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  1. Duane R

    Monsieur Spade

    Anybody catch this on Sunday? I thought it was pretty decent. Clive Owen in the title role, pretty good production values, and something a bit different to watch.
  2. Duane R

    Engines and oil

    An engine is gas powered and a motor is electric powered.
  3. Duane R


    The Autopsy is pretty good too.
  4. Duane R

    Favorite TV show opening titles?

    Carnivale on HBO. Pity it only ran two seasons.
  5. Duane R

    Counterpart (Starz) - Season 2

    BOO! I hope we get some kind of closure this coming week.
  6. Duane R

    Things You’ve Seen in Movies or TV But will Never See in Life

    A scene where someone is "driving" a car and you can clearly see where the shifter is clearly in park.
  7. Duane R

    Colony - Season 3

    I was pretty disappointed with the news myself...
  8. Duane R

    iZombie (The CW)

    Although That Rob Thomas did show up in the season 2 finale...
  9. Duane R

    The 100 (Season 4)

    Octavia is turning into a real killer--the moneyshot of killing the 2 guards and then later offing the rabble-rouser ambassador.
  10. Duane R

    Fargo - Season 2 (FX)

    The show has been renewed for a third season. I can't wait to see how that will work out.
  11. Duane R

    The Last Ship Season 2 (TNT)

    Scott AFB in Belleville IL (~20 mi away) is another possible location for supplies.
  12. Duane R

    Justified - The Final Season (FX)

    The line of the night: "Your teeth glow in the dark."
  13. Duane R

    Banshee Season 3

    I think the multiple POV's during the heist was pretty slick. It looks like next week will be the Lucas/Chayton showdown that everyone has been waiting for.
  14. Duane R

    The 100 (Season 2)

    I believe there's 16 episodes this season.
  15. Duane R

    Banshee Season 3

    His true name has never been revealed. I seem to remember seeing an interview with John Tropper or Greg Yaitanes saying that they weren't planning on revealing it anytime soon.
  16. Duane R

    Banshee Season 3

    Now that Siobhan knows Hood's secret, does anyone else get the feeling that she'll wind up eat a bullet from Chayton tomorrow?
  17. Duane R

    Banshee Season 3

    What an episode! First, the fight between Kai's thug and Nola Longshadow that started outside and went into the Rolls Royce and back outside again was just crazy good (except for Nola dying). Then the shady FBI guy scooping up Lucas and his weekly beating that ensued. The strip club shootout...
  18. Duane R

    Banshee Season 3

    It didn't take long for them to settle up with Emmet's killer, nor plan the next big score. I'm also looking forward to the Chayton Littlestone/Kai Proctor war that's brewing...
  19. Duane R

    Justified - Season 5 (FX)

    Mental note: Don't accept a cigarette from Boyd.
  20. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    Last episode: Job kicking big-time ass until that pesky taxi got in his way :) This episode: Lucas and Carrie/Anna going to town. I agree with the neat back and forth timeline of the finale. I'm guessing Kai will be the big bad next year, and it seems Chayton Littlestone is coming back to...
  21. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    "If you make it past me, you're home free." The jails scene with Emmett was pretty brutal. Lucas just won't be happy until everyone is trying to kill him. There's two episodes left, so I suppose we'll be seeing Rabbit shortly.
  22. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    Well last weeks episode ending with the death of Jason Hood got Lucas putting the screws to Proctor this week. It looks like they spent some serious $$ blowing up the Ecstasy lab. I wonder what kind of blowback that'll bring. On another note, it looks like Job and Anna/Carrie is going to be...
  23. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    It was kind of a pipe dream episode for Lucas--at least until the cat and mouse game transpired in the neigboring wheat field.
  24. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    She does look like a better version of Megan Fox. It looks like she's skipping town, but I hope she'll be back.
  25. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    It's not Olivia Munn, its Odette Annable that plays Nola. Once again Kai had the line of the night: "Just tap your foot when you're ready to talk". It also looks like Jason Hood will be around for awhile causing trouble of some kind. I won't be surprised if Sugar makes good on his promise to...
  26. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    Also the line of the night from Kai: "Do you know what's worse than getting your testicles crushed by a baseball bat? Getting them crushed a second time."
  27. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    Well this week, Lucas took a vicious beating from Chayton Littlestone--one big mean mofo. It seems before the cuts and bruises from his previous altercations heal, he manages to get new ones elsewhere. At this rate, he'll look like hamburger by the end of the season :) Also, I'm guessing the...
  28. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    As did the hottub scene with the chief towards the end. Creepy bowtie guy showed up as well. I wonder if we'll get any backstory on him?
  29. Duane R

    Lost Girl Season 4

    Agreed. I wonder if we'll find out who is Bo's daddy this year?
  30. Duane R

    Banshee Season 2 - Cinemax

    I loved the armored car heist.