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  1. Mikah Cerucco

    24: Live Another Day

    And Black Bauer (Curtis).
  2. Mikah Cerucco

    The Good Wife - Season 5

    In a perfect world, they'd move The Good Wife either to 10p ET or another night. Put on some football "wrap up" show after the game (it'll get ratings). But it ends for the 10p ET slot. If they wrap up for 60 minutes, so be it. If it's 15 minutes, so be it. At least people who want to watch The...
  3. Mikah Cerucco

    HBO The Newsroom Season 2

    Thanks for that. I fully expected to ho-hum my way through it, but no go. Good delivery, and on point.
  4. Mikah Cerucco


    I think people call that retconning. He's referred to in the first two novels as a sociopath. I'm not prepared to dive into an internet way back machine, but Hannibal was commonly referred to at the time as being a sociopath and I don't remember reading anything in the time period from Harris...
  5. Mikah Cerucco


    I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts, but... (book and movie spoilers...)
  6. Mikah Cerucco

    HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 3

    Yes, Cat. I haven't read the books, but I've seen descriptions of the difference between the way it plays out in the books and the way it did on TV, and said descriptions make reference to it being told from Cat's POV (including her thoughts and her descent into madness before her throat is...
  7. Mikah Cerucco

    HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 3

    I felt I knew what I needed to know about Littlefinger's character after the whole Ned ordeal. Still, seldom are people ALL good or ALL bad, especially in the world of GoT. One of the things that initially attracted me to the story is GRRM's resistance to forming standard "good" and "bad"...
  8. Mikah Cerucco

    American Idol - Season 12

    I just watched the rock episode. I miss James Durbin ("Heavy Metal"). And Josh Krajcik ("The Pretender") from The X Factor. Those are the two best "rock out" performances I've personally seen on a talent show (that I can recall). And for a somewhat softer/southern (?) rock, Bo Bice. We...
  9. Mikah Cerucco

    American Idol - Season 12

    I don't care who wins, but I do want Amber and Candice to stick around so I can hear more performances from them. I do sometimes see young Whitney in Amber. Then it'd be Kree followed by Angie. But that's not any type of objective assessment of vocal tone or ability. It's heavily influenced by...
  10. Mikah Cerucco

    The Good Wife Season 4

    Morena Baccarin was smoking. As for the "Anal" comment, my wife and I both looked at each other agape. Sometimes you're just cruising the countryside, obstensibly paying attention, then you run over a bump or pothole and you suddenly are paying attention at a heightened level that puts your...
  11. Mikah Cerucco

    Walking Dead Season 3

    She was born in America and spent her childhood here.
  12. Mikah Cerucco

    Parenthood - Season 4 thread

    "It's too bad because the show was doing something really great with a more accurate portrayal of a family of a kid with Asperger's." Agreed. On another note, I don't know what the vending machines looked like as I didn't pause and I don't have the episode anymore, but in the PTA meeting, the...
  13. Mikah Cerucco

    Homeland Season 2 The scene with Abu Nazir accepting Brody's promise wasn't perfect. I don't know if I blame the acting, writing, or directing. It was passable at best. You have to absolutely believe Brody promising on...
  14. Mikah Cerucco

    Walking Dead Season 3

    They did spent a lot of time together, but the Andrea Michonne got to know was alone and sick. It's easy to have a "close" relationship when the relationship isn't really tested (except by the shared need to stay alive). Now Andrea has options, and she likes those options. Andrea isn't just in...
  15. Mikah Cerucco

    Revolution season 1 thread

    1 Pendant/amplifier... 1/2 mile. 12 Pendants/amplifiers... 6 miles. Or maybe 1 for each helicopter, plus 1 for base. This is just the beginning. There are more pendants.
  16. Mikah Cerucco

    Homeland Season 2

    I can only assume this is entertainment rules and that it isn't really that popular that we expect our government agencies to snuff out people who aren't imminent threats without trials and hide it from the American public. Hopefully we don't forget that the police department, military, CIA...
  17. Mikah Cerucco

