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  1. dave_brogli

    BLu-Rays - PS3 Games and a 360 Game - PAypal

    Hey guys.. all movies sold in my last thread are out and were square... ive got a few left that Id like to sell and just shoot me a pm! I take paypal only (its nice then I can print shipping labels off of them) I got really confused cause peopel were shooting offers left and right! I had way to...
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    Lol Guys Im sorry..... Yeah I got holy bombarded with PM's There was mass confusion....!!! Then ive been a busy bee this week! Lol All is well now... movies are out.... and anything sold has been sold!
  3. dave_brogli

    Sony Blu-Ray Player for Sale - NEW

    Oh, Im gonna sweeten the deal cause I really need to get rid of this soon! I need to buy my kids BUTTECUP the riding pony! GRRR.... I will throw in a total of 2 BLu-Rays (my choice) and they wont be junk! lol
  4. dave_brogli

    Sony Blu-Ray Player for Sale - NEW

    I have a Blu-ray player I got as a early xmas present from mom! Problem is mom doesnt know the ps3 is a bluray player! lol And I have a ps3... So here I am with a 300.00 brick! lol I am selling my Sony -BDP-s350 - Retails 300.00 You will receive the bluray player - cables and remote! ALL...
  5. dave_brogli

    Lot of 4 Harry Pottter BluRays 4Sale - Sealed

    Like the title says Ive got the first four Harry Potter Blu-Rays All Sealed Youll get Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I prefer money orders only ! I would like 55.00...
  6. dave_brogli

    Velvet Revolver - Libertad (July 3)

    yeah ive listened to this cd about 5 times already and i love it twice as much as there first cd. planning to go see them this fall!
  7. dave_brogli

    Recommendations for a 4-year-old girl

    Guitar Hero. My 3 yr old daughter loves playing shes no good but put it on practice and shell wail!
  8. dave_brogli

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    My friend has RLS real bad or as she calls it the jimmy legs- she describes it as little bugs crawling around in her leg. theres no pain for her, its just annoying as hell. btw whats the show they used that term? i always thought she made it up. im a leg bouncer, even as i stumbled upon...
  9. dave_brogli

    Standard Definiton Cable Question

    i used those a few years back. Not impressed. IMO they did nothing for signal quality, and im pretty sure it WILL NOT MAKE BASIC CABLE look any better. good luck!
  10. dave_brogli

    Name Green Things

    taken from from some website ........... never read the book either but this may be the answer Additionally, the commodity of various colors of soylent is the modified food organism the masses depend on for sustenance. Much like Monsanto, the government has implemented a soylent program to...
  11. dave_brogli

    favourite movie music?

    By far House of a 1000 corpses / devils rejects. IMO Rob Zombie can pick music better than ANYBODY else in the world. He gets it right every time! edit.......... also Quentin Tarantino. He is equally as good, no hes better..... :)
  12. dave_brogli

    Name Green Things

    pot. my xbox 360 cases. my couch.
  13. dave_brogli

    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    Yeah I finished all the mediums, and have done about 10 songs on hard. Man the jump is difficult. But its a great game and the challenge is worth it. I dowloaded all the song packs - AGREED - WAY OVERPRICED, but with all the complaints on it, im sure they are gonna lower or it, or have an...
  14. dave_brogli

    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    What an awesome game. I have picked up my electric guitar countless times to try and play. needless to say i fail miserebly each time. then i get guitar hero 2. A port of the PS2 game with added songs and hidef graphics. WOW! What an awesome game. 70+ Songs, tons of venues and different...
  15. dave_brogli

    TMNT..anyone going to play?

  16. dave_brogli

    TMNT..anyone going to play?

