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  1. SVTStingRay

    Terminator 2 Bluray Collectors Edition with Exoskull $45!

    why have 1 when you can have 2! lol
  2. SVTStingRay

    Terminator 2 Bluray Collectors Edition with Exoskull $45! in case you missed it earlier (like me), this version is back on sale.
  3. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 12-4-2012

    the doc was available to download before the bluray was released, but its actually a extra disk.
  4. SVTStingRay

    Blu-ray Review The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Review

    once again, just like with avengers, i feel this movie (and the trilogy in whole) deserve better extras.
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    Weekly RoundUp 11-6-2012

    hd dvd, did i go thru a time warp?
  6. SVTStingRay

    E.T. Steelbook Scans

    i think they updated the profile of E.T. with the correct pics of front/back. sometimes when a special bluray is released IE steelbook. it takes a few days before its added to dvdprofiler.
  7. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 7-24-2012

    that price for TNG makes me want to upgrade. as far as the trade-in, they will take any dvds, i think i have some old ww2 documentary dvds in the truck with me that i dont want.
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    Weekly RoundUp 7-17-2012

    wow finally the butterfly effect on bluray, thats a must buy!
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    Weekly RoundUp 5-29-2012

    It seems Warner Bros is re-releasing some of their movies as steelbooks. here is the list Inception - SKU: 5513482 Goodfellas - SKU: 5513298 Hangover - SKU: 5513331 Matrix - SKU: 5513377 Gran Torino - SKU: 5513304 Shawshank Redemption - SKU: 5513386 Batman Begins - SKU: 5513313 Dark...
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    Weekly RoundUp 5-22-2012

    when best buy goes under, i will not shed a tear.
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    has anyone addressed at all the editing that was done to the originals to reduce the violence (troopers being shot). i remember a discussion about that long ago.
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    Battle: Los Angeles Blu-Ray

    theres alot to like about this movie and a few things not to. its deffinately miles ahead of skyline (i cant believe i sat thru and watched it all the way thru) but your right, the characters are the biggest weak spot. maybe if it was a 3 hour movie made "saving private ryan" style with more...
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    what i dont understand is the inclusion of the old making ofs but now that most of the model shots are gone from the special editions, kind of makes it a moot point.
  14. SVTStingRay

    USHE Announcement: What Dreams May Come

    what a great heartbreaking movie, both leads are superb. one of the few movies that has a great commentary track.
  15. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 11-30-2010

    damn was really hoping for a fantasia ironpack
  16. SVTStingRay

    Move Over Black Friday, Here's Cyber Monday!

    i need a deal for the galactica box set on blu.
  17. SVTStingRay

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 (Special Edition Combo Pack)

    wonder if best buy are going to release a ironpack version?
  18. SVTStingRay

    Robocop Trilogy on Blu for only $30

    i saw the robocop trilogy at walmart for $30.
  19. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 8-3-2010

    i need to order one of scarlet johansson
  20. SVTStingRay

    Digital copies that come with Blu-Ray actually expire

    i love digital copies with my blurays, i throw out the disk (cause i dont use them anyways) then reuse the bigger cases for some bluray collections.
  21. SVTStingRay

    WHV Announce: Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (Blu-ray)

    wow how nice, i didnt buy the first release to wait for this.
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Fast & Furious - Recommended

    best buy is including a bonus dvd disk with the bluray. back under the hood (6.17) - showcases the many cars of the movie mapping fast & furious (7.12) shows some different scenes involving pre-viz, storyboards, and toy cars. international tv special (21.51) shows first-look type special
  23. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 7-28-2009

    my jedi senses tell me theres a theme going on with those pics lol. wanting the box set for galactica but balking at the price. have their been any news on the other seasons being released?
  24. SVTStingRay

    Weekly RoundUp 7-21-2009

    wow cant wait to see sky captain on bluray!
  25. SVTStingRay

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Yes Man

    good movie but still felt like a sequel to liar liar
  26. SVTStingRay

    Any word on The Abyss?

    the king of the world has been kind of busy.
  27. SVTStingRay

    The Abyss

    im so waiting for this re-release on bluray. hopefully youll get to work on it as well. if only cameron can tear himself away from avatar for 2 seconds. ill say this for him van, the man works his butt off and puts 110% into his movies.
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    Weekly RoundUp 12-9-2008

    there was a batman movie? wow a new edition for i am legend? i hadnt heard anything about that.
  29. SVTStingRay

    No love for Davinci Code Extended Edition?

    no they never released the extended edition in the usa, i had to order mine from evilbay from region 3. may 15 2009 is the release date for the new movie angels and demons
  30. SVTStingRay

    No love for Davinci Code Extended Edition?

    with angels and demons coming out soon, why hasnt their been any news about a blu ray release of the davinci code? at the very least a extended edition dvd (which made the film that much better IMO, tom hanks mullet not withstanding)