into Farcry Instincts (Xbox) and Call of Duty 2 (X360) Way off topic: Wesley_Hester for SOCOM I, II, III
  7. WesleyHester

    *** Official *** Xbox 360 REVIEW Thread

    I was lucky to get a core system (wanted the premium) at launch from the local Wal-Mart. Of ten chairs (2 premium, 8 core) there were only 3 left when I got there and the other two filled up shortly after I set down. I later learned that a few people had just left before I got there to check...
  8. WesleyHester

    Home Theater and Gaming: The XBox 360 brings it all together

    I've been a gamer for many years and really enjoy them. I also enjoy home theater. I have been using multiple consoles since the Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo/Neo Geo days. With 'current' generation systems, I've grown to prefer the (original) Xbox because it simply tied in with my home theater...
  9. WesleyHester

    Half Life 2 for Xbox

    This is going to be my last Xbox title too. I hope to get a 360 on Nov. 22nd but I've waited a LONG time for Half-Life 2 on the Xbox. Really enjoyed the PC version and still want to experience it again on my Home Theater system. This may be my last "current gen" title all together unless...
  10. WesleyHester

    Chroma bug in Dish Network reception?

    I'd have to go with Kevin on this one. The Dish Network doesn't have the artifacts (not CUE) but your particular HD satellite receiver can produce them. I have a long-in-the-tooth Zenith DTV1080 that also has trouble with large areas/whole screen fulls of red and red transitions and I'm...
  11. WesleyHester

    My Electronics -your thought-

    Ryan pretty much tapped what I think about starting out in home theater or getting a more complete system and that is "START" at a "starter" level that fits your budget now and do like me and many others and upgrade your various components over time as budget permits. Get up and running and...
  12. WesleyHester

    8 way component vide/audio switch box? where to find?

    Most sites get lazy and cut and past their product info from other sites and usually get things wrong. In this particular case though, there is another Pelican Selector that does in fact just have 3 component inputs. Some sites use the picture of it and the 8 input version interchangeability...
  13. WesleyHester

    8 way component vide/audio switch box? where to find?

    Sorry, didn't mean you had to have the Inday switches too. Only if you have more than 8 components like me of course. $80 is the cheapest I've seen with that many inputs.
  14. WesleyHester

    8 way component vide/audio switch box? where to find?

    Scott, I'm in the same boat has you in that I now have a whole lot more equipment with component outputs than I have inputs. The Pelican System Selector Pro is getting harder and harder to find but it has 8 component video inputs (1 in the front) and has optical and ethernet switching on 3 of...
  15. WesleyHester

    dts 5.1 vs dts+neo:6

    Lewis Besze, thanks for the info. I didn't even know about the revisions.
  16. WesleyHester

    dts 5.1 vs dts+neo:6

    Your post is clear and you have a good question. I'll have to think about it though. I believe Neo:6 is for both 2-channel and 5.1-channel sources but I'll have to confirm. I've actually never have though of trying it with DTS 5.1 encoded DVDs. I do like the idea of using my rear surrounds more...
  17. WesleyHester

    Pioneer DV-578A

    Brian L, no can of worms to me. I used two sets of inexpensive interconnects I got from the local Radio Shack just because they were different colors, i.e. red, yellow, green, black, etc. I got two sets to use my Outlaw ICBM between the Pioneer and my receiver. SACD and DVD-Audio still sound...
  18. WesleyHester

    So who still has a VCR in their entertainment center?

    Like Clark above, I just recently took mine out of my rack to make room for new equipment and change things around. I haven't used it in a couple of years. Just never have been a real 'recorder' person. Don't have a DVD recorder to replace it for example. I might try to sell mine but it's...
  19. WesleyHester

    Pioneer DV-578A

    I need to bring this thread back to life. Pioneer introduced their DV-588A-S at CES and it is planned for release in April for $199 US. Basically, its now in league with the 575A (European model) that was released last year along with the 578A (US/Canada) by offering DivX and WMA support...
  20. WesleyHester

    Pioneer 1014 vs HK 525

    James Phung: Does the Pioneer 1014 have Zone 2 features? I'm looking at getting the 1015 at or just after its April 2005 release but could find no information about Zone 2 options. Except for Zone 2, it bests my Denon 3803 at half the price.
  21. WesleyHester

    Pixelation in Movies

    Sometimes too, there is just pixelation in the DVD movie with no way to get around it. Check out Widescreen review magazine. In there DVD reviews they mention when pixelation is seen and if it's a problem (i.e. alot of it) or not. They have one kick a#@ test system so if they see pixelation...
  22. WesleyHester

    Help, can't get any DD or DTS from pio DV-563A

    Double check that the Onkyo receiver is in Auto mode and not in "External In" or "5.1 In" or whatever it's called for the 5.1 analog input. Try the following which is done when you first get the player and perform the initial setup which normally doesn't need to be repeated. Keep in mind that...
  23. WesleyHester

    Pioneer DV-578A

    Try this link: Recent "Shoot Out" For me personally, someone waiting for a really good break out player, the results were disappointing on many levels.
  24. WesleyHester

    Panasonic DVD-S97S

    I've read in another forum that the player was pushed back by Panasonic to a September release. The reason for this delay was not given.
  25. WesleyHester

    My RP-91 has been resurrected!!!!

    Sorry I can't tell you either. Before retiring my RP-91 temporarily, I bought it at 227 or before I believe. Then I upgraded to 236, then 250. I know with these two, the left shift got somewhat minimized and adjustable and the pink tint problem on user video settings was fixed. Beyond that, I do...
  26. WesleyHester

    My RP-91 has been resurrected!!!!

    Ron Reda, check this out: Scott Merryfield - "it's scaling and pillarboxing functions are very important to me." ... Me too!
  27. WesleyHester

    Pioneer DV-578A

    Basically, the North American market is getting the shaft on these players BIG TIME. I personally like the European models ALOT more.
  28. WesleyHester

    Why are reds and oranges 'noisy' on certain DVDs?

    In all the years and all the DVD players I have gone through, I have been lucky enough to escape the CUE until recently. I've purchased several inexpensive Chinese players with karaoke functions and non have had the CUE until I got my latest one: Viewmage AT-2003P. I plugged it directly to my...
  29. WesleyHester

    My RP-91 has been resurrected!!!!

    I "retired" my RP-91 player about a year ago to give it a rest and try some up-scaling DVD players with aspect ratio control. I've recently brought my RP-91 out of retirement again to compare images and its output still looks damn good to this day. I have since installed the latest 262...