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  1. Hugo

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    What is the cost including shipping to 92231?
  2. Hugo

    FS: Playstation 2 w/20 games and online everything

    I'm interested in the network adapter, will you sell it apart? How much?
  3. Hugo

    FREE: 4 movie theater seats

    Where are you located?
  4. Hugo

    FS: Video Game Systems

    Will you sell 2 controllers separately? How much would you want for them? Hugo
  5. Hugo

    High End Polk Audio 5.1 Surround Sound

    Are you wiling to split the system? I'm interested in the pair of FX1000 without the stands, how much do you want for those?
  6. Hugo

    dish network hdtv set up921/508

    And how much do you want for them?
  7. Hugo

    dish network hdtv set up921/508

    How much just for the pvr921 and the dish 500?
  8. Hugo

    FS: Mitsubishi DLP WD-62525

    Hugh, It's not shipped from Mexico, it's shipped from Calexico, CA 92231.
  9. Hugo

    FS: Mitsubishi DLP WD-62525

  10. Hugo

    FS: Mitsubishi DLP WD-62525

  11. Hugo

    FS: Mitsubishi DLP WD-62525

    Hi, Brand new mitsubishi DLP WD-62525 HDTV up for sale with full manudacturers warranty. Only $2900 + shipping. You can check the specs here: Let me know if you have any questions!!! Thanks, Hugo
  12. Hugo

    want a ps2? fs/trade

    Hi, would you sell just the network adapter? If so, how much you want for it, and shipping to 92231? Thanks.
  13. Hugo

    FS: Polk cs400i (center channel)

    By any chance, do you have a pair of the f/x500i? Hugo
  14. Hugo

    ADS TECH HD UpConverter

    Hi, I came across an interesting device that upconverts every kind of signal into HD signal (1080i or 720p). It has three component inputs so you could connect almost all your video sources and upconvert them. I was hoping someone would have a personal experience with this new device. The model...
  15. Hugo

    New Mitsubishi 48413 - ready to research tweaks but . . .

    Brett, Shane, Steven: I could help you out with what you need, just right now I don't have the time to write it all down. Let me go over the weekend to give you some instructions to tweak your TV's (hopefully detailed enough). You could also send me PM with specific questions. Hugo
  16. Hugo

    Home Theater Forum National Meet 2004

    So, whoever didn't get a confirmation this morning means he's out of the bussiness? How about the unofficial meeting then?
  17. Hugo

    WTB Polk RT800i

    Hi Miles, I have a pair of RT800i. But why would you like to go down a model? The 1000i are better than the 800i, since the 800i doesn't have a integrated powered subwoofer. Are we sure we're talking about the polk audio models?
  18. Hugo

    Mitsubishi WS-55813 shutting off for no reason?

    Hi Steven, your TV should not do that. What it is happening, is that your TV, for some reason, is reseting itself. That's what the blinking green light is, and the reset time is about a minute. You should contact an authorized service center and have it look at it.
  19. Hugo

    Lots of Home Theater gear for sale: speakers, receivers, amp

    What are you using for surround? You don't have the polk f/x500i by any change do you?
  20. Hugo

    Home Theater Forum National Meet 2004

    I think is a great idea to make a meeting for those ones that dont get pick up!!! For me is 4hr drive from Mexico, but I'll do it. I'll bring the tequila and the coronas!!! Looking forward to meeting you guys!!! Hugo
  21. Hugo

    directv / tivo hi-def receiver --- when?

    Robert, could you post the address where I can get the receiver? Thanks. Hugo
  22. Hugo

    Quick review on 1080i scaling Liteon LVD2001 DVD Player

    Sam, if you decide to claim the warranty, just be carefull that they might replace it with the 2002 model. So I would suggest to try fixing someplace else and not claim the warranty.
  23. Hugo

    Hooking up Playstation 2 To A Reciever?

    Hi Adam, I believe you need to connect the yellow RCA cable that goes to the TV, to the "monitor out" connector of your receiver, not the video 1 output. Hope that helps. Hugo
  24. Hugo

    Mitsu WS-48313 issues

    Hi Dennis, if you still got problems with focus on you left side of the TV after doing the improvements I recommended, and if the un-focus left side is really noticeable while watching the TV, then I suggest getting it to an authorized service center. If the problem is almost null, then I...
  25. Hugo

    How do you remove Diamond Shield "clips"?

    Hi, it's better if you use a small piece of plastic, like a credit card or an ID, and place it between the DS clip and the DS, then pull towards you (away from TV).
  26. Hugo

    Mitsu WS-48313 issues

    Hi Dennis, that is correct. I forgot to mention to loosen the wingnuts, then you will be able to rotate the lenses by the wingnuts. Remember to let the TV warn up for at least 40 minutes before you do any adjustments.
  27. Hugo

    Mitsu WS-48313 issues

    Dennis, as long as you don't move anything else, or spill beer or lemonade inside your unit, is perfectly safe. Open up the back and take a look around, if you don't feel comfortable doing it, then call an authorized service center. But I really think you shouldn't have a problem doing it yourself.
  28. Hugo

    Mitsu WS-48313 issues

    Hi Dennis, I worked at mits******, and would be more that glad to help you out. I seems to me that you have a problem with focus. I see that you've done some adjustment (above post), that is called electrical focus and the knots you move are called VR adjustments. There is another adjusment for...
  29. Hugo

    Stuff for sale: Def Tech;Pioneer;Inday;D-Theater

    Nathan, you've got PM!!!