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  1. Roberto Carlo

    Welcome to "Torchwood"

    Just watched "Cyberwoman" and all I can say is how do you say "woo boy, that s**ked!" in Welsh? It was awful. Every time Lianto started whining about his girlfriend, I wanted Jack to just shoot him. Barely three episodes into the series and they're already going for Cybermen AND running around...
  2. Roberto Carlo

    Almost complete Beethoven set (70 CDs) $26

    Thanks for the link. I already own the comparable Masterworks Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak and Brahms sets.
  3. Roberto Carlo

    DVD Review HTF Review: Zodiac

    My reaction exactly. I have two DVD players: an OPPO 970 and the Playstation 3 with the latest firmware and this disc looked mediocre on both of them. The word that came to mind while watching it was "uneven." I "got" what Fincher was trying to do, look-wise, but the problems went beyond that...
  4. Roberto Carlo

    Samsung 50" DLP (5063W) for Sale

    It's two years old with a newish (6 months) lamp and new color wheel. It's been ISF calibrated by Avical. In excellent condition. $500 o.b.o. I don't want to go through the shipping mishigas: looking for buyers within driving distance of Washington DC area.
  5. Roberto Carlo

    Microsoft Confirms they don't want HD DVD or Blu-ray to survive!?

    This is a fascinating thread. Whenever I read or hear tech company guys describe the future, Donald Fagen's I.G.Y. starts playing in my head. They're so smitten by what they think they can do, they don't seem to ask themselves "do people really want smart coffee tables?" Likewise, they seem...
  6. Roberto Carlo

    Microsoft Confirms they don't want HD DVD or Blu-ray to survive!?

    Well, given the abundance of broadband options that allow me to download HD media playable on my 50" monitor in the time it takes me to make a snack, of course. I'm sorry but the guy from Microsoft seems to be stunningly unaware of (a) the bandwidth problem -- as in how long it would take to...
  7. Roberto Carlo

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Exactly. The show has never been a mobster show; it's a show about families that uses the mobster setting to illustrate and draw out the tensions, compromises and contradictions that every family faces. In the end, Tony only has his family: his crew is decimated; Melfi "fired" him and he's...
  8. Roberto Carlo

    Swap 720p DLP for 720p Plasma

    I'd like some advice/input on a notion that's been bouncing around in my head lately: I currently have a Samsung 5063W DLP. It's been calibrated by Avical, so you know that it's getting the best picture I can reasonably expect from it. It's on its second bulb. I've always found the picture...
  9. Roberto Carlo

    After almost a year, still glad to be sitting out format war

    I bought a PS3 on Monday. I had planned on sitting out but the ability to play games (actually, my son is the gamer -- I'm a klutz) and the increasing number of Blu-Ray titles convinced me that this was a pretty low-risk way to dip one's toe in the waters.
  10. Roberto Carlo

    Can't Register Remote

    I had the same problem. I first had to update the firmware. Then it worked fine, although it took a few minutes.
  11. Roberto Carlo

    PS3 Owners,what receivers are you using?

    Onkyo TX-SR803. I run the PS3's HDMI through the receiver and then to my Samsung DLP. Works fine except that I still haven't figured out how to get the setup to play multichannel SACDs in, well, multichannel.
  12. Roberto Carlo

    Blu-ray owners: What Blu-Ray Players do you have?

    Sony Playstation 3 60GB. Got it on Monday.
  13. Roberto Carlo

    New York Times: Fiddling With Formats While DVD Burns

    Here's the lede: Here's the link
  14. Roberto Carlo

    Talking Heads Box Set-DualDiscs?

    Unfortunately, the set will not play -- at least, the high resolution side -- on Pioneer DVD-A players. I just got off the phone with a very helpful guy, Mac, from Rhino who assured me that my experience is typical. That's a shame: I really looked forward to this set but I'm not buying a new...
  15. Roberto Carlo

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    Yet they are "alive" and "sentient" enough to be worth having sex with. After all, who has sex with an appliance? (Don't answer. :D) Yes, rape is a crime of violence but a sexual crime nonetheless. That's why it's, to quote Law & Order: SVU, "especially heinous." A man who rapes a woman...
  16. Roberto Carlo

    Threshold ongoing thread

    What bothered me most was an appalling lack of attention to little details: for instance, Richmond is at least 90 minutes from DC, so going home to get some sleep and being back in eight hours meant only sleeping, at most, five. I know: not a big deal but they could have done better. Likewise...
  17. Roberto Carlo

    Song from "Revelations" commercial?...