    Revolution season 1 thread

    I'm sure they'll help the audience remember not only schedule but story, just as they would going from one season to the next. This is a planned hiatus, not a, "This show isn't doing well, so let's pull it and run it out at some unknown future date." As for the Oxygen, that bothered me as well...
  18. Mikah Cerucco

    Elementary (CBS) - season 1 thread

    "She made it very easy to hate Wendy Scott-Carr, but I did not hate her character as much here. I also didn't think of her other character until you mentioned it here." You wouldn't even have recognized her on Private Practice. I just rewatched the Inside The Actor's Studio episode featuring...
  19. Mikah Cerucco

    Boss Season 2 (Starz)

    There may have been a lot of great setup for a third season, but there' s no guarantee of a Season 3 as far as I know.
  20. Mikah Cerucco

    The Good Wife Season 4

    Ah. That explains it. I was wondering how I was picking up some things. Was there some type of announcement, or is it just something you happened to notice? I wasn't a big fan of the finger / finger / slurp scene. Nothing wrong with the scene per se, but I didn't think it fit with The Good...
  21. Mikah Cerucco

    Person of Interest Season 2

    Is there really any question about how long a case of the week show can last? The machine providing a number is just the jumping off point. How long have Law & Order and CSI been running? I think the core of the show is the case of the week with or band of merry men (and woman) fighting crime...
  22. Mikah Cerucco

    Elementary (CBS) - season 1 thread

    Well, I don't watch The Mentalist anymore, but I did watch the first season. Elementary feels like a knockoff with a different cast. Obviously it's not a direct copy, but after watching episode 2, it felt just like watching The Mentalist. That isn't to say that it can't be a good show, have good...
  23. Mikah Cerucco

    Elementary (CBS) - season 1 thread

    Really? Do you watch The Mentalist?
  24. Mikah Cerucco

    Last Resort (ABC) - season 1 thread

    I believe the sub's completment is 134, we just haven't seen them. And I'd make a statement, but I don't 100% know so I'll post it as a question. It's it consistent for a person to ignore an order if they get a conflicting order from a superior officer? The captain is absolute authority on...
  25. Mikah Cerucco

    Parenthood - Season 4 thread

    While recognizing, "It's just a TV show," the looks Jabar kept throwing at Crosby were heartbreaking as Jasmine explained it's a word white people use to denigrate black people. The word itself... *shrug*. But having a white father and hearing what Jabar heard would have to be tough on a kid.
  26. Mikah Cerucco

    Dexter season 7

    It's not even difficult, even for a script kiddie. I typed up an explanation of how, but then decided that'd be irresponsible. So I'm just going to leave it at, "Not even difficult." Remember, he had access to Dexter's computer.
  27. Mikah Cerucco

    Fringe Season 5

    I don't see them going back in time as it wouldn't defeat the Observers. September had a plan. He has looked at the futures and in every one Olivia had to "die". But... he never verbalized what happens after that. His end game was to save humanity from what he knew was coming. He has gone...
  28. Mikah Cerucco

    S.H.I.E.L.D. (Joss Whedon's Live Action Marvel Universe TV Series on ABC)

    I was a Marvel comic reader during the golden age of comics, and I'm liking that some of these things are being brought to the screen, but I don't really see how this can be great. I hope I'm wrong, but what truly compelling superhero TV shows have we seen? Heroes was probably my favorite, and...
  29. Mikah Cerucco

    Fringe Season 4

    Oh my. That felt like watching a trailer of some kick*** hollywood scifi movie. I want the final season on BluRay tomorrow so I don't have to wait week to week.
  30. Mikah Cerucco

    HBO's NewsRoom (Sorkin) Season 1

    I'm seeing various forms of that statement so just to clarify... HBO does care about ratings. But they care about all ratings, and they care about who is watching the show, not the advertising. Thus a 70-year-old person who subscribes to HBO to watch Game of Thrones repeats 4 days after original...