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  1. Antonio Silva

    Eddie Murphy's The PJs

    I asked the same question a few months back, but it seems very few people like the PJs. I loved that show though and would love to have it released. My tapes are falling apart...:frowning:
  2. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family - Season 3 - Subtitle Question

    That's even worse...i can't display them (i'm in Europe), but i suspect there are a lot of people who use them in the USA. It's a shame really...:frowning:
  3. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family - Season 3 - Subtitle Question

    Thank you so much Reggie. Just as i suspected...:frowning: Oh well, i think i will have to watch it without subtitles.
  4. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family - Season 3 - Subtitle Question

    Hi, Can anyone with the set be kind enough to tell me if it includes English,Spanish or French subtitles (other than Closed Captions, which i can't display)? If i'm not mistaken, the first two seasons had English subtitles, but i checked some online retailers and reviews and there is no...
  5. Antonio Silva

    Beetlejuice Cartoons on dvd

    I am. Love the show and my Vhs tapes are falling apart.:frowning:
  6. Antonio Silva

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    Thank you so much, Chris_Marin. I was about to ask if the English subtitles were closed captioned or not, but your screen grab answered my question. Thanks again...:) :emoji_thumbsup:
  7. Antonio Silva

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    I too would like to know if it includes English or Spanish subtitles and if they are Closed Captions or regular subtitles. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks. :)
  8. Antonio Silva

    Scorsese box set announced!!!!

    Thank you Zachary. :emoji_thumbsup:
  9. Antonio Silva

    Scorsese box set announced!!!!

    Any word if the films in the box set will be available seperately? I'm interested in Mean Streets, but not the others... Thanks:)
  10. Antonio Silva

    My wish list

    Three for me from your list: Family Ties Growing Pains Beetlejuice
  11. Antonio Silva

    The Devil's Backbone- $300 DVD gift set w/statue

    Great film, with a very scary (in my opinion) ghost character. As others said, the film works in various ways, not just as a ghost story. Not too sure about the statue though... :p)
  12. Antonio Silva

    Freaks and Geeks reviews?

    Thank you so much ThomasC, for the subtitle info. Your help was appreciated. :emoji_thumbsup:
  13. Antonio Silva

    Freaks and Geeks reviews?

    Would anyone with the Special Edition be kind enough to tell me if it includes English or Spanish subtitles other than Closed Caption ones? I would appreciate the help. Thanks :)
  14. Antonio Silva

    The Crime of Bi-Lingual DVD Cover Art?

    Count me in as another person who hates bilingual covers. I used to order my dvds from Canada and from European companies who got their stock from Canada. Now i'm forced to order directly from the USA and, let me tell you, customs here in Portugal love USA packages... I also agree with...
  15. Antonio Silva

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    Please don't tell me this reissue won't include English subtitles other than Closed Captions. I hope that's a press release mistake and that the dvd will include English, French and Spanish subtitles. :frowning:
  16. Antonio Silva

    Duckman and The PJs - Ever been considered for a dvd release?

    I love those two shows and would like to know if there was ever any mention of a possible dvd release? As far as i know, The PJs had only 3 seasons and Duckman 4 seasons. Anyone else here like these shows and know of any dvd rumors? Thanks :)
  17. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family Subtitles

    EricSchulz, I'm no authority on the matter and i'm sure someone here will be able to explain it better, but as far as i know: Closed Captions Subtitle system used in the USA in which the subtitles are displayed using a decoder. All televisions in the USA have one built-in (which i believe...
  18. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family Subtitles

    Thanks Scott, The strange thing is that i'm aware that there is now a new forum devoted just to TV-on-DVD, and i was convinced that i had posted there. My mistake, sorry.:b
  19. Antonio Silva

    All In The Family Subtitles

    Hello, I've checked several reviews but i want to make sure before i order these sets: Do they include English subtitles? If so, are they Closed Captions, Open Captions or regular subtitles? Thank you :)
  20. Antonio Silva

    Ministry - Incase You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up.

    I love "Filth Pig". That's the sound of your nightmares right there. Can't understand why so many people dislike it. My favourite is still "Psalm 69" though.:emoji_thumbsup:
  21. Antonio Silva

    Any Chance of "Eddie Murphy: Delirious"?

    I've got the box and it really is amazing. As far as Eddie is concerned, i'll leave you with two names from his stand-up routine: Stevie Wonder and James Brown. Those two sketches are simply amazing.:D
  22. Antonio Silva

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    The Terminator 2 rip/homage is in the scene where Lucian, after biting Michael, goes after the car that Selene and Michael are riding, jumps on it and hits Selene through the top with the blade thing on his arm. Sorry, i'm not good at explaining scenes. That one is very much like the one in...
  23. Antonio Silva

    Discs coming filthy, even when brand new??

    It happened with one of my X-Files Season 8 discs. Totally covered with fingerprints. Played fine though. Don't they use gloves or something?
  24. Antonio Silva

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    I also liked Underworld a lot, for me a very cool popcorn movie, but i find it hard to believe that somehow people missed the very obvious Terminator 2 rips. Sorry Carlo, couldn't help quoting you.:D I'm way more interested in the prequel, although a sequel would be nice too.
  25. Antonio Silva

    Abel Ferrara's The Addiction - Any news?

    As far as i'm aware, this hasn't yet been released on R1. I know that there is a R2 version, but only as a double feature with "The Funeral" and, i think, no extras at all. Does anyone have any news or rumours about a future release? Am i the only one to like this film? :D Thanks.:)
  26. Antonio Silva

    Misery - Will there be a new release?

    Hi, As far as i know, there is only one version available in R1. Any info on a possible new release? It has been released in R2 recently with a good selection of extras. Thanks:emoji_thumbsup:
  27. Antonio Silva

    Seinfeld being prepped for a DVD release!!!!!!

    Season Sets please... Great news...bring it on :D
  28. Antonio Silva

    "Spider" gets release date- July 29

    Your talking about Cronenberg's Spider, right? I've seen it last year (if my memory is correct), but then again i'm in Portugal and film distributors seem to love Cronenberg around here:D. Anyway, a truly great film and astonishing performances by Ralph Fiennes, Gabriel Byrne and especially...
  29. Antonio Silva

    Profiler - Season 1 - 06.24.2003

    Opppsss, that one got through. Sorry.:b Thanks David:emoji_thumbsup:
  30. Antonio Silva

    Profiler - Season 1 - 06.24.2003

    Anyone spotted this one? Couldn't find a thread. Anyway, great news...:)