    I participated in the press event for this show. I even got a copy of the screener for the first episode. While the "theology" is unintentionally hilarious, it is pretty well-done. (The writer-director also wrote "The Omen" among other things.) It's creepy in parts and kind of exciting in...
  18. Roberto Carlo

    Could anyone confirm if Alan Alda or Jimmy Smitts are listed in TWW's opening credits

    It's funny but I thought that I had heard the opposite: a new version of TWW would have a GOP administration to open the possibility for new stories. Not that I'd mind a Santos presidency: I like the idea of my fellow Nuyorican (Smits) as president AND Princess Leia's adoptive father...
  19. Roberto Carlo

    Could anyone confirm if Alan Alda or Jimmy Smitts are listed in TWW's opening credits

    Amen. I've never bought into the idea of C.J. as Chief of Staff and I'm tired of everyone else. I simply don't care about the denouement of the Barlett presidency.
  20. Roberto Carlo

    See what song was at the top of the charts on the day you were born

    Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley & The Comets. I'm as old as Rock n' Roll. Both life-affirming and depressing at the same time. :frowning:
  21. Roberto Carlo

    Battlestar Galactica - SciFi US broadcast thread

    Watching the exchange I thought of Princeton professor Bernard Lewis, the eminent scholar of Islam. I'm reading his book "The Muslim Discovery of Europe" and before that I read "The Middle East: A Brief History of the Past 2000 Years." When the Cylon talked about Starbuck's "idols" and her many...
  22. Roberto Carlo

    Battlestar Galactica - SciFi US broadcast thread

    Having Adama call out the Tribunal and the Sargent-at-Arms was a clear reference to the 1954 Senate Hearings when the special Counsel to the Army, Joseph Welch, rhetorically asked Joseph McCarthy "Sir, have you no sense of decency?" When the Army turned on McCarthy, the back of that witch hunt...
  23. Roberto Carlo

    Law & Order - Jan 12

    Or maybe it was a subtle dig at that mentality? Who know? In any case, it was bad writing.
  24. Roberto Carlo

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Flash: What are your plans now? Why are you reluctant to tell us? After all, we're your puppets now. Green Lantern: We understand how you feel. What we did a half-century ago was wrong. And what they've done to you since then is even further from any possibility of forgiveness. Other...
  25. Roberto Carlo

    House, M.D. ongoing thread

    I'm thinking more like she lost a baby brother or sister. Recall when House, going on her behavior and attitudes, surmised that she was an only child and she said that she wasn't. That may be what she meant.
  26. Roberto Carlo

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Hurley's real name is "Hugo Reyes." "Hurley" could be a corruption or anglicization of his real name. How many think that the psychic intended for Claire to die?
  27. Roberto Carlo

    Csi 11/25/04

    Ditto. Actually, I think that, in some important ways, "door #1" isn't sustainable. Catherine's personal situation, as others have noted, has gotten worse. She won't be home when her kid gets home from school. Unless CSI is preparing to show MH the door in favor of the Ecklie character, which...
  28. Roberto Carlo

    Law & Order: SVU - 16 November 2004

    I thought that it was a very good and very creepy episode. The actor who played "Abraham" has a pretty good batting average when it comes to playing disturbing roles. My only quibble was that the end was pretty much telegraphed. Then again, a lot of shows resort to killing the perp before arrest...
  29. Roberto Carlo

    CSI: NY ongoing thread

    There was a fairly long article about the disorder and "amputee wannabes" in the Atlantic Monthly about two years ago. If you go to their website you can probably find it. It is the quintessential mental illness of post-modernity, with its fixation on group identity and self-expression.
  30. Roberto Carlo

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Correct on all counts. Aziz was the foreign minister during the first Gulf War and later was Saddam's prime minister. The Baath Party's, both in Iraq and elsewhere, founders included several Arab Christians, although the party's subsequent treatment of the indigenous Christian population was...