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  1. Chris Tsutsui

    2-channel listening

    Seems like the pre/pro would be doing the same thing your DAC does. It's sole function to convert digital signal to analog which would go to the amps. The DAC1 looks like it has a gain control too (though I may be wrong), so it basically is a pre/pro right? So the macbook is essentially...
  2. Chris Tsutsui

    Outlaw Audio Model 997

    I'm shopping for a pre/pro. Does anyone know what the best reasons would be to wait for this model and not get the ones Outlaw already has that are on sale? Is there any competition for this pre/pro from other manufacturers? Thanks
  3. Chris Tsutsui

    A good question for DIY experts in design...

    I suppose the air passage within a box can be altered to an "extreme" to fundamentally represent a transmission line. Basically, the back wave of the subwoofer would be altered by the "braces". Holes in a solid box brace may act as a sort of "filter" of acoustic energy. "Compartments" would...
  4. Chris Tsutsui

    Rounding corners technique???

    I just saw that Dremel also has round over bits. It's not as robust as a router or mini router, but I think it could get the job done well enough if you already have one.
  5. Chris Tsutsui

    Piano black...which technique?

    I've tried the Autobody way, but my paint turns out like a majority of autobody factory paint jobs... The surface has a tiny ripple like finish. Sure you can see your reflection and it's shiny... It's just not REALLY smooth like a nice piano finish. What I'd like to know, is how to get a...
  6. Chris Tsutsui

    Plate amp or regular amp for HT sub?

    Plate Amps are pretty cheap. Plus to make a hole in the enclosure you just use a Jigsaw. Even a $20 black & decker model can make a square cut if you just predrill a hole. I like working with plate amps because you don't need a speaker terminal or speaker wire, just connect plate amp wire to...
  7. Chris Tsutsui

    Price check on Isle 5?

    Hey All, It's been a long time... I remember your Ushers with lead bricks on them and adire 12s at your UCI place. You heard my dual tempests and GR-AV3s... Now I'm working on Linkwitz Plutos. :) I got all my tempests from Kyle back when he first started acoustic visions. His business...
  8. Chris Tsutsui

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    When I think bass quality, I'm thinking you want to hear bass so real, it fools your mind. If a recording was done in an anechoic chamber and then played in your room... Then the sound interactions with the room might actually give you a good illusion of realism. However, if you have a...
  9. Chris Tsutsui

    My custom speaker cables! How to terminate them?

    Well if somebody wanted to know that didn't have banana plugs as an option. I say "don't terminate. Just twist the leads together, apply solder to the tip to bind the leads together, and use that.
  10. Chris Tsutsui

    Looking to build a high output music sub

    The tempest also has a Horn Enclsoure designed by Adire Audio which supposedly increases output by 6db. That's pretty insane considering the sensitivity is already about 90db. You can also consider Dual Shivas for $130ea. That'll be $260 and you can set them up in either a stereo fashion...
  11. Chris Tsutsui

    Adira Shiva rebuild help needed

    3L sealed? That's incredibly small... My tempest enclosure was 214L, and I didn't even go for the "big" one. That's sweet they are bringing back the original Tempest and Shiva. My tempest that I had in my car for a couple years has discolored tremendously and the surround is starting to...
  12. Chris Tsutsui

    Bass Trap question

    Too much treatment (absorb type) makes a room dead. Makes it sound acoustically "stuffy" as if your ears are plugged or your'e in a recording studio. Sure you'll hear ALL the direct sound from the speaker, but there will be no environmental interaction with that sound. With no environmental...
  13. Chris Tsutsui

    Narrow & deep or flat and wide?

    Aesthetics also has something to do with it since "skinny" is beautiful. People also only have "so" much room if they want a TV, equipment rack, etc... It also depends on the design compromise of finding the baffle that has good size/volume, aesthetics, and complexity. Dipole speakers and...
  14. Chris Tsutsui

    Home Theater Installation Charge?

