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  1. Brian Harnish

    Researching Market Values

    Thank you Dave. What do you think of prices for the following? Realistic or shooting myself in the foot (no buyers)? Toshiba 42H83 HDTV-ready Rear Projection TV - $400 SVS Cylinder Subwoofer - $300 Onkyo TX-SR601 Receiver - $200 Pair of Infinity Primus 250 Speakers - $200 Infinity Primus...
  2. Brian Harnish

    Researching Market Values

    Hello everyone! I used to be very active here when I was in the midst of purchasing my home theater a few years ago. But, alas, I've fallen on hard times and need to sell my equipment and software, so I'm performing some market research. I'm looking for information on what dollar values I...
  3. Brian Harnish

    Sony wega HDTV 34'' tube

    That is true, actually. What the salesperson is talking about is that 720 lines of progressive resolution is better than 480 progressive. However, there are a few things to take into consideration: 1. Does the TV upconvert the resolution from say 430 to 480? This is a process of adding...
  4. Brian Harnish

    MS Paint God?

    That's what I was going to say re: the drawing tablet.
  5. Brian Harnish

    HDTV Connector Compatibility...

    Thanks for the reply, BTW. Well, with the really bad winds over here, I ended up without a satellite signal permanently. So, the satellite company could not get anybody out until AFTER the weekend. I work full time, so I won't be able to have anybody come out for another week. I figured if I...
  6. Brian Harnish

    HDTV Connector Compatibility...

    Okay, I'm jumping into the world of HDTV (at last) and High Definition DVRs. After a terrible experience with satellite service (of which I won't go into here) I'll be getting HDTV from my local cable company. However, I have a problem. I'm noticing that the connectors on the DVR and my...
  7. Brian Harnish

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    Well, I know I haven't been in the forums for a long, long, LONG while, but with the original version of Superman II by Richard Donner finally being released I just had to see if there was an official HTF review of it. But there doesn't seem to be (at least not with any links on this forum)...
  8. Brian Harnish

    Personality type quiz - leader/movie

    Famous leader... What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by And my classic movie was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Odd combination.
  9. Brian Harnish

    Ever Try To Cancel Something?

    ROTFL!! This stuff is GOLD!
  10. Brian Harnish

    Welcome Jack O'Halloran!

    Hello Jack, Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you've decided to join us in our small corner of the WWW. :) Superman II is one of my all-time favorite films, and I always found some comic relief in Non to be a great highlight of a film that was otherwise almost ruined (I say almost due to...
  11. Brian Harnish

    Fell down stairs while carrying the baby

    Wow! Talk about the timing of this thread. I fell up a portion of stairs (which just so happened to have a cement wall when they twist up a second flight to my apartment). I had one hell of an impact when I fell forward, hit my knee on the edge of the cement stair, as well as hitting the top of...
  12. Brian Harnish

    Inexpensive Balcony Furniture Recommendations?

    Preferably looking for something less than $100 w/decent quality. Is there such a thing?
  13. Brian Harnish

    Inexpensive Balcony Furniture Recommendations?

    Well, I have FINALLY gotten back into my own apartment (after a long year of suffering the agony of living at home with the 'rents!!) and I'm now settled, I need to begin thinking about adding stuff to my balcony. So, does anyone have any recommendations for cheap, but decent quality furniture...
  14. Brian Harnish

    Worst employee stories..

    Here's mine (which happened just a couple of weeks ago): I was working on fixing a networking issue on a (surprise) Dell Laptop Computer. Turns out Dell isn't compatible with the network at home, so I call their support line (which is the WORST). They could not get me a solution online and...
  15. Brian Harnish

    Considering Vision Corrective Surgery

    I have been seriously considering LASIK for about a year now. I haven't had great lense-free vision for over 8 years now. How I would love to have lense-free vision again. I think it's time for me to delve into my research mode! :) BTW - does anyone know how sitting at a computer (my job is...
  16. Brian Harnish

    So, Does the Thought of a Dominatrix Sound Appealing?

    Chu- Then I guess this article was an "emotionally draining experience"? :D
  17. Brian Harnish

    Upgradeitis has hit! Opinions on these DVD players needed.

    Hello, ladies and gents! Before getting into my new place, I've decided to treat myself to a home theater system upgrade. Namely, upgrading my DVD player. I have a Toshiba SD-4700 DVD player. How will the following rate improvement-wise over my SD-4700? I'm planning on keeping my DVD Player...
  18. Brian Harnish

    My car is biting the dust...advice?

    Well, hopefully things will work out when I take my car into the shop. I definitely cannot afford a new car when I am planning on moving into a new apartment in about a month!
  19. Brian Harnish

    My car is biting the dust...advice?

    About a month and a half ago (I always change the oil around 3000-4500-ish miles).
  20. Brian Harnish

    My car is biting the dust...advice?

    Well...I've come to ask for some advice (planning on taking my car to the mechanic next week on my days off to find out what is going on). My 10 year old 1996 Honda Civic LX has some SERIOUS hard engine knock whenever I slow down and begin to accelerate (just before I begin to accelerate it...
  21. Brian Harnish

    Stromboli's, how the heck do you eat these things without...

    Why would ANYONE want to eat a stromboli NEAT?!?!?! Bring on the mess!!! :D :D :D ;) ;) ;)
  22. Brian Harnish

    Two Things That I Think Are Priced Unreasonably

    Apartments. Very difficult to find any decent 1 bedrooms for less than 1,000/month around here. There should be a cap on rent like there is in New York. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  23. Brian Harnish

    Age when you started disliking your b-day?...

    Looks like I'm in the minority -- I absolutely ENJOY my birthdays -- every single one of them. Where else can you get free food, free cake, free stuff, and free money without any additional effort? I cant think of anywhere you can except Christmas!!! Although, that's minus the cake, of...
  24. Brian Harnish

    Car Stolen - Any Advice

    Edit: Congrats on the engagement!! :) I had a similar situation happen at my old apartment. I ended up having my car broken into and a thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen out of my car. They attempted to steal my car (my ignition was completely torn up), but luckily something prevented...
  25. Brian Harnish

    *** Official *** XBox 360 Hardware DISCUSSION Thread

    Damn...if I wasn't financially preparing myself for my new apartment -- I'd pick up an XBox 360 on Tuesday in a SECOND. Well, there's always next time to get in on the launch date of next-gen systems! :)
  26. Brian Harnish

    just got hired for a high-pressure commission based sales job

    Well, I just got an awesome job as a Mortgage Loan Officer that I'm really proud of. I just have to get the cold calling aspect of the job down and I'll be selling loans left and right!! :D Anyway, I got my start in retail sales at CompUSA over a year and a half ago when a manager made the...
  27. Brian Harnish

    Don't like having your conversations recorded? Don't shop at Best Buy then!

    Isn't it illegal to require phone numbers or other such information to process a purchase?
  28. Brian Harnish

    Warner Bros. – We Want A Richard Donner Re-Cut of Superman II

    I cannot BELIEVE they are finally doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jumps up and down with uncontrollable excitement:
  29. Brian Harnish

    Why do American cars and trucks suck so bad?

    I've had a 9 year old (1996) Honda Civic Sedan (63,000 miles at the time I purchased it) for well over a year without any problems whatsoever and I even took a round trip to Vegas and back once. And that's without any tune-ups! Of course, I did have a tune-up/oil change/filter change/etc. done...