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  1. JimC_A

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    Tony Siraguso is Frankie Cortese. He's been around since the first episode this season. Thanks for the Top Ten link. That is priceless.
  2. JimC_A

    Time to buy a new receiver...but I have no clue.

    I'd check into a Yamaha RX-V1300. The prices are coming down in advance of a new model. See what you think at their website.
  3. JimC_A

    Man, I need some Sopranos!!!

    You'll be out of episodes before season five starts in March. You'll have some drought to weather like the rest of us, but not as long.
  4. JimC_A

    2003 Toshiba

    I'd wait...
  5. JimC_A

    First time I actually thought a DSP mode did a good job.

    I must still be too newbie to not like them. I have the Yamaha 1300 and the dsp's on it are great. Spectacle is my favorite.
  6. JimC_A

    Best Buy trip

    Forget the beech...Get what you want, when you want it.
  7. JimC_A

    Which Show has Jumped the Shark?

    No offense D. Scott, but Robert was Evil's first name too. I guess my reference to Evil and this thread was a moot point to some, but I honestly thought the term was related to him and the ultimate end of his career.
  8. JimC_A

    Which Show has Jumped the Shark?

    I think as far as history is concerned, Robert Kneivel did the shark thing first. Am I wrong? Am I the only person in this thread that saw him do a jump live?
  9. JimC_A

    Yamaha Htr 5640

    I think it will only display when you are using a 6.1 encoded dvd. Do you have any of these?
  10. JimC_A

    Any place still selling the Panny CP72?

    Be careful buying any of the Crutchfield scratch and dents. I've sent two 72's back myself. I'd be curious to know if the numbers I have written down match any of their scratch and dents.
  11. JimC_A

    I got CFO approval, and I'm joining the HT club.

    I'm guessing it means Chief Financial Officer...
  12. JimC_A

    2003 Toshiba

    I'm glad I read the info before the spoiler took it away. Now we'll see how it plays out.
  13. JimC_A

    2003 Toshiba

    $1899???? $300 less than when the 50H82 came out?
  14. JimC_A

    newbie question, recommendations for a new receiver

    Don't worry about the component switching. It isn't a big deal to hook all the video connections to the tv and the audio to the receiver. You have to do more remote switching. Some don't care about that. I love my Yamaha 1300 and would highly recommend the 6.1 feature of any receiver, if your...
  15. JimC_A

    When is it done?

    Axiom QS8's...Is there a better surround for the same price?
  16. JimC_A

    Do 5.1 Receivers allow just (L, R, Center + sub) mode without rear surround spkrs?

    Never say never, or nearly impossible in this case. You'd be amazed how easy it is once you decide to do it.
  17. JimC_A

    Do 5.1 Receivers allow just (L, R, Center + sub) mode without rear surround spkrs?

    Yes is the answer to the first question. Just so you know, he rear surrounds don't have to be behind you. There is nothing wrong with mounting them on the side walls. You might be surprised how well you like them.
  18. JimC_A

    Questions about HDTVs

    I like the stretch modes of the Toshiba. Dvd's are incredible with the Panasonic CP72. TimeWarner HD is great as well. I've been more than pleased with our 50H82.
  19. JimC_A

    Help me pick a 6.1 receiver...

    Check out the Yamaha RX-V1300. It is a great receiver.
  20. JimC_A

    Please Kill me, I'm an idiot.

    This thread is so long and fun to read I forgot what model you bought. BTW...congratulations on your success!!
  21. JimC_A

    Looking for a new TV

    I like my Toshiba 50H82. I have zero complaints with picutre quality for dvd's and hdtv. I only have HD HBO via a digital TimeWarner connection. If you aren't going to change houses soon, I'd get the 50". If you plan on moving, like we are in three or four months, check out the 57H82. I wish I...
  22. JimC_A

    speakers for a newbie

    The 30 hour break in is a myth IMHO. My Axioms sound the same as when I unpacked them, which is simply awesome.
  23. JimC_A

    speakers for a newbie

    I was a brand spanking newbie once. I still am for that matter. The only bad thing I can say about my Axiom's...I couldn't audition them first. That being said, it didn't matter about the non-audition. I auditioned everything possible at the local B and M's. I bought the Axioms on a hunch and...
  24. JimC_A

    Best System ? $5,000

    Don't keep up with that one George. Real men don't have problems with WAF... J/K
  25. JimC_A

    What's YOUR TV? (And how would you rate it?)

    Make/Model: Toshiba 50H82 Size/Type: 50/RPTV Price you paid for it: $1979 @ Best Buy 24 mos free interest Good things: Great pic w/DVD and HDTV, good pic w/digital cable Bad things: Glare on the screen, Should have 3 HD inputs, Should have bought the 57" Overall: Are you happy with it...
  26. JimC_A

    Toshiba 50H82 & Kenwood HTB-505

    You need to list all the components in your system. Do you have cable (digital or not), vcr, dvd, etc? Then I can help. Also, tell me the model number of the receiver you have in that box.
  27. JimC_A

    Onkyo 700 , Yamaha 1300 , Denon 3803 Comparison

    We love our 1300. I considered the same models as you and a couple more. I went with the Yamaha. I'd have to hear another brand with my exact setup in our house to be convinced we could have better sound. Go with your gut instinct. If it's your first HT, I'm sure you'll be happy with either of...
  28. JimC_A

    Im new to this forum and big screens

    Check out internet pricing on the Toshiba 50H82. I wouldn't trade ours for anything except the 65H82.
  29. JimC_A

    Do speakers really "break in" or does your ear just finally relent?

    I have an all Axiom 6.1 setup consisting of M60's, QS8's, VP150 and EP175. They sound exactly the same as when we received them last August.
  30. JimC_A

    Toshiba 50H82

    I have the 50H82 as well. I haven't been disappointed with the picture or features. Good luck with your decision.