    Ive got a 360 and I played it. Its probally the worse turtles game. Its repetitive and you only have 2 moves the whole game. Id give it a 5 out of 10 and thats being generous because I got 1000 950 achievemnt points in 6 hours.
  17. dave_brogli

    6 Sealed Blu-Ray DVDs for Sale

    Alright, Ive got a lot of 6 Sealed USA region 1 blu-ray dvds THE DEPARTED -Nicholson - Damon - Dicaprio - 22.00 Shipped TALADEGA NIGHTS - Will Farrel - John c Reilly - 22.00 Shipped SUPERMAN RETURNS - Brandon Routh - 22.00 Shipped THE GUARDIAN - Costner - Kutcher - 22.00 Shipped CLICK -...
  18. dave_brogli

    Windows Vista ! Hard Drive Install Problem!

    Transfer my xp and vista files from c to d yeah this is gonna be a pain im thinking... maybee ill try to reinstall it. i dont know lol. but vista is pretty cool so far
  19. dave_brogli

    Windows Vista ! Hard Drive Install Problem!

    Last night I bought and installed Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade(over xp) I installed it on my 40gb C Drive This morning I said boy i sure should have a bigger hd So I bought a 160gb and hooked it up. HOW DO I TRANSFER MY VISTA INSTAL INTO THE BIGGER 160gb "D" Drive I thought copy...
  20. dave_brogli

    Fun with Titles: A neat game!

    Forest Pump A very short story about a gas station in the middle of the woods kinda lame. The Pills Have Eyes A young schizophrenic boy turns to terror when he moves to the mountains and his prescription starts talking to him. could do this all day. thats funny
  21. dave_brogli

    Just became an Uncle/Godfather - need suggestions for baptism gift

    An awesome present in my opinion, would be a stock, or savings bond. shows your devoted to the kids future and not his childhood eating. lol my sons godfather bought him a 50 savings bond. I think a stock would be really cool though. After 18 years.......... CONGRATS !
  22. dave_brogli

    How much is my 360 setup worth? Help!

    Hey guys (and girls) I am thinking of buying a ps3. Have always liked Sony and I have a sony bravia tv so it just seems right lol. Anyways would you guys help me and give me a estimate price on what this is worth in ebay prices if i were to sell it......... All is NM-Mint condition...
  23. dave_brogli

    Peter Boyle R.I.P.

    EXACTLY ! That was my favorite movie growing up. Him in that baptist or whatever church is priceless!
  24. dave_brogli

    The Darkness

    I have no idea about the back story of this game, but I downloaded the darkness xbox 360 theme or whatever. its pretty cool !
  25. dave_brogli

    monsters for 360?

    They had the monster components at wal mart on clearance for 25.00 So i picked them up. The difference between the monster and the microsoft ones........ ahhh. on my 32" bravia LCD i can really see no difference. Im running at 720p and they look pretty damn close.
  26. dave_brogli

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    See, I thought 300 + HAD to be wrong. Im gonna wait until i get my new read. see if it has gone down at all. You guys are saying that 150-200 seems to be more Average. But mine is double! the past 2-3 weeks at my home have been hell. My family views me as the electricity nazi. I also have...
  27. dave_brogli

    My electric bill is wayyyy low..

    Well you ar eone lucky man. If i had an electric bill that was under 50.00 a month, i would be in shock. ive been married 10 years now (im 27) my electric bill has always been moderatly high. so lets say my bill is 220.00 a month no way. i just did the math and thats messed up. $ 26,000...
  28. dave_brogli

    Which digital camera do you have?

    OLYMPUS STYLUS 800 8.0 MP thats my baby and it goes everywhere with me.
  29. dave_brogli

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    I live in a 2 story 3 bedroom apt. I do no laundry (at my house atleast) 3-4 Showers (family) a day 1 dishwasher a day 2 lcd screens computer 1 tv 40 degree weather, so a little electric heat but not much........ im somewhat uneducated as to electric bills. They were always for my...
  30. dave_brogli

    'TRILOGY OF TERROR', talk about a movie that hasn't age well!

    thats so funny. when I was younger i was way scared by the whole movie. well except the video game part. i rewatched it last month and boy was this bad. almost as bad as troll which scared the crap out of me in my earlier days