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  1. Emile

    Athena technology SPeaker systems

    I have had Athena audition speakers for about 9 months now, and I love them. I have the AS-F2 for the L/R fronts, AS-C1 for center, and the AS-B2 for the surrounds, as well as the AS-P400. I would have to agree that for bass intensive movies the mains are just not good enough, but the AS-P400...
  2. Emile

    Why is my TV bleeding color?

    Chris, it does seem to appear especially in vertical lines, though I am not sure if it is completely exclusive to them. It seems that I am seeing a prism of color. For example, one scene in which this problem is very obvious is the oracle scene in the Matrix; there are a bunch of beads in the...
  3. Emile

    Why is my TV bleeding color?

    I just recently purchased a 32' flat Toshiba (32Af42) and I keep noticing very obvious problems of color seepage where there should be none. It is very blatant, and the best way I could describe the color pattern is to say it looks like a rainbow. It usually is only minor, but it is driving me...
  4. Emile

    Best HTIB for under $1000 CDN

    For 1000 you could get a take 5.2 for around 500 or so (retail price 600), buy a decent $300 receiver (Onkyo 500?) and then spend the rest on a good dvd player (toshiba sd4800-150 or so) or a decent dvd player and accessories. Spending 1200 on a HTIB seems very contradictory to me, because for...
  5. Emile

    Should you really set your floorstanding speakers to large?

    I was watching the Avia guide to home theater and I noticed that when they talked about speaker settings they recommended that you usually should set your speaker settings to small even if you have floorstanding speakers. They recommended this because they said that 8inch woofers or less were...
  6. Emile

    Does hooking an extension cord into another extension cord create a fire hazard?

    I am pretty much done with the basic setup of my HTS, except I have not plugged in the power cords as of yet. The problem is that where I positioned the equipment, there is no 3-pronged outlet, so I need 30ft of extension cord that I can then plug into my surge suprressor to reach the equipment...
  7. Emile

    How much do you need to spend?

    I have heard that ascend acoustics are primarily music speakers, not home theater, though I have not personally auditioned them. I guess you should make sure of that since you want a system that is for movies. I was tempted to buy Acend when I was shopping (CBM-170s all around) but there are a...
  8. Emile

    2K Speaker Budget

    Try the Athena audition or S series. I have the former for my HTS system, and they both sound and look incredible. A 5.1 system can be had for 1000 where I am, less without the sub. These speakers are produced by API, the same company that makes Energy and Mirage, so they do have some pedigree.
  9. Emile

    Looking for some bookshelf speakers for rears..

    If you don't need to adhere strictly to the length requirement, the Athena audition ASB1's are very good for their price, I bought a pair for 180 or so.
  10. Emile

    Does stepping on speaker cables damage them?

    My carpet is cheap, so wear and tear due to traffic might be a problem, but I'd give the carpet a while yet. Thanks for the comments, I'll keep the cables under the carpet.
  11. Emile

    Does stepping on speaker cables damage them?

    I have finished all my wiring basically, and I have hidden my 12 gauge cables underneath my carpet. However, I am paranoid that stepping on them repeatedly will damage their performance, etc. Is there any truth to my worry? Would it be better to put them in plain sight so that they are not...
  12. Emile

    How to strip wire and use compression banana plugs?

    Thanks for the comments. Robwil, I tried the knife, but I definitely don't have that gentle touch, lol. Bob, I bought one of those from Lowes, and most of the wire is now intact when I cut the insulation. Thanks.
  13. Emile

    How to strip wire and use compression banana plugs?

    Thanks for the info Mat, it helps to have that much room between the wires...I am using compression type plugs for only 2 of my five speakers, so I guess I should be able to tighten as you suggested. Glen, it seems when I cut the insulation and take it off, lots of copper strands fall off...
  14. Emile

    How to strip wire and use compression banana plugs?

    I am almost completely done setting up my home theater system but I am having trouble with my wiring. I have never hooked up speakers before, and I only have spools of wire, not pre-terminated cables. I just bought a wire stripper, but I am having problems using it;it can only fit one wire a...
  15. Emile

    How important is S-Video for VCR?

