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  1. David_Moechnig

    Tivo without phone or broadband?

    Any suggestions on a DVD burner/hard drive?
  2. David_Moechnig

    Tivo without phone or broadband?

    I'm kind of a cheapskate and don't have a landline for phone or any type of high speed internet connection. I also don't have cable, all my TV watching is don via local OTA broadcast which is more than enough for me. I do however want to get a TIVO or some form of DVR to record OTA programming...
  3. David_Moechnig

    A question about keys.

    An easier way to do it is take the ignition switch off the wheeler and get the key number off the bottom side and go to the dealer and order a key. I had to do this on my 85 Yamaha RZ350 a while back, I think it cost around $10-15. That is probably cheaper than hiring a locksmith to do it.
  4. David_Moechnig

    raising kids: choosing hobbies/skills

    I think I'll let my son do what he's interested in. Of course, there are some things like sports and other things that my wife and I will have to help generate some interest but if he doesn't enjoy it there is absolutely no sense in pushing any further. Other things like math/sciences, reading...
  5. David_Moechnig

    Is my hard drives damaged enough?

    I shot one with 00 buck shot from a 12 gauge shtgun once. Only I did it for fun, not to keep people from reading old data.
  6. David_Moechnig

    Mr. Mom for a month.

    You will have the time of your life for the next month. I was Mr. Mom for a year while I was a full-time student and mom was working (we worked schedules out) and would do it all over again.
  7. David_Moechnig

    Jillain Grace

    A friend of mine's little brother dated her about 2 years ago when he was in high school.
  8. David_Moechnig

    Getting a cell phone, need suggestions

    Has anyone used to order a phone and plan? After reading more about the MPx220 and talking to several people that have/have used one I want to get that phone. However, I want to get a family talk plan with 2 phones but my wife does not need nor want the MPx220. I can't find a way to...
  9. David_Moechnig

    Getting a cell phone, need suggestions

    I have already decided on Cingular for a carrier since it is the only thing that gets good reception at my house. I am looking at a Motorola MPx220 flip phone. I've never had a cell phone before and don't know how the purchasing and programming of the phone works. has the phone free with...
  10. David_Moechnig

    Infinity Alpha, front 3

    Sent PM
  11. David_Moechnig

    Making The Grade

    I had a Heat Transfer teacher that when questioned about grading he would usually give the points back. However, he would ususally notice something else wrong and take away more points than he gave back.
  12. David_Moechnig

    Got Metallica 180g Vinyl?! Coming 11/23

    Acousticsounds is sold out, they are going for several hundred dollars on ebay. What other retail places might have one around still?
  13. David_Moechnig

    Computer Club

    Check with local companies, sometimes their IT departments build up inventory of un-needed parts and will donate them and use the tax write-off for the donation. Also, Goodwill and Salvation Army get a lot of old computers that may or may not work. You might be able to get those PC's and use the...
  14. David_Moechnig

    1420 calorie burger at Hardees

    Nope, I had one. It was everything you could ask for in a cheeseburger, I didn't even have to order fries to fill me up.
  15. David_Moechnig

    1420 calorie burger at Hardees friggin' awesome, I'll have to go to Hardee's tonight
  16. David_Moechnig

    Failing Yamaha DVD-S1200

    I've got a Yamaha DVD-S1200 that is starting to freeze up part way through a movie (1.5 hr mark usually). It will usually continue to play after a second or 2 then it will freeze up agin anfter another minute or so. This is getting old... very quickly. Supposably this is a rebadged RP-91 with a...
  17. David_Moechnig

    Holiday Spice Pepsi

    I picked up a bottle if it Waterloo, IA and didn't care for it. It wasn't awful, but I don't think I'll buy it again. The two flavors just aren't in harmony with each other.
  18. David_Moechnig

    I need suggestions for a shower scene

    Real blood coagulates withing minutes of contact with air. I've personally slaughtered many hogs in my day and I've never seen liquid blood for more than 5-10 minutes.
  19. David_Moechnig

    Looking for a Good Chinese Cookbook

    Thread title pretty much sums it up. I want to get a good, inexpensive Chinese cookbook. I'd like to have something that has a mix of traditional Chinese food as well as having some Americanized (is that a word?) Chinese food like you'd get at a typical Chinese restauraunt here in the States...
  20. David_Moechnig

    Motorcyclist clocked at 205 mph

    I've been 115 indicated on my 1985 Yamaha RZ350, I couldn't imagine adding another 90mph to that.
  21. David_Moechnig

    please recommend an all-in-one inkjet...

    I have not been a fan of HP printers (or anything besides calculators) because the driver pack is astonishlingly huge. The last HP I installed used a 166MB driver pack and used over 40 megs of system memory. All the applications that come with the printer are always running in the background and...
  22. David_Moechnig

    Megadeth - The System Has Failed

    I was under the impression that Nick Menza was back as the drummer for this album. Either way I'm going to go pick this one up this weekend sometime.
  23. David_Moechnig

    Any experience with FYE?

    Does anyone have experience with pre-orders from FYE? I pre-ordered Star Wars and wanted to have a movie night the night it comes out and was wondering if they ship early so it should arrive on release date or if they ship on the release date. Thanks.
  24. David_Moechnig

    engine that runs off air

    From a purely thermodynamic standpoint the idea is good but inherently flawed to the point of not being viable. To get the same power output as a gas engine you would need air to be at extremely high pressure going in (high enthalpy kJ/kg) and low pressure, almost to atmposheric or lower coming...
  25. David_Moechnig

    Help! My Receiver Is Possessed!

    If it is truly posessed then you can probably sell it on e-bay for 10-15 times its actual value, you just need some clever story to go along with it like the posessed rubber ducky that was floating around a while back (no pun intended). Then you can buy whatever new receiver you want.
  26. David_Moechnig

    SVS pci 20-39 for sale

    If only I had $350, I'm only abour 4 hrs away from you. I'd love to have twins.
  27. David_Moechnig

    JVC HM-DH30000U for $160 should I get it?

    Sounds like I should go ahead and pick it up. However, I'm going to pass on the extended warranty since I don't have an HDTV yet. That will be my first big purchase when I get done with my B.S.M.E. in December. I just happened to see it there and thought it was a pretty good deal. I'lll probably...
  28. David_Moechnig

    JVC HM-DH30000U for $160 should I get it?

    The thread title pretty much sums it up. A local Sears store has their demo JVC HM-DH30000U DTHEATER DVHS deck for sale for $160 + tax. Would this be a good buy or is DVHS a dying breed? I saw this thing there a few months back that they were selling for $250 and I thought that was a good deal...
  29. David_Moechnig

    I want to build some Tower Speakers! help plz!

    I'd highly reccomend buying Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason. I recently purchased and read the entire book and it answered a lot of questions. Parts Express has the book as well as this place. I would start off with something simple like an inexpensive pair of 2-way bookshelves and...