    One thing to be careful for is professionals often have more than one person working, therefore it takes them less time, plus they do it ALL THE TIME. If you are the only one working, then it might take you 10 hours @ $40 an hour. While a crew of 2 professionals can do the same job in 2...
  15. Chris Tsutsui

    Bass Trap question

    Enough of those "slight" noticeable differences is what seperates your system from the masses. :) They really do add up...
  16. Chris Tsutsui

    In-ceiling and soundproofing

    I thought there were in-ceiling speakers that had small plastic baffles. If not, then a bunch of fiberglass insulation behind the speaker would be the easiest solution. This would probably work fine as long as those speakers arn't really loud. If they get loud then u might consider a "box"...
  17. Chris Tsutsui

    CSS WR125S speaker plans?

    Why not just use the 0.25 cubic feet with a 1.5" diameter port 4" long to tune it to 50hz. No crossover needed... The upper range extends up to the 10khz range. They seem like they are intended for near field listening. You can maybe check out JX92S Jordan designs which you should find...
  18. Chris Tsutsui

    3, 8 ohm drivers - how to wire them to get 4-8 ohms?

    If it were me, I'd try and use either 1 driver, or 4 or maybe more would sort of make it a line array. I don't think 3 full range drivers in a speaker is commonly used... 1 driver would be by far the easiest. :)
  19. Chris Tsutsui

    Bass Trap question

    Yeah, the WAF or SAF is extremely low for bass traps, HH resonators, and diffusors. :) If we left it up to the significant others to do our shopping we'd all have wall mounted plasmas with little or no component rack, and a well concealed Bose system. heh Actually I think my significant...
  20. Chris Tsutsui

    Bass Trap question

    15"D 4 feet high traps should definitely make a noticeable change. I made four similar size traps and it reduced the "DIPS" of my room's frequency response by 2db and pretty much altered the "sound" of the bass making it cleaner. I believe that Bass Traps really do things that parametric...
  21. Chris Tsutsui

    Bass Trap question

    I think the resonator type traps are round because you can buy tubes that are round already, then put stuffing in them or fill them partially with sand or whatever. I've seen PVC used for this and sonotubes. Just easier to construct. Square traps do the same thing but could be harder to...
  22. Chris Tsutsui

    Does speaker wire honestly make a difference?

    If I noticed a difference in speaker wire, I would buy monoblocks and have to do some modding to connect the amps directly to my speakers. No speaker wire pwns speaker wire... :)
  23. Chris Tsutsui

    Speaker Wire On a fair budget.

    If you really wanted to go nuts, you could use braided cat5, or do some crazy stuff with $1/ft Belden coax but I don't really think that's all that necessary for surrounds. I guess I'm not a firm believer that "braided" speaker wire sounds different than non-braided.
  24. Chris Tsutsui

    Speaker Wire On a fair budget.

    If he uses a PVC conduit, it might not be necessary to have the speaker wire to be in-wall rated. I dunno for sure though... About finding "shielded" speaker wire... I always thought that signal wire should be shielded from RF and not speaker wire. I guess if you are worried you could go with...
  25. Chris Tsutsui

    Velvet Drapery along walls..... good idea?

    U could go velvet curtains OVER sound panels for a really acoustically "dead" HT.
  26. Chris Tsutsui

    Retrofitting LCD mount for speakers?

    Doesn't seem too hard. I dunno how those speakers look but maybe you could mount a piece of wood to the back of the speakers using those two holes, then mount that wood onto the LCD stand. If it says 26lbs, and the titans weigh less than that, then I think it should work. Though it may not be...
  27. Chris Tsutsui

    New Sub Build - Driver Question

    Well it might not have that much "deep" bass, but it probably has oodles of efficiency and can hit ya hard in the chest. haha What would be bad is if it doesn't go very deep at all.... If u want u could always replace the subwoofer driver and get a new 15" once u realize it sounds bad...
  28. Chris Tsutsui

    What video cable to use.

    I'd run a quality S-video cable along with a VGA cable and a coax cable. (hehe that's 3) It pays now to have the wires run while ur making the theater so you don't have to add it later. If you plan on upgrading the projector. (Which is very feasable) Then run a component cable and maybe...
  29. Chris Tsutsui

    need silver coax for diy cable

    I'd search up on Belden 89259 coax too.
  30. Chris Tsutsui

    A new look ....

    Very nice. Has a "high end" audio feel to it and the wood craftsmanship looks like the work of a hired professional. I do like the look of solid wood edges. My friend and I built a pair of Jordan JX92s bookshelfs that were made of aluminum laminated MDF and our client wanted 1/4" solid maple...