    I am assembling my HTS at the moment and I wanted to use S-video connections for my vcr but realized it only has composite. I have been through a buyers guide for A/V equipment and very few VCRs seem to have S-video; almost all that do are S-VHS recorders. I don't need an S-VHS since I am not...
  16. Emile

    Recommended viewing distance for music versus movies?

    I am having a problem deciding on how far away I should sit from my tv. THX recommends a minimum of a 26 degree (or is it percent) viewing angle. Which means (according to a calculator for viewing distances) I should sit 4-5 ft away from my 32 inch 4:3 aspect ratio direct view TV. However, my...
  17. Emile

    Are two floorstanding near fullrange speakers and a subwoofer overkill?

    Thanks for the comments, I think I'll now hold onto my sub specifically for the bass in movies, though I think I'll also try for music just to see if it is decent that way too. What instrument would one have to use to measure frequency range (would a decibel meter do it)? Thanks.
  18. Emile

    Are two floorstanding near fullrange speakers and a subwoofer overkill?

    I purchased a 5.1 system, with the L/R fronts being floorstanding speakers that start at 35hz. I also have a subwoofer that is full range. I have heard some people claim that this is too much bass, and it would be better to either have satellites and a sub, or floorstanding and no subwoofer. I...
  19. Emile

    looking for a decent 5.1 setup

    The Athena .5 speaker system has had numerous glowing reviews, from winning product of the year award from goodsound to reviewers choice award from sound and vision. Though I have not personally heard this specific system I have heard their big brother, the Audition series. The Audition series...
  20. Emile

    Are Floorstanding speakers too large for a 15x12x8 room?

    Paul, the Athena audition sereis has an Ohm rating of 8, as stated by the 2003 edition of Sound and Vision buyers guide. I am pretty sure I am going to get the ASF2, the flagship tower for the audition series (there are only two), and the ASB2 along with the ASC1 and the PB400 to make a 6.1...
  21. Emile

    The proper relationship between screen height and viewing distance?

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I'll guess I'll go into the store and check it out with that in mind. And thanks for the calculator link Man-Fai, it's pretty useful.
  22. Emile

    Are Floorstanding speakers too large for a 15x12x8 room?

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Chris, nice pics, but does the bass overpower the room? Paul,I will be using a Onkyo 800 to power the speakers so I think that should be okay. Yung, if you let the subwoofer handle most of the bass then what is the benefit of having floorstanding speakers aside...
  23. Emile

    Are Floorstanding speakers too large for a 15x12x8 room?

    I was hoping to get Athena audition speakers, but I am not sure if my room is big enough for so much sound. My room is only 15Lx12Wx8H, and it seems like it could easily be overkill. I also have recently read that you should try to put your speakers about five feet away from the wall, and this...
  24. Emile

    The proper relationship between screen height and viewing distance?

    The room that I am using for my home theater setup is 15x12x8, and I just recently read in Practical Home Theater (Robert Harley) that viewing distance from the TV should be 5x the height of the tv. Is this true? I was hoping to put a 36inch in my room, but according to this setup I would have...
  25. Emile

    how Athena AS-F2, AS-B2 to other speakers

    There are a few reviews on these speakers at as well as at and There is also a review of the ASF2 in stereophile, I think it is for August 2002. From what I have...
  26. Emile

    Are the specials really as good as they claim?

    Thanks for the comments, I think I will call them up about a Harman Kardon AVR 525+ Athena Audition series 7.1 special. Thanks.
  27. Emile

    Are the specials really as good as they claim?

    I have been looking at home theatre setups and recently decided to buy an Aperion audio setup until I stumbled over a few specials at It seems like the deals they offer are way below retail price, and I was wondering if anyone had bought any of these specials? One that I was...
  28. Emile

    Best 32-36 ' analog for $700?

    I am looking for a tv to go with my home theater system, and though I have a 27 inch I am looking for something bigger. Could anyone recommend what they consider to be the best you can get on an analog 32-36' for 700? Thanks for any comments.
  29. Emile

    Anything better than the Onkyo TS-R600 and in the same price range?

    I was looking for a receiver to go with Aperion audio 5.1 speakers, and they sell their packages with Onkyo, which, though I don't know too much about specifically, is supposed to be good. So could I go wrong with buying a TS-R600? It retails for 500 but they are selling it with the speakers for...
  30. Emile

    Question about Dolby Pro Logic II

    Thanks for the info, now I know what